Zhan Long

Chapter 138

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Chapter 138 – Requirements for Establishing a Guild
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At 4:00 AM –


The Frost Rain Sword met the shield of the Ocean Wolf Warrior, creating countless sparks and also taking out the last of its health while loot burst out everywhere. Aside from 11 silver coins, it dropped another Pardon Card and an Ocean Wolf Warrior Illustration. Additionally, there was a Token, which could be converted into experience. I instantly gave the Token to Little Wolf. After returning from this mission, they should all be at Lv 42. This Rank S mission truly did give quite a bit of experience.


Holding the Frost Rain Sword, I stood there and let out a big breath. Looking at everyone, I asked, “Eh, are you guys tired yet?”

Little Wolf nodded, “Drop-dead tired…”

Darling Duck’s eyes were red, “Boss, even though we’re quickly leveling, we…we still have to go offline to rest for a while. Out of the 7 paths that the Cave of Despair has, we have already eliminated 6 of them and we only have one more road left. Tomorrow, we can raid the Boss of the Shrine of Despair to finish the mission in one go.”

I smiled and nodded, “Okay, then it’s time to go offline and rest. Ahem, I still have to return to the city one more time to repair my equipment. Because I have been the only one taking damage from the monsters, the durability of my equipment is quite low.”

Fox carried his rifle and said, “After you complete the mission, give me your Frost Rain Sword so I can take it to a blacksmith shop to enhance it. After it is strengthened, your weapon’s durability will depreciate at a slower rate than before.”

“Eh? It can be strengthened in that way?”

“Ah, since you don’t have the blacksmith profession, it is natural that this is unknown to you.”

“All right, I’ll be returning to the city then, you all go offline and get some rest!”

Fox looked into his bag and said, “Then I’ll return to the city once as well, I have too much equipment in my inventory. There’s 11 Silver Tier equips and if any of them are lost, it’ll be a great shame. I’ll return to the city and store them in the warehouse and sell it on the market later!”



Fox and I returned to the city. I went to repair my equipment while he went to store the loot we earned. Afterwards, in order not to waste everyone’s time, we spent nearly an hour returning to the Cave of Despair and logged off at the entrance. Tomorrow when we got online, we would be ready to fight. We agreed to meet at 12 PM noon tomorrow to get online and complete this mission as soon as possible.


Removing the game helmet, I took a deep breath and felt the Qi around me. Like how the spring rain nourishes all living things, Qi can help me recover the energy that I have lost. Sitting on the bed, I closed my eyes and let the Qi flow into my blood vessels and embrace me. My limbs instantly felt strong and limber once more, and clenching my fist, I felt my power return at full capacity. This was the benefit of using Qi, one can use Qi to release clogged arteries!

Recovering one’s strength this way was many times faster than the average person’s recovery rate.

I slept until 7 in the morning and after I heard the bell, I hastily got out of bed. After donning my clothes and buying breakfast, I waited for the girls outside their dormitory. Not too much time had passed when Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue came downstairs and together we walked towards our class. I did not dare to skip Monday classes, for the professor did not have any mercy. You were toast if you had not shown up by the time he called roll!


I slept with my head down on the desk until the end of class bell rang, waking me up. I opened my eyes and shook myself awake, only to discover a pair of beautiful eyes staring back at me.

“Miss…” I stared at her, “What are you looking at?”

Wan Er turned her face away, the corners of her mouth slightly rising, “Li Xiao Yao, did you play all of last night? Tell me where were you training at. To have stayed up all night again and you leveled up to Lv 51 as well…”

I thought for a moment before saying, “Zhan Long received a Rank S mission, but they were not strong enough to finish it, so I helped them complete it. Why?”

“It’s nothing, it’s already time for the third class. You can go back to sleep for another lesson…”


On the side, Dong Cheng Yue smiled while looking at me, “Li Xiao Yao, my older brother didn’t give you any problems right?”

“Of course not, how could he…”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled, nodded and then said, “Yesterday when I was browsing the forums, I saw the [Vanguard] Guild with a post against you.”

“Oh? Against me? I don’t think I’ve provoked them these past few days, have I?”

“You have! Who says you didn’t? I’ve heard your guild stole away a high-Lved Healer named Darling Duck. Is this true or not true?”

I looked at her, dumbfounded, “That’s not it, Darling Duck wasn’t strong to be a main player in [Vanguard]. Saying that we stole her, this is becoming too much…”

Wan Er chuckled, “Besides that, there were two other events that happened yesterday: In the three cities, two more Guild Creation Tablets were obtained, and two guilds were officially established …”

“Oh? Which guilds?”

“[Legend] of Jiu Li City and [Hero’s Mound] of Fan Shu City…”

Dong Cheng Yue was shocked, “Wan Er, are you saying… that when we weren’t online, Q-Sword and the others established the guild?”

“Yeah,” Wan Er nodded, “Not even 3 hours after we logged off, Sighing Sword led 50+ people south of Fan Shu City and killed a Lv 54 Purple Tier Tiger Lord Boss. It dropped a Guild Creation Tablet and as well as a Purple Tier Leather Leg Guard . Wuwu, when we were online, nothing dropped. That Purple Tier Leather Leg Guard isn’t mine now…”

Dong Cheng Yue couldn’t help but laugh, patting Wan Er’s shoulder, “Don’t worry Wan Er, as long as we continue to hold onto our level superiority and stuff like that will be found by us sooner or later. Don’t worry…”


Wan Er looked at me with a sudden smile, “Li Xiao Yao, recently, Liu Ying and Xue Yue haven’t harassed you, have they? It feels quite quiet, so quiet that I feel tense. What is happening in Ba Huang City at the moment?”

I frowned and said, “The last time they tried to kill me was in the Green Qilin Valley. [Wrath of the Heroes] had 300+ people chase me, and when they caught up to me, they all died in the Green Qilin Abyss. I’m guessing Liu Ying was scared, so they stopped trying to kill me. Who cares whether or not he has some big plan brewing? Although I’m merely the boss of a gold farming studio, he has no way to wreck havoc upon us. As far as the situation in Ba Huang City is concerned…[Vanguard] was just officially established as a guild. Jian Feng Han will for sure have his members train hard for the next 24 hours in order to gain guild experience and aim for a Lv 4 guild to be able to take in 2000 people. This will surely be the start of a new era. Other than that, the [Flying Dragon] guild was destroyed at the Princess’ Tomb, although Soaring Dragon will not give up so easily. They will continue to try and fight against [Valiant Bravery]. Like water and fire, those two are very incompatible.

“Ha…” Wan Er gave a light laugh, “Ba Huang City’s situation seems to be really unclear since so many people are involved in such a large power struggle; it seems to be bustling with excitement. Compared to Ba Huang City, Fan Shu City and Jiu Li City seem to be quite cheerful since there are no guilds that can compete with either [Legends] or [Hero Mound] within their respective cities…”

I held the textbook in both hands and looked at it briefly, figuring out that I was holding it upside down, “Both are too far away from me, right now, my only goal is to quickly recruit 10 people into Zhan Long…”

Wan Er sighed, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at me, “How many people are there as of right now?”

“Including me, 6 people…”

Dong Cheng Yue chuckled, clenching her fist, ” Brother Xiao Yao, you can do it!”

“…” I gave no answer.

Wan Er then asked, “When are you going to establish Zhan Long?”

I gave it some thought, then said, “There are three conditions that must be met before I will establish a guild.”

“Oh? What conditions?

“First off, Zhan Long has to have at least 50 people. Secondly, the Gold to RMB exchange rate must be lower than 1:5, or else 10,000 gold would be too costly. Thirdly, the studio’s average Lv has to be at least Lv 45, and we need to get the Guild Creation Table by ourselves otherwise, it would be too expensive to buy one even if we sold ourselves off…”

Wan Er listened to my conditions attentively and with a sweet smile, she said, “Okay then, I’ll just have to cheer for you in spirit, work hard okay? Dong Cheng and I are waiting for you to enter China’s top 10 guilds before we will join. Then, we will leave [Hero Mound] without a trace of hesitation and become a part of Zhan Long, okay?”

“That’s good! Let’s eat an early lunch since I have to go finish a mission in the afternoon…”


Afternoon 12:30: I get online, even though it’s a little late!


Appearing not too far away from the Cave of Despair, I saw that Little Wolf, Little K and Darling Duck are fighting a Lv 54 Elite Monster which was giving them some trouble.


I unsheathed the Frost Rain Sword while Bobo shot forth to lend a hand. But since I was not in their party yet, all of the experience was given to them.

“Brother Xiao Yao!”

Little Wolf looked happy, “We earned a lot today! Almost all of the equipment we earned yesterday at the Cave of Despair was sold. We already earned a profit of 372 Gold. If we continue at this rate, Zhan Long will make 100,000 Yuan per month and be a top end studio!”

I nodded, “Okay, then let’s continue to work hard and begin the final path and start killing; we will most likely finish the mission at the end of the cave.”


After almost 2 hours, around 3:30 PM, a pair of black steel gates appeared at the end of the path embedded into the cave-side, appeared in our vision. On the steel gate was an iron ring, as if it was inviting us to knock on the gates.

“The Shrine of Despair is on the other side…” Little Wolf clenched his dagger, “Brother Xiao Yao, are you going to knock on the gates or should I?”

“Be careful of traps…” I cautiously held my sword while I took a step forward, “I’ll knock, but be ready to fight, who knows what is inside the Shrine of Despair!”

“Okay, be careful!”

I stepped forward and gripping the ring, I struck the gate with it!


The entire gate trembled with the sudden vibrations and slowly opened. All of a sudden, an extremely foul smell came wafting in from the shrine–

Blood dripped all over the floor while the decapitated corpse of a Cyclops lay inside of the shrine, trembling. What a powerful creature, to have this much vitality even after having its head cut off! It was truly amazing!

In the center of the shrine, the head of the Cyclops was impaled on a sturdy totem pole. Just below, a man wearing a black robe looked up, and with a “Flap” of his robes, some of the leftover blood splattered onto the floor while he drank the rest of what dripped from the severed head. Laughing cruelly, he said, “With the addition of this powerful life force, it is possible to break the Bloodseeker’s seal! Haha! Wait until I lead the Bloodseeker’s army and massacre those fools in Ba Huang City!”

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