Zhan Long

Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 – Innate Super Strength
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“That…That weapon’s for me…”

Fox’s eyes stared fixedly at the gun. After swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he said, “28 strength, 26 agility and an extra 35 damage; guys, this is a godly weapon for Musketeers…”

With a flick of my hand, the Gold Tier gun flew toward Fox.

With a “pa” sound, Fox caught the weapon. Having already met the Lv requirement, he immediately replaced his original gear. “Good…This is good….”

Little Wolf asked with a smile, “Brother Fox, how much attack do you now have?”

Fox, “1287 attack; hehe, this is too strong for a ranged attacker!”

Me, “Your Lv 5 [Aimed Shot] boosts your attack by 10%, plus Darling Duck’s [Encourage] increases it further by 5%. With this, there’s a total damage increase of 15%. Your actual damage would be around 1480 and unless the target’s defense is more than 1200 or if your attack doesn’t hit, you would be able to penetrate through their armor. Now you’re one of the main attackers as well.”

Fox then nodded with a big smile, “With this powerful weapon, I absolutely will not disappoint the team!”

Darling Duck checked and then teased Fox, “This Kiss of the Black Flame ranks 47th in the weapons ranking. Hehe, it is indeed powerful…”

Facing such a beauty, Fox scratched his nose, “Joining the game with the 2nd batch of helmets and still able to rise to Lv 40 within 7 days along with owning an amazing weapon; I feel really satisfied.”

I checked the time and said, “Ok, I have to go offline first and accompany Lin Wan Er to eat. Everyone else should go rest and resupply. I also have to return to the city and have the Frost Rain Sword repaired; it only has 7% durability remaining. After finishing those things, let’s meet here again…”


I took out a City Return Scroll, crumpled it and then a ray of light surrounded me. I was teleported back to Ba Huang City!

I hurriedly visited the equipment repair shop, took out 8 gold coins and had my weapon fixed. After finding my Purple Tier Frost Rain Sword, my repair costs have really gone up by a lot, almost to the point where I can’t afford it anymore.

I opened my friends list and searched for Lin Wan Er’s name, sending a message, “Wan Er, I’m ready. Shall I wait for you downstairs?”

“Ok! Dong Cheng and I will log off now.”


I left Ba Huang City, heading directly towards the southwestern sea area. After entering the Ba Huang forest, I logged out, removed my helmet, tidied my wrinkled clothes and then went out!

At 7 pm, many boys were standing outside the females’ dormitory, waiting to meet their girlfriends.

I emitted an imposing aura as I stood downstairs, surveying the area with my Qi. After several minutes, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue arrived and I immediately moved forward to greet them: “What shall we eat tonight? Our young miss has not treated us to a meal for a long time. You should be the host…”

Wan Er glanced at me. “Humph, this freeloader…Relax, we will have a feast tonight and you don’t need to pay anything. We’ll go to First Heaven Restaurant today…”

I was startled. “First Heaven Restaurant again, do you think you have too much money or ?”

Wan Er chuckled: “It’s Dong Cheng’s treat today…”

“Dong Cheng?”

I turned my head and asked Dong Cheng, “Dong Cheng, don’t you always scrounge for food? How come you are treating today? Moreover, you’re bringing us to First Heaven Restaurant…”

Dong Cheng smiled at me and said, “Not really, it’s not me who is paying but rather my Dad who has not seen me in a long time. I asked him to invite all three of us to dinner… I frequently mention you and Wan Er to my father. Don’t worry, my father is a very warm and amiable person…”


In the parking lot, I sat in the driver’s seat while Wan Er placed herself beside me and Dong Cheng took the back seat. While driving the Audi TT to leave the campus, I asked Dong Cheng, “By the way, I don’t really know you that much, Dong Cheng. I know that your way of speaking is different from most people’s. Tell me, what does your family do? You never mentioned it…”

Dong Cheng smiled. “It’s confidential, I can’t tell you…”

Lin Wan Er then flashed her phone, on which a line of text could be seen. Smiling, she read out: “The Dong Cheng group: one of South and East China’s largest real estate developers. The Southern Water and Sky Imperial Seal, Blue Lake Rhyme and other famous real estates are some of the projects of the Dong Cheng group. The current chief executive officer, CEO, is Dong Cheng Feng, 52 years old. He has a daughter named Dong Cheng Yue and an adopted son named Dong Cheng Lei. How about that, detailed enough?”

I took a deep breath, “Another wealthy second generation, d*mn it….”

TL: The wealthy second generation also refers to the kids of rich people in China. Unlike other countries, a lot of them like to show off their wealth – Buying a Ferrari when they’re 10 etc.

Dong Cheng Yue leaned behind my chair, chuckled and said, “Don’t hate on the rich; I don’t live an extravagant and luxurious life.”

I agreed, “That is something I truly understand. If you led a lavish life, you would not follow me and Wan Er to eat every day. But Dong Cheng, is your dad, Dong Cheng Feng, very strict like Wan Er’s father?”

Lin Wan Er laughed cutely, “What? My father isn’t …”

Without emotion on my face: “Every time I meet your father, his aura alone makes it hard for me to breathe. I’m even afraid to look at you. Don’t you dare say that your father isn’t severe…. ”

Dong Cheng giggled: “That is because Uncle Lin is worried that you, a shameless guy, might steal the pearl of his eye. His desire to protect his family isn’t something you could understand…”

(TL: Basically means Lin Tian Nan is overprotective.)

“Protect family?” Astonished, I replied, “Protect family? Which character for family is that? Isn’t that the one in f*** off as well?”

TL: The second character for protecting family, 护犊, is the same as the second character for f*** off, 滚犊子. 犊’s literal translations is calf and is meant to show a father/mother’s desire to protect their offspring.

Lin Wan Er’s face darkened: “F*** off… You meanie… ”

Me: “Goddesses should never curse… … ”

Lin Wan Er: “….”

After 20 minutes, we finally arrived at the First Heaven Restaurant.

We headed directly to a private room on the second floor. Near the door, clad in a very stylish Chinese tunic suit was a middle-aged man. Next to him stood a tall and muscular young man, who looked silly while wearing a T-shirt. It was not hard to guess that these men were father and son, Dong Cheng Feng and Dong Cheng Lei.


Dong Cheng Yue, while carrying her purse, ran towards Dong Cheng Feng and intimately hugged his arm. She smiled and said, “Father, you have not invited me even once to eat dinner! If that continues, your daughter will starve to death in Liu Hua University!!”

Dong Cheng Feng fondly looked at his daughter and said: “Well, aren’t you exaggerating? And you’re still impulsive, why don’t you introduce me to your two best friends?”

Dong Cheng Yue nodded, returned and took Lin Wan Er’s hand: “This is Lin Wan Er, Uncle Lin’s daughter. Dad, you should have already seen her.”

“Oh, so this is Lin Tian Nan’s daughter….” Dong Cheng Feng seemed surprised: “I didn’t know that the average looking Lin Tian Nan has such a beautiful looking daughter. This is incredible….”

Dong Cheng Yue then patted my shoulder and leaned on me. She laughingly said, “Father, this is my good friend —— Li Xiao Yao. He is Wan Er’s bodyguard, but he’s an interesting fellow… ”

“Oh, this is Li Xiao Yao?”

Dong Cheng Feng narrowed his eyes while looking at me, “Since Lin Tian Nan trusts you, allowing you to watch over his precious daughter, Li Xiao Yao, you must have some amazing skills, right?”

I humbly smiled: “No, I just practice several fighting styles…”

“Young people are really modest. Sit…”


At this time, the silly-looking Dong Cheng Lei came over and laughingly asked Dong Cheng Yue, “Dong Cheng Yue, have you brought me any delicious treats?”

Dong Cheng Yue paused, “I forgot, but Brother, let me introduce you to a big-shot!”

“Ah?” Dong Cheng Lei was stunned.

Dong Cheng Yue then immediately dragged Dong Cheng Lei by the arm and stood in front of me as she said, “This is Li Xiao Yao, you can call him Big Brother. It should be fine, right?”

Dong Cheng was quite ecstatic and pulled my arm, “Brother Xiao Yao? Haha, I have a brother! Xiao Yao, you are my brother, right? Father, you’ve always lied to me, saying that I do not have a brother!”

Dong Cheng Feng was flabbergasted: “Dumb kid, let go of Li Xiao Yao quickly …”

TL: Kid is meant in a friendly way

I couldn’t help but laugh: “It’s okay Uncle, let him sit beside me!”

“Hmm…Okay…” Dong Cheng Feng said helplessly, “I won’t hide it from you guys. Lei’s parents are already deceased. When he was 7 years old, he lost both his mother and father. Since then, I have treated him as my own son. Unfortunately, his intelligence is less than that of an average person, so please do not be surprised. If he makes any mistakes, I ask that you do not blame him…”

I nodded. “Don’t worry.”

“That’s good… Yue, what do you want to eat?”

Dong Cheng Yue looked at the menu and chose expensive dishes, not caring about how much they costed. Her father had the money anyway.

At 8:30 in the evening, my phone rang with a “beep” sound. It was Song Han’s number. After I picked it up, I spoke in a low voice ——

“Little Wolf, I have some matters to attend to, so I temporarily cannot speak with you right now. You guys just kill the Elite Monsters one by one. I’ll be back after an hour!”

Song Han: ”I know, so I told Old K and Darling Duck to do that and gradually kill monsters. We’ll be waiting for you to return.”



Beside me, Dong Cheng Lei laid down his chicken and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, you also play < >, right? I heard you saying Elite Monsters; I have also killed Elite Monsters…”

I nodded: “Does Lei also play < >?”

“Yes, I’m a Lv 44 Berserker…I named it Cang Lei… ”

“Oh, the same kind of name as Wan Er and Yue Er… …”

Dong Cheng Lei then asked me, “Brother Xiao Yao, do you have a team? I want to join your team…”

I was startled and slowly looked at Dong Cheng Yue.

Dong Cheng Yue was speechless: “Ah, well, my brother has not joined any guild or studio so far. Joining the Zhan Long Studio will have its own benefits as well. His Berserker is quite powerful; he already had an SS Tier skill at Lv 17…”

“Ah?” My mouth hung open. “What skill?”

“[Super Strength]… He gets Lv * 2 strength …”


I stared at Dong Cheng Lei: “Lei, how did you get such a skill?”

Dong Cheng Lei gave me a silly smile: “Brother Xiao Yao, I don’t know, I just accidentally learned it…”


Dong Cheng Feng narrowed his eyes, “Li Xiao Yao, Ah Lei is born with extraordinary strength. Why not try to take a punch from him? His punches are heavier than those of boxing champions. Think it over a bit and don’t hurt yourself… ”

I felt excited, and smiled, “Lei, hit me using 100% of your strength. Do not hold back…”

Dong Cheng Lei: “Brother, I’m afraid I might hurt you…”

“Don’t worry and just fight!”


I had just finished talking when Dong Cheng Lei suddenly left his chair and threw a swift and powerful punch directly at my chest. This stupid kid, I hadn’t even said to begin and he caught me off guard! You don’t greet someone with a punch!

I hurriedly raised both of my arms in front of my chest to resist!


Lei’s fist landed, numbing both of my arms as I was pushed backwards in my chair. With a “bang!” sound, I crashed into the wall behind me as dust fell off it, making a rustling noise.

“Li Xiao Yao, are you alright?” Lin Wan Er rushed to my side.

I took a glance at my arms, then looked at Dong Cheng Lei and laughed loudly: “Great, supernatural strength… Very good, my team would love to have you!”

Dong Cheng Lei was overjoyed.

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