Zhan Long

Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 – Princess’s Tomb
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I arrived at the southwest border of Ba Huang City half an hour later. Level 48 to 55 monsters spawned along this entire stretch of mountains. Usually players never come here, but a group of over 100 players had already gathered at the mouth of a mountain pass. Each player’s shoulder held an emblem with a spear design. This was the emblem of the guild [Valiant Bravery]. Why did they choose such a dumb-looking guild symbol?

“We’re here…”

General Li Mu walked towards the group, to find General Wang Jian and General Bai Qi coming forward with a few other players to welcome us. General Wang Jian held out his hand and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, long time no see!”

I looked at their levels. They were all Lv 47. I could not help but silently admire them, they were as resilient as c**kroaches. The more levels they drop, the faster they climb back up. I nodded in response. “Ah, how is everyone? What obstacle could possibly have stopped [Valiant Bravery]?”

General Bai Qi raised his battle axe: “You’ll understand when we get there!”



Upon entering the valley, I received a system message.

System Notification: You have entered the【Princess’ Tomb】zone!

I paused and General Li Mu smiled and explained, “This is a guild quest. The Duke of Ba Huang City, gave it to me. It’s an A-Tier quest that can be shared with up to 200 players, so the boss must be very powerful. Since you’re here already, why don’t you help us finish it before heading back?”

“Hmmm, why don’t we find a way in first. Then I’ll see what it’s like.”

I did not give a firm answer to their request for help and followed General Wang Jian into the depths of the ravine by a long corridor. The members of [Valiant Bravery] around me stole glances in my direction. I could hear the younger male and female players whispering to each other——

“Did you see him? It’s the 7th Tier from Ba Huang City’s Leaderboard! Xiao Yao Zi Zai from the rumors, it’s him!” A young red-haired Undead whispered.

A pretty Wind Elf Mage walked beside him. Opening her small mouth, she said “Wow, he really is as handsome as the rumors say. Look at the sword on his back, it has a purple glow! And… and… there’s a large bump in his armor next to the sword… Uh, is that a stone tablet? Weird. Why would he carry a big stone tablet around?”

A middle aged Barbarian answered with a laugh, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s a quest? That doesn’t really matter though. Xiao Yao is legendary. I heard that our guild, [Valiant Bravery]’s Guild Creation Tablet was from him. He’s a very valuable friend to us!”

The Wind Elf narrowed her eyes, “Oh ho! So does he have dibs on dating the girls in our guild?”

The Undead beside her nervously replied, “San Mei, don’t even think about it. I heard Xiao Yao Zi Zai knows Cang Tong, Fan Shu City’s greatest beauty. I heard that they often have lunch together in real life. There’s also Yue Qing Qian in Ba Huang City, who’s second-in-command of [Prague]. She also seems to be rather fond of Xiao Yao Zi Zai. San Mei, let me ask you. Do you really think you can compete with the beautiful Cang Tong with your figure? Do you think you’re as cute as Yue Qing Qian?”

TL: San Mei and Er Ge are basically familiar sayings for brothers/sisters (whether they are related by blood or not)

The Wind Elf pouted, “Er Ge, you’re so vulgar. I really despise you….”


Amidst the discussion, I reached down and lifted my cloak up so that the cloak covered the Fire Beacon Helmet and appeared as if my face was hidden under a layer of bloody mist. Now everyone can only see the Frost Rain Sword that is on my back.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the end of the valley. Both sides of the path were lined with towering totems. At the end of the valley, embedded into the mountain, was an oversized stone plaque which acted as a set of large doors. “Princess Qiong Hua’s Tomb, only those with great strength can enter,” was written on the plaque in large print.

Li Mu raised his hand and pointed. “The quest needs us to break this stone tablet in order to enter the Princess’s Tomb. Oh! I almost forgot. Let me share the quest with you.”


A few seconds later, I accepted the quest, [Princess’ Tomb]. Indeed, it stated that one had to break the tablet in order to start the quest.


Turning around, I asked General Bai Qi, “Bai Qi, what is your actual attacking power? Even with your strength, you were unable to break this door?”

General Bai Qi lifted his battle axe and his face reddened, “Ahem, let’s not talk about it. Even after I was buffed with a Lv 5 [Encourage], my attack only reached 1700.”

I frowned, “Why don’t you give it another try?”


Holding his battle axe, General Bai Qi moved in front of the stone tablet. With a deep roar, a fiery red aura envelops him as flames shroud his axe. Fiercely, he launched a [Flame Axe] attack!


The axe struck the stone tablet as sparks flew everywhere. However, the stone tablet didn’t budge, even though the ground shook a little.

Bai Qi widened his eyes, “Indeed, it is the same as before, not even moving. This stone tablet is simply too hard, even my Gold Tier axe can’t do anything to it…”

Li Mu said, “Xiao Yao, give it a try. Among all the friends of our guild, [Valiant Bravery], the only person who could possibly destroy this door would only be you…”

I smiled in response while I thought; now that I possess the Frost Rain Sword and coupled with [Turmoil Sword], my actual attack power should surpass 2000+. If I am unable to break apart this door with such attack power, then this mission would probably have to be put on hold for now.

Raising my arm, I unsheathed my Frost Rain Sword. Everyone behind me was shocked. A female Assassin could not resist blurting out, “Wow, what a beautiful sword! That sword’s purple… is it a Purple Tier?!”

A shocking fact was laid in front of their eyes. As of now, there were only 2 Purple Tier weapons. One of them was the Heavenly Plan Sword which Jian Feng Han possesses, whereas the other is the Frost Rain Sword which was in my hands. Thus, it is obvious that the sword in my hands is the one and only Frost Rain Sword. But the members of [Valiant Bravery] were unable to accept such a fact. After all, this kind of god-tier equipment wasn’t likely to appear in the hands of a solo player.


I faced the 6-meter tall stone tablet and took a deep breath. According to the basics of Force Application, striking at the bottom of the stone tablet was unlikely to break it. To break it, one should strike around the top of the tablet. But it was natural for General Bai Qi who was a simple-minded barbarian to be unable to comprehend such a simple logic.

TL: Force Application can be thought of as Physics if it helps


General Li Mu clenched his fist and unconsciously held his breath.

Pah, my war-boots stepped against the stone floor as I dashed towards the stone tablet, leaving a cloud of dust behind me. When I was approximately 5 meters away from the stone tablet, I leapt up, jumping an entire 4 meters. As I activated my [Fierce Ice Blade], ice gathered around my Frost Rain Sword!


The entire valley seemed to quiver for a moment as golden dust trickled from the stone tablet. Breathing heavily, I landed on the floor and looked up to see the condition of the stone tablet. Although I failed to break it apart, cracks have started to form on the stone tablet. This was a sign that the stone tablet was about to break apart.

Li Mu trembles with excitement as he shakes his fist, “Xiao Yao, give it another strike?”


Taking a few steps back, I leapt up again. In midair, my cloak fluttered as streaks of wind gathered around my sword. After charging up for 0.2 seconds, I used [Wind Blade]!


The tremors this time couldn’t be compared to the ones before. Instantly, the 6-meter tall stone table actually broke apart, turning into pieces of hard rock that plummeted to the ground. The pitch-black entrance to Princess Qiong Hua’s Tomb appeared in front of us!

“Hahaha, this is incredible, Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” General Bai Qi sent me a thumbs up, “Your attack power is at least 1900?”

The edges of my mouth arched upwards, “2000!”

“Oh? After a Lv 5 [Encourage], it reaches 2000? You are seriously overpowered!” Wang Jian smiled.

“Without any buffs…”

“You are definitely lying… I don’t believe you…”



“Xiao Yao, join my party?” Li Mu asked.


Di, I was invited to join the main party of the [Valiant Bravery]. In the party, there were the 4 members of the General Family, me, 2 Mages, and 3 Healers. Even the lowest leveled member of the party was Lv 45, this is incredible compared to what they had a few days before.
“Sha sha…”

The moment I walked into the Princess Tomb, my boots stepped onto the wet ground, which gave me an eerie feeling. Beside me, General Li Mu, who was also standing at the forefront of the group, frowned, “Smelly… and it is too dark in here!”

Lifting up my Frost Rain Sword, the glow coming from my Purple Tier sword lit up the path ahead. At the same time, ji ji sounds could be heard from the roof of the tunnel . A large group of bats swiftly flew towards us!


Behind me, the two lady Healers, carrying their staffs, went pale and let out a shriek of fear!


I whispered silently. Li Mu looked at me and we both came to an understanding without saying a word. We weren’t frightened by the bats but rather, we had nearly died from the shrieks made by the 2 ladies.


“There are monsters in front…” General Lian Po prepared his bow while looking out into the distance. Among the 9 main classes, the Archer-class players possess the most acute senses and their sensitivity towards danger surpasses those of any other class.

From the dark depths in the passageway came the sound of footsteps and in a few seconds, a group of skeleton soldiers came rushing towards us, each of them was carrying a steel blade and a shield. The levels of the soldiers weren’t low either!

【Princess’ Guard】 (Elite-class Monsters)





Skills:【Flame Blade】【Combo】【Chaotic Slash】

Description: Princess’ Guard, soldiers that swore loyalty to defend the Princess’ Tomb to their deaths. In the thousands of years since Princess Qiong Hua’s death, these soldiers have already been reduced to skeletons, but their fealty toward her still caused them to lift their sharp blades against enemies.


“There are way too many!” A chill went down my spine, “There are at least 30+ Lv 55 Elite-class Monsters. We have to remain in our formations, otherwise we will be wiped out!”

While completing quests in the Dragon Tomb, I had killed plenty of Elite Monsters. Thus I am quite knowledgeable on the stats of Elite Monsters. Overall, their stats are much higher than those of normal monsters, thus we must advance forward slowly, otherwise our entire group could be wiped out.


As flames appeared on Li Mu’s blade, General Li Mu lowered his body posture and said, “Heavy armor classes, proceed forward to form a line of defense while long-ranged classes start attacking! Healers, pay attention and heal accordingly!”

“Keng keng keng…”

The group of players unsheathed their swords while General Bai Qi and General Wang Jian stood beside me. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath while waiting for the attack from the monsters!


Right in front of me, a group of Princess’ Guards roared and charged towards me. Lifting up their swords, [Flame Blade] after [Flame Blade] landed on our front line while damage numbers appeared–





General Wang Jian lifted his sword and activated 【Combo】!

I immediately warned him, “Wang Jian, be careful, they still have other skills!”


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