Zhan Long

Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 – Flying Dragon’s Revenge
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Right when Wang Jian swung his sword, the two Princess’ Guards in front of him activated their skills. A series of golden hexagram stars appeared along their steel swords, Lv 6 [Combo]s!
“Pu pu pu…”

As they slashed at him furiously, damage numbers appeared consecutively above Wang Jian’s shoulders–






Just 8 strikes were enough to kill him!

“Damn it…” Wang Jian’s eyes almost widened to big round circles. The speed at which the monsters launched their attacks surpassed his assumptions, leaving him with no time to drink his Health Potions at all.

Distance-wise, I was the closest to him. With the flick of my wrist, I hurriedly cast a Lv 5 [Heal] on him!


“Attack me!” I shout.

“What?” Wang Jian becomes stunned for a moment.

Quickly, he woke from his daze and stabbed my shoulder, causing 256 damage. This transferred away all of his aggro and the three Princess’ Guards immediately rushed towards me with their steel blades.


With another flick on my wrist, I activated a Lv 5 [Defense], increasing my defense by 5%. Peng, a surge of air surged from my feet and I sent a whole series of frenzied attacks from my [Strength of a Thousand Men] towards the chest of one of the Princess’ Guards, dealing a total of 2200+ damage. Then, I immediately followed up with my own [Combo]. With another two attacks from Baby Bobo, the Princess’ Guard falls to the ground while screaming in agony.

Li Mu was shocked, “Damn it, just what kind of attack do these monsters have. To think that just two of them together would be enough to kill Wang Jian in a flash, Wang Jian’s defense is above 800!”

Gripping my Frost Rain Sword, I shouted, “All of you, be careful. The rank which was given to this quest is slightly too low, the monsters in this map are similar to those of S-rank quests. The strength of the final boss would probably be much stronger than what you all previously expected.”



Swiftly, we cleared away the Princess’ Guard in the region and obtained several Black Iron Tier and Green Tier equipments which were, practically speaking, useless. Advancing forward, the passage in front was dark and damp. The Princess’ Guards attacked in waves. Initially, there were around 30+ monsters in one wave. However, the number of monsters in each wave increased till there were roughly 100+ Princess’ Guards in a single wave. Fortunately, the abilities of the players in Valiant Bravery were above average and the only casualties were 7-8 of the heavy armor players that were in the front-line and they were revived instantly, sparing them of the hassle to run all the way back to their body. The true way to ensure the team’s safety is through having a large number of Healers to ensure that the health bars remain at a high level.

“Ka cha!”

Killing another Princess’ Guard with my Frost Rain Sword, my experience bar jerked forward a little. I am already at Level 48 with 94% experience, just a little bit off from level 49. Soon, I would be able to reach level 50. At level 50, my skills could get to Lv 6. With my Lv 6 [Wind Blade], [Fierce Ice Blade], [Combo] and other skills, my offensive capabilities would rise significantly. After all, the most important factor in a fight is the sudden burst of damage one can deal!

“Boss…” General Bai Qi suddenly lowered his voice and said, “The situation isn’t good!”

“What happened?” Li Mu frowned.

Bai Qi gritted his teeth, “The Assassins that we left in the maps nearby have detected large numbers of [Flying Dragon] guild members coming over. They are definitely up to no good. We suspect that they are intending to sabotage our quest.”

Li Mu was shocked, “[Flying Dragon]’s guild members… Are they trying to prevent us from obtaining the Princess’ Soul?

“Yeah, it seems like that is the case…”

Carrying my Frost Rain Sword, I walked over, “What happened, Soaring Dragon is still trying to bully others?”

“Yeah, after the incident at Ferocious Demon Canyon, Soaring Dragon has been harboring hatred towards us of the General Family…” Li Mu sighed and continued, “The [Flying Dragon] guild has a total of 38,000 players under their name and have over 10,000 players in Ba Huang City. Although we have 1000 guild members in our [Valiant Bravery], in a head-on battle we are at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. Furthermore, the number of players that are actively online for long hours in our guild only numbers to 800 while the number of people who are able to fight against them is 500. We are at too much of a disadvantage.”

“Princess’ Soul, what is that?” I ask.

LI Mu was slightly embarrassed and laughed, “Actually… this quest is separated in two stages. The first stage is A-ranked, which is entering the Princess’ Tomb. As for the second stage of the quest, I hid it from the others. It is about killing the general who guards the Princess’ body and retrieve the Princess’ Soul to bring back to the Ba Huang City’s owner. This stage is S-ranked…”

I reply, “So you lied to me so that I could be here as cannon fodder? Liar…”

Li Mu laughed and said, “It’s not like that, I simply forgot to mention it to you… Now that things have gotten complicated, if [Flying Dragon] were to send in their full force to suppress us, this mission could be a gone case…”

After pondering over what he said, I smiled and replied, “What are you scared of? Call all of the [Valiant Bravery] members into the Princess’s Tomb. The Flying Dragon may have the superiority in numbers but the passageway leading towards us is quite narrow, allowing only 10 people to stand shoulder to shoulder in it, thus we don’t really have to fear them. Furthermore, although we may lack the numbers to fight a frontal battle, the average ability of the guild members of [Valiant Bravery] is quite high so we should send half of the players to kill the boss while the other half guard the entrance to the tomb. After killing the boss and retrieving the Princess’ Soul, we’ll retreat. Soaring Dragon is no fool, he wouldn’t fight a battle once he knows that there are no benefits from it.”

“Yeah, I guess this is our only option!”

Li Mu continued, “Wang Jian and Bai Qi, both of you stay here to lead a group of players to guard the entrance to the Tomb. Xiao Yao, Lian Po and I will enter to the heart of the Tomb and kill the boss, what do you all think?”

“Great, how many people do we have now?”

“There are 277 people that we can use now. The others are scattered around the surrounding maps and it would be hard to gather them here. Also, I wouldn’t want them to die for nothing while making their way here. Thus, we can only depend on these 277 people!”

“Okay, this is enough. Bring all the Healers and Mages you need and go kill the boss!”



Rushing forward with my Frost Rain Sword, what appeared before my eyes were stairs that led to a big hall. The hall was painted blood-red, making the atmosphere exceedingly eerie. The stairs were also floating in mid-air and above them were monsters that were carrying long spears, Lv 57 Elite Monsters – Princess’ Spearman. More monsters to kill!

Without a second to waste, I proceeded forward to the stairs. Li Mu, carrying his sword, laughed, “Tsk tsk, how interesting. It feels just like a competition. Xiao Yao, you shall be the tank while we will support you so that we can kill the boss as fast as possible. The boss this time would probably be a Purple Tier Boss between the levels of 57-60, are you confident in tanking his attacks?”

Looking at my own level, I laughed, “I was able to kill Bosses at that level when I was Lv 42. Now I’m at Lv 48, approaching 49, what do you think? Let me try to reach Lv 49 before killing the boss so that it would be less dangerous!”

“Okay, I’ll pair you up with 9 professional Healers!”



Slashing my Frost Rain Sword furiously, I stood with Baby Bobo at the front-lines while Li Mu followed behind with a whole bunch of Mages and Archers who attacked fiercely from behind. In total, we brought 10 teams to a total of 100 players to fight the boss, which was probably more than enough to down the boss. As for the remaining 177 people, they were left under the command of Wang Jian. Whether or not they would be able to stall [Flying Dragon] would be dependent on his abilities.

Stepping on the stone stairs, I glanced downwards. The entire tomb seemed to be almost transparent and the intricate designs were breathtaking. In fact, we were able to see Wang Jian right at the tomb’s entrance setting up formations, placing a group of Knights, Monks, Swordsmen and Berserkers right at the entrance, forming up 5 walls of defenses whereas all of the players in the back were mainly squishy damage-dealers and support Healers. As rays of light continuously shined on the players, the Healer’s [Encourage] buff seemed to have been cast on every single person there.

“Looks like they are here!” Li Mu said coldly.

Standing at the edge of the floating stairs with my sword, I looked into the distance. Light came from the entrance of the tomb as [Pillars of Ice and Fire]s came one after another towards [Valiant Bravery] and exploded upon reaching them. The interval between each [Pillars of Ice and Fire] was too close, leaving no time for Healers to slip in a [Heal] between attacks. 3 Berserkers fell immediately under their offense, dropping a whole floor of potions and equipment.

“Damn it!” Li Mu’s face went pale. “Soaring Dragon that d*mn bastard, he still dares to call himself the guild leader of one of the top ten guilds with that kind of character. Attacking us without even saying anything, I really don’t understand just what did our [Valiant Bravery] do to offend him!”

While slashing at one of the Princess’ Spearman, I asked, “Did you try to recruit people on the forums to join [Valiant Bravery]?”

“Yeah, but the effects weren’t too impressive…” Li Mu said while fighting another Princess’s Spearman. Troubled, he continued, “I am also unsure what I did wrong but the number of players that came to [Valiant Bravery] only numbers up to 3000+ right now. Compared to the tens of thousand people that the top ten guilds possess, we are quite lacking…”

Taking in a deep breath, I replied, “Then, there can only be one possibility. You neglected to establish a key figure that a guild should have. You must establish such a person… You see, [Legend] has the number 1 Mage, Fang Ge Que, [Hero Mound] has the number 1 Reflux Battle Style player, Q-Sword, [Vanguard] has the top player of Ba Huang City, Jian Feng Han whereas [Prague] has the twin Assassins, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang. What do you guys at [Valiant Bravery] have?”

Li Mu spoke softly, “Do I count as one?”

Glancing at him, I laughed. Li Mu panickly said, “Laugh your ass off! Li Xiao Yao you bastard. I feel so angry right now… How about, you join our [Valiant Bravery]? I mean it, come and create a legend together with us brothers. I can even give you the position of the guild leader, as long as you don’t treat us badly. You, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, can be considered as a well-known figure as the number one sword-wielding Healer. Furthermore, in front of female players, your image has been established as Ba Huang City’s number one hottie. If you were to join [Valiant Bravery] then we would be able to conquer the entire female gaming population of Ba Huang City. Conquering the entire female gaming population would mean that we would also have conquered the entire male gaming population. Then, at that point, we wouldn’t be too far off from conquering the entire Destiny server…”

Carrying my Frost Rain Sword, I replied angrily, “Get lost, do you think I am some pretty boy to help you build your reputation? I am a person who depends on my strength, okay? I, Li Xiao Yao, for my whole life, have only depended on the sword in my hands to make my words count, not my face!”

“So, are you joining [Valiant Bravery] or not?”

“No, my studio is back now. How could I leave when we’re just starting out? If you force me to join [Valiant Bravery] once more, I will return back to town…”

“Haha, don’t be mad. Come, let’s go. I’ll let you have the last hit on the boss…”


“Get lost, pretending to be angry to get more experience points!”



After 30 minutes and countless Princess’s Spearmen dead, Shua, with a ray of golden light falling upon me, I finally reached Lv 49. Now, I am only a step away from reaching Lv 50!

From afar, Wang Jian’s shouting could be heard, “Damn, boss, hurry up and start the boss fight. We are almost at our limit! [Flying Dragon]’s a bunch of mad dogs, their bites are painful! They have brought too many people here!”

I shouted back, “How many people did they bring?”

“At least 2000 people!” General Bai Qi roared furiously.



Looking towards Li Mu, I see him also looking at me with a heavy expression, “Should we start the boss?”


Looking into the hall, there is a coffin placed right in the middle of the hall. The person lying in the coffin is Princess Qiong Hua, no doubt about that. To the side of the coffin, a warrior dressed in black armor was kneeling there. As we approached the coffin, he spoke softly, “Qiong Hua, you are the love of my life. I will revive you and make you the happiest woman in the entire world! We shall enjoy the scenery of the night sky together, count the number of ants together, look at the years go by together and rest in the ground together…”

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