Zhan Long

Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 – Creation of Vanguard
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For now, I ignored his pet and focused on killing Fierce Tiger because a pet will naturally disappear if its owner died. Plus, even if his Killer Bee had 100% Excellency, its attack power wouldn’t be enough to break my defense.


[Penetration] landed on my shoulder and a damage number appeared.



Fierce Tiger was shocked, “Mother F***er, what ridiculously high defense!”

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I swung my body forward as the Frost Rain Sword glowed with the golden hexagrams of [Combo]. If I landed all four hits of my [Combo], then Fierce Tiger’s 1800 health would definitely disappear.

Even under pressure, Fierce Tiger remained firm in his tactics. He swung his axe as he aimed a punch at my shoulder. He hoped it would break my balance to increase the chance of my [Combo] missing.

However, even before his attack landed, I kicked Fierce Tiger in the shin with my Silver Locked Boots. With a “Pa” sound, I broke his bone. Glowing with a golden hexagram, I brought the Frost Rain Sword down on my enemy’s chest and a string of damage numbers appeared:






An instant kill in four attacks!

Falling to his knees with a howl, Fierce Tiger dropped a wrist guard which I then picked up. I couldn’t be helping [Valiant Bravery] for free! How else was I supposed to face my newly established Zhan Long Studio!

With Fierce Tiger dead, the other 20+ [Flying Dragon] players were stunned and lost their will to fight: “F***! Brotha Fierce Tiger was insta-killed? What in the… Who is this Xiao Yao Zi Zai and why is he so freaking strong? Not even Jian Feng Han could kill Fierce Tiger with one [Combo]!”

I didn’t have much to say to these guys, so I slashed my way through the group.

In just 5 minutes, [Flying Dragon]’s 100+ members started to break formation. 60+ had already died and the rest of them were fighting for themselves.

Soaring Dragon stood atop a large rock and loudly commanded, “Our brothers outside have began their charge. Everyone surround me in a defensive formation. We, [Flying Dragon], must not lose to trash like [Valiant Bravery].”


An arrow broke through his [Mana Shield] and stunned Soaring Dragon. With a bow in hand, General Lian Po coldly retorted, “Bullsh*t. If [Valiant Bravery] is a bunch of trash, then you, [Flying Dragon], are a bunch of stupid pigs! Wang Jian, Li Mu, get rid of him!”


Holding his sword, Wang Jian rushed forward and leapt from a teammate’s shield. As he unleashed his skills onto Soaring Dragon’s [Mana Shield], Li Mu killed a Berserker with [Absolute Authority] and struck at Soaring Dragon’s [Mana Shield] with [Flame Blade].


Soaring Dragon’s [Mana Shield] instantly broke before he could kill the two armored players. Attempting to flee, he leapt off the rock. Sadly, I was waiting for him.


Slicing with a rush of wind, the Frost Rain Sword pierced through Soaring Dragon’s cloth armor. Grabbing the blade, I forcefully pulled the Frost Rain Sword through Soaring Dragon’s body as blood splattered in the air. A huge damage number popped up as [Fierce Ice Blade] instantly killed a shield-less Soaring Dragon.


Soaring Dragon fell to the ground with a ‘plop’. He didn’t drop any equipment but a huge pile of potions fell to the ground. They all seemed to be high level potions too.

Atop the rock, General Li Mu stood with sword in his hand, “Wow, we let Xiao Yao steal a kill again…”

Wang Jian laughed, “No problem, Xiao Yao used a Pardon Card so he’s not going to be red-named!”

Looking around, I complained, “Stop taking your sweet time and chatting. Quickly sweep the battlefield for drops and use a return scroll to retreat. The Monks and Knights at the entrance are almost all dead…”


Sweeping the field in 30 seconds and leaving a few Monks and Healers to cover our backs, the other 100+ players used City Scrolls to go back to the city. This fight was a huge victory for the General Family. Even with the odds against us, we still finished the task, putting [Flying Dragon]’s Guild Master and second-in-command in their graves.

On one hand, [Flying Dragon] really underestimated their foes by thinking that they could defeat the few hundred [Valiant Bravery] members with greater numbers. On the other hand, we knew the structure of the cave and therefore were able to set up an ambush. Otherwise, if [Flying Dragon] kept streaming in players, we would have suffered a terrible loss.



Appearing at the transporter in Ba Huang City’s north square, I cheerfully walked out with Frost Rain Sword on my back. I was finally Lv 50 and Ba Huang City’s 4th ranked player! I’m not a level-grind lunatic but I can at least rest for two days now that I reached this level. Levels weren’t everything in < > since there were the factors of player skills and mechanics. In other words, Destiny was another world where nothing was impossible. Even outside the game’s rules, there are still so many mysteries for players to explore.

I requested to join Song Han’s party-

Old K: “Haha, Boss is back. Saw your level jump 2 levels. What in the world were you doing?”

I smiled: “I killed a Lv 58 Purple Tier Boss, so I got quite a bit of EXP.”

Song Han yelled in surprise, “Brother Xiao Yao is too OP!”

I said: “Oh right, Fox! I have 14 pieces of equipment here that I just picked up from PKing. Most of them are Silver and Green Tier equipment for level 35-45. Take a look at them later and keep anything we can use. Sell the rest for the studio’s funds.”

Fox nodded, “Okay, I got it.”

I suddenly remembered, “Oh right, Li Mu sent 40,000 RMB to my bank account. Holy ****! They’re filthy rich after creating [Valiant Bravery]. I’ll transfer 30,000 RMB to you, Fox, for the studio’s operating funds. We’re going to need money down the road, especially if we recruit new people or enter a competition or something.”

Fox smiled from ear to ear upon hearing these words, “That’s great! That 30,000 RMB will be really useful. Right now there are hundreds of things we need in Zhan Long, we don’t even have a water dispenser at the studio…”

Me: “…”

After the funds were transferred, I left the party!

Walking over to the warehouse manager, I took out stacks of Green Qilin Grass and started refining them into Green Qilin Pills.


System Notification: You have successfully created [Green Qilin Pill] x 2, Alchemy proficiency has risen by 3. Due to being the first to create a Green Qilin Pill, you received +2 Charm!

The long awaited Charm increase! It even created two pills at once! I really profited this time…

One notification after another appeared as stacks of Green Qilin Grass were refined into Green Qilin Pills. After almost 20 minutes of refining, I used up all the materials in my bag which left me with 1245 Green Qilin Pills in my bag. Green Qilin Pills instantly recovered 700 Mana. A Rank 6 Pill! This was arguably the best mana restoration of this level. The only problem was that the materials were too hard to get. Green Qilin Valley and Green Qilin Abyss were places that even I have trouble with, not to mention other alchemy based and non-damaged players. However, there is no doubt that large guilds like [Vanguard] and [Prague] were going to send people to look for Green Qilin Grass. It was just a matter of time.

Checking my friends list, Yue Qing Qian’s name was lit up, so I took a screenshot of the Green Qilin Pills and sent it over, “Qing Qian, does [Prague] want to buy these pills?”

A few seconds later, Yue Qing Qian opened up Communicator and sweetly spoke, “Big brother Xiao Yao, you really are the first person to craft Green Qilin Pills. That’s awesome! Can you tell me where I can get Green Qilin Grass?”

I laughed at her question, “Is that what Peerless Yan Zhao told you to ask?”

Feeling embarrassed, Yue Qing Qian explained, “Yeah… Uncle has been trying to look for Rank 6 herbs but he hasn’t been able to find any. It’s almost like there aren’t any Green Qilin Grass in the areas around Ba Huang City. Anyhow, if it’s inconvenient to tell me, then you don’t have to…”

Me: “It’s ok really. I found Green Qilin Grass in Green Qilin Valley’s Green Qilin Abyss. It’s very rare and very hard to find. Speaking of Green Qilin Pills, do you guys want some?”

“Yeah, we definitely want some. The last few days, we’ve been going after high level bosses and we really need these Rank 6 pills…”

“Alright then, how much for one?”

“2G for one? How’s that? We want as many you have. This is the price that Uncle is offering you.”

I pondered for a second. Right now the gold to RMB exchange rate was 1:9, eighteen RMB for one pill was a pretty good deal. Even pickled fish were selling for 25 RMB a bowl. After pondering for a while, I answered, “Ok, I’ll sell you 1000 pills and I’ll keep the rest. Rank 6 restoratives are a bit hard to find.”

Yue Qing Qian nodded, “Alright, then it’s 2000G for 1000 Green Qilin Pills. Wait for me at the north square, I’ll meet you there in three minutes with the gold.”



After a few minutes, a pretty, loli Assassin arrived wearing a white cape. She had a delicate figure that lacked the temperament and seductive air that Lin Wan Er had. It was a different kind of beauty.


Yue Qing Qian looked up at my level and laughed, “Big Brother Xiao Yao, you are leveling so quickly. You’re almost within the top 3! You’re so fast”

I brushed her compliment aside, “Aren’t you also Lv 50? What’s so good about it anyways…Come, let’s trade.”


Opening the trading menu, I gave her 1000 Green Qilin Pills in exchange for 2000G. Immediately afterwards, I threw 2000G into the auction house, selling at a one to eight rate for 16000RMB. I better sell as much as I can while the exchange rate was still high.


Storing away the Green Qilin Pills, Yue Qing Qian looked at me and asked cheerfully, “Big Brother Xiao Yao, you’re already really high level now, so when are you going to make your guild? I’m getting uneasy waiting for you…”

Curling my lips, I spoke dejectedly, “Ahem, registering a guild costs 10,000G and I don’t have that much right now. Furthermore, I still don’t have a Guild Creation Tablet. Wait…[Prague] hasn’t registered their guild either…”

“Oh, that’s true…”


Right at that moment, a bell sounded in the air.


System Notification: Attention, player “Jian Feng Han” has successfully used a Guild Creation Tablet to create a guild. Players “Simple” and “Fallen Wolf” are set as second-in-commands. Guild name – [Vanguard]! Due to being the second player to have created a guild, he has received award of 1 level and 5 charm!

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