Zhan Long

Chapter 125

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Chapter 125 -Tangled battle in the Tomb
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“Uggh. Disgusting…” Li Mu frowned.

I looked over at the general which was an Undead Lv 58 Purple Tier Boss. Apparently, he had been dead for a long time and his life had ended full of regrets. Wanting to resurrect Qiong Hua who had been dead for many years, he disturbed her eternal rest, which was pretty wrong.

【Tu Lin】(Purple Tier Boss)

Level 58

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Abilities: ???

Introduction: Tu Lin was a famous general from an ancient empire. His life was constantly filled with endless battles, but one day, he disappeared without a trace. When people later spoke of his accomplishments, they believed that he had already entered the tomb of his beloved princess to guard it for a lifetime. However, the current Tu Lin had lost all reasoning. Because of that, he became an undead without a soul, and has even attempted to revive Princess Qiong Hua.



With the Frost Rain Sword in my hand, I slowly walked ahead. I was still outside the aggro range and already had the [Encourage] buff. From afar, I readied my sword, “Tu Lin, Princess Qiong Hua has been buried, why are you trying to break the laws of life and death? To let her relive all the suffering and pain again? Let it go! Let her rest peacefully! Do not disturb her slumber any longer! That is the best way to show her your love!”

“Who are you?!”

Tu Lin turned to look at me. In his hand was a long, shining, crimson blade. What a scary face! It really was like the face of a skeleton. Inside his eye sockets, a strange soul fire burned and he responded emotionlessly, “You people will never understand my love for Qiong Hua. Since you dared to break into the love nest for me and Qiong Hua, I will let you taste endless suffering!”

Without any emotions, I replied, “A love nest 50 meters underground, aren’t you afraid of the moisture…”

Li Mu said, “He really isn’t afraid…”

A pretty Healer opened her mouth and said, “With Xiao Yao here, even the Guild Master trash talks…”


Lifting the Frost Rain Sword, I lowered my voice: “Okay, let’s get ready to kill the boss. Everyone be careful! Healers remember to keep healing me. As long as I don’t die, we can kill this Lv 58 Purple Tier Boss!”


I stepped into aggro range and rushed into the hall. Before I even got near him, I prepared to receive a beating. Raising my left arm, my right arm started to cast [Combo]. With a *Ding* sound, many golden hexagrams appeared on my sword. A Lv 5 [Combo] landed on the boss’ armored shoulder–






Under the flurry of attacks, I continued by activating another skill. A rush of air surged around my feet and I instantly landed another series of blows on Tu Lin.




With a ram, I dealt another 371 damage. However Tu Lin’s body barely budged. Following the four strikes came the final move in my [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo – [Wind Blade].

Right before my [Wind Blade] was released, the Frost Rain Sword started to tremble. Surrounding the sword floated ancient runes and a ray of green light descended from the heavens and mixed in with my [Wind Blade].


With a sharp sound, the sword inflicted a massive wound as it struck Tu Lin in the chest and shocked everyone—



“Damn!” General Li Mu’s jaw almost dropped to the ground, “3448 damage, this isn’t a joke right? Is that really a Lv 58 Purple Tier Boss? Even with a critical hit, it shouldn’t be that high. What’s going on, Xiao Yao!”

General Lian Po squinted, “Hey! I knew it! The sword in Xiao Yao’s hand is the number one Purple Tier weapon, Frost Rain Sword. That attack was not a normal attack, it was a Fatal Strike!”


Li Mu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “You punk. Li Xiao Yao, you are someone that really makes people need to re-evaluate you every time they see you. Good thing we are friends. Ahem, we need to be friends for life…”


At this time, the boss started to fight back. On the long sword, flames started to appear. The boss was activating an ability, [Flame Blade]!


Under the Dawn Chestplate, I felt a wave of pain. Right away a huge damage number jumped out above my head. How terrifying–


A quick [Heal] from me recovered quite a bit of health and at the same time I yelled, “Okay, all Healers, focus on healing me. I can’t be sure that I can tank all the boss’ attacks!”

Li Mu shouted, “Get a high level Monk to cast [Lay Down Your Blade] on the boss. That will lower it’s attack by 10%. That way it won’t be too painful. Damn, Xiao Yao could be killed by a critical hit. Purple Tier Bosses are such bullsh*t…”

“Be careful!” shouted General Lian Po after he launched 3 continuous attacks.

Being vigilant, I quickly stepped back but it was too late. Tu Lin raised his sword and walking the path of stairs, he thrust his weapon on the ground as he stamped his boots. “Bang!” a deafening sound thundered as a six-pointed star appeared beneath him. Countless thorns erupted from the earth covering an area of 50×50 meters, inflicting damage to everyone within it. I was the first to receive damage and three damage numbers emerged——





“Damn it!” I quickly retreated, chugging a health potion while casting [Heal] on myself, barely keeping up with the damages. Taking a quick look behind me, a terrifying sight greeted my vision. 14 dead bodies laid on the ground behind me. Many of the Mages, Healers and Archers were killed immediately, even the Lv 46 Monk was foolishly standing there with only 23% health.

“Immediately [Heal] Xiao Yao! Quickly!” Li Mu anxiously ordered, “[Revive] the fallen Healers, this battle needs them. Xiao Yao, have you confirmed the spell’s area of effect?”

While brandishing my Frost Rain Sword against the Boss alone, I roared: “A radius of 25 meters!”

Li Mu yelled: “All ranged attackers, keep a distance of 25 meters from the Boss and remember to maintain a dispersed formation. Once the Healers resurrect, focus your healing spells on Xiao Yao. Don’t forget to buff him while Monks should use [Lay Down Your Sword] to weaken the boss’ attack, while decreasing his aggro value toward others to avoid an AOE attack! ”

I continued to struggle and looked into the distance: “*Cough* Uncle Lian Po, use your [Shattered Shot] on the Boss and stun him. That will lessen the pressure on me…..”

Lian Po was speechless then arched his bowstring: “He knows that [Shattered Shot] misses easily. Trying to embarrass me, this brat……”

“Swoosh” An arrow flew by; it was a gorgeous MISS!


However, the Mages and Archers that attacked helped tremendously. Tu Lin’s HP fell extremely fast compared to me doing it alone. In the short span of 7 minutes, the health of the Boss already fell to 30%. Several Healers chuckled: “Xiao Yao, when Guild Master Li Mu was tanking…..he was almost killed by a Lv 45 Gold Tier Boss….”

Li Mu’s face turns green: “Do not speak trash, respect the Guild Master!”

The Healer pouted and stuck out her tongue, opening a gap of 2 cm between her fingers: “Guild Master, you’re only this long!”


My eyes almost popped out. The atmosphere in [Valiant Bravery] was really “good”, members would even ridicule their leaders. Who knows how ashamed Li Mu must feel.

I laughed and said: “Oh, that beauty already knows Li Mu’s size…”

Li Mu looked pale: “No….. It’s not like that…..”

The Healer also responded shyly: “Handsome Xiao Yao, I don’t really know leader’s size. I was speaking nonsense. What I really want to know more is your size; give me a chance…..”

My mouth twitched: “You’d rather not…..”

Li Mu stared at me: “Are you less than 1 cm…..”


“Ha ha ha…”


While we were fighting the boss in the main hall of Princess’ Tomb, below us was a violent battle. Members of [Valiant Bravery] under Wang Jian’s leadership, slowly fell back as the opposing guild’s attacks were too violent. Dozens of Mages were using [Pillars of Ice and Fire]s and [Rock Spikes] while having their [Mana Shield] up to bulldoze forward. It was simply brutal.

Sword in hand, Wang Jian looked in the direction of the hall and bellowed: “Boss, Xiao Yao, have you killed the Boss yet? Don’t waste time. We can’t hold anymore, many members have already died a few times. A lot of the equipment has also dropped, everybody will be left naked if this goes on!”

Li Mu answered: “You can now start to withdraw; the Boss will be finished right away. After the Boss dies, I will bring the men fighting the Boss to group up with you!”






As the Boss’s health reached 10%, everyone got excited.

I took a glance at my mana, ah, I’ll use Lv 5 abilities; there was no need save mana. Oh right, I almost forgot, I still have 1800+ of Green Qilin Grass in the warehouse but I was too busy to refine it. When I go back, I must completely refine them and decide if I want to sell them or leave them for Zhan Long members.


[Wind Blade] cuts the Boss in the blood-red mist, taking away the final bit of the Boss’s health.


Falling to his knees with his sword in his hands, Tu Lin stared at the coffin: “Oh, my dear princess Qiong Hua, I hope in my next life I can keep on protecting you. Not seeing your beautiful face open your eyes is the biggest regret of my life…..”


A bunch of equipment, gold coins and cards burst out onto the ground.

Meanwhile, a golden light showered upon me. Great, this Boss helped me reach Lv 50!

The golden words atop my head changed to “Ba Huang City’s 4th Player”. This was the highest rank I’ve ever been at, cool!


Standing beside the items, I held out my hand out invitingly: “Hurry up and distribute the loot and let’s go help Wang Jian”


Li Mu walked over, picked up a jade green crystal from the ground, laughing: “Oh, we’ve found the Princess’ Soul. With this, the guild task is completed. We’ll be able to get a lot of exp this time!”

He looked at the equipments and said to me: “Xiao Yao, there is a Lv 47 Gold Tier bow, Lv 46 cloth boots and Lv 48 Gold Tier shield. Just pick anything and we’ll give it to you.”

I shook my head while holding my sword: “No need. Let’s go help Wang Jian!”


Li Mu chortled, seized the equipment and trailed behind me down the hall: “Everyone, come with us. Let’s murder the [Flying Dragon] and divide the spoils of war! Xiao Yao, I’ll transfer the money to you…..”



With a notice from my bank account, I received 40,000 RMB from General Li Mu. This was huge. Apparently the General Family wasn’t poor anymore.

“40,000 RMB, why?” I asked.

“The extra is the payment for the mission……”


I did not refuse it and lifting the long sword in my hand, I jumped over Wang Jian’s body and activated [Wind Blade].


A Swordsman with only half his health died in just a second. It was immediately followed by a golden hexagram, my Lv 5 [Combo] struck on a Lv 45 Monk; in addition to the Priest’s [Encourage], the second target instantaneously died like the first.


“F*ck, where did that Swordsman come from?” someone from [Flying Dragon] cried.

In the crowd, the Lv 50 Mage Soaring Dragon elevated his staff, sneering coldly: “Dammit, it’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai again. All Mages, assist me. We’ll send him off to hell.”

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