Zhan Long

Chapter 122

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Chapter 122 – Have You Tapped It Yet?
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Back at Ba Huang City, I took the sparkling Swift Dragon Ring out from my storage.

【Swift Dragon Ring】(Purple Tier)

Agility: +37

Endurance: +34

Extra: Increases damage of Assassin class skills by 3%.

Extra: Increases maximum health by 180 points.

Required Level: 48


With 37 Agility and 34 Endurance there were a total of 71 attribute points, it’s on par with leveling up 7 times. One can definitely say that this ring was the epitome of Assassin equipments; it had a 3% damage increase and 180 additional health points. For the Assassin players who have low health pools, this was an incredible item that can change their overall ability.

Holding the Swift Dragon Ring, I turned around to find the beautiful Cang Tong standing behind me. Her cape fluttered in the wind as her beautiful face showed a hint of excitement. Standing there, she immediately drew the gaze of all the male players that had gathered at the north gate. It was as if the air around her drew them in like a vacuum.

“Miss, what… You don’t want it?” The Swift Dragon Ring glistened with a purple luster in my hand. I looked at Lin Wan Er with a tilt of my head, only to find her adorably cute face shocked by the ring’s stats.

“Ehh, I do…”

She held out her hand, grabbed the ring, and immediately equipped it. With a cute smile that showed her dimples, a pair of onyx-like eyes looked at me and asked, “Li Xiao Yao, what kind of boss did you defeat to get this great of a drop from? This and that Purple Tier weapon… the Frost Rain Sword were probably dropped by that boss right?”

I nodded, “Yep. It was a level 55 Purple Tier Boss, Green Qilin. Maybe it was because I soloed the boss so the drops are all quite exquisite. The Frost Rain Sword is a lot stronger than the Heavenly Plan Sword, even though they are both Purple Tier equipment.”

Lin Wan Er took a look at the sword on my back and laughed, “That’s not the problem. The problem is that the Frost Rain Sword is not only a Purple Tier equipment but also a Superior grade equipment. Don’t you know how great that is? I don’t even know how many people on the server wish to be you, lucky bastard!”

I pulled out the Frost Rain Sword and held it in front of Lin Wan Er, “Wan Er, how does it look? Want to try it out?”

Her eyes shone with excitement as she reached out to grab it, only to stop and shake her head as she laughed, “It’s alright. My strength is not high enough to hold it. Compared to your sword, my daggers are easier for me to handle.”

Sheathing the sword, I asked, “Ok, so you got the Swift Dragon Ring now. What are you doing in the afternoon? Any plans?”

“I don’t have any plans as of now…” Taking a glance at the time, Lin Wan Er said. “A few days ago we were planning to go to the Xixi Wetlands to play, but we’ve been busy until now. In the afternoon, I’ll have to go help out with a couple of bosses. [Hero Mound] has been killing at least 10-20 bosses every day. We’ve almost cleared all of the surrounding maps of all the bosses and we still haven’t found a Guild Creation Tablet. Q-Sword is really worried so he had Dong Cheng and I form two teams to kill bosses and it’s so tiring…”

Leaning on the city wall, she looked up and sighed. Meanwhile, I was dazed from staring at her pearl white neck.


Lin Wan Er chuckled and looked at me, “Li Xiao Yao, this time Zhan Long really angered [Vanguard], you even got Jian Feng Han to personally deal with you. From now on, Zhan Long is definitely not going to have an easy time in Ba Huang City. Do you have any plans? It’ll be almost impossible to avoid both [Vanguard] and [Wrath of the Heroes] while they hunt you down.

I contemplated for a moment and faced her with a smile, “Not a big deal. Even if I die it’s only one level, I can always gain it back. Furthermore, Zhan Long is going to expand sooner or later so when Little Wolf, Old K, and the guys get to level 40 for their second job promotion, we’ll start to recruit more people. More and more players will join Zhan Long, so most average level bosses will be easily handled.


Lin Wan Er blinked, “If Liu Ying keeps going after you in game, should we give him a warning in real life? Or else it would be tiring for him to keep going after you.”

Failing to hold back my laughter, I asked curiously, “What kind of warning?”

“Well, it’s like this…” Lin Wan Er looked down at the cobblestone floor as she drew circles with her leather boots, her snow white legs glistened with a charming glow. She continued, “Liu Ying’s father is Feng Ling Group’s director, but more than 60% of Feng Ling Group’s stocks are in the hands of a dozen other stockholders. I can use my connections to get these stockholders to pull out, and bring pressure on Liu Ying’s family. This way he will be forced to back off from bothering you both in real life and in-game.”

I immediately shook my head, “It’s ok, you don’t have to do that. If people like Liu Ying didn’t exist in the game, it would be far too boring. Plus, if [Wrath of the Heroes] is hunting us down, [Vanguard] probably won’t send their main force to deal with me. This way I will still have a chance to get back at them when the time comes.”

A smile appeared on Lin Wan Er’s face. Folding up her arms on her bosom, her 34D perked up as she asked, “Let’s hear your plan then.”


I stood before her and explained, “As you know, parties in Destiny are limited to 10 players and each party needs at least 5 members to obtain the maximum experience from killing mobs. We only have 4 people in Zhan Long right now, so we really need to find a 5th member, most preferably a healer. If we manage to get together a 5-man group, leveling won’t be a problem anymore. But I won’t stop there, we’ll aim for a 10-man group and once we have the funds, we’ll expand to 100 players. After that, if possible I would like to create an official guild. This way, once Zhan Long becomes a 1000 player guild, we’ll at least be able to face groups like [Soaring Dragon] and [Vanguard].”

Lin Wan Er looked at me with a shocked expression, “Goodness. I didn’t think you were that ambitious. To actually want to face [Vanguard] and [Soaring Dragon] directly?”

I chuckled at her comment, “Of course! I’m not going to let people keep bullying my friends. Plus, I already promised Yue Qian Qing I would invite her once the guild is set up. She can probably get her sister Yue Wei Liang to join as well. After that, both you and Dong Cheng can join us. This way we’ll have a guild filled with skilled players. Why wouldn’t I confront [Vanguard] at that point?”

Lin Wan Er smirked and said, “Fine…I’ll join when your guild reaches China’s top 10.”




A message came someone I haven’t heard from in a while, Li Mu. He asked, “Xiao Yao, are you busy right now?”

I replied, “Not at all. I’m in the city right now. Need help?

General Li Mu opened up voice chat and I heard a low chuckle as he spoke, “Well…there’s something I need your help with. Also, about the money that you loaned to us, we can pay them back now and maybe you can help us while you get the money back.”

“Oh, what happened?

“Cough, cough…” Awkwardly, General Li Mu said. “It’s only been a week since we registered [Valiant Bravery] as an official guild. We got our guild level to 3 and have about 900+ active members. In 24 hours, we got more than 100 Gold Tier equipments and sold them for a good amount. Things were going well until today, we’re stuck on a big mission…”

“Oh?” I couldn’t help but laugh, “What kind of quest can hold up a guild leader of a 1000-man guild?”

General Li Mu laughed loudly, “Haha. Boy, you can stop teasing me now. You know full well what I can do. This quest is a hundred man mission in an ancient tomb but there is a huge door made from ancient meteorite blocking the entrance. Bai Qi’s 1621 Attack couldn’t even make it budge. The system notification said an even higher attack is needed to break the inscription, and you were the first person we thought of. Your base attack should have reached the 1700s right? Why don’t you come over and try it?”

I was speechless: “Alright then… Remember to pay me back, 3000G…”

“Not 3000G, it’s 30,000RMB. I said I was going to pay you back…”

“Alright then, where do you want to meet up?”

“I’ll come back to the city to get you. Let’s meet at the north gate.”



Looking up, I found Lin Wan Er staring at me with her glistening eyes, “Left me standing here while you flirted with girls?”

I looked at her with a blank face and said. “You can read minds… You should already know who I was talking to.”

Lin Wan Er’s cheeks turned red as she blushed and softly said, “Your friend…”

I rolled my eyes at her comment, “Geez, you really were eavesdropping…”

“Pshh. It wasn’t like I wanted to. It was by accident…”



At that moment, a short distance away, a white light flashed. General Li Mu appeared out of the light, holding a golden long sword and suited in Gold and Silver armor. Wow, I haven’t seen him in a week and he’s already gone from a broke hobo to wearing a full suit of exquisite equipment. Having a guild backing you is definitely something else.

“Oh? Cang Tong… the beautiful Cang Tong…” General Li Mu shockingly looked at Lin Wan Er and then looked at me. Not knowing what to say, he stood as still as a log for a few second before smiling at Lin Wan Er, “The beauty Cang Tong is actually friends with Xiao Yao…*cough* *cough* We at [Valiant Bravery] have a little something that we need Xiao Yao for, do you think you can lend him to us for an hour? Miss Cang Tong?”

Lin Wan Er snappily curled her lips: “Use him however you like. I’m leaving now. Li Xiao Yao, remember to go offline later so we can grab dinner together.”

“Got it. I’ll see you later…”

‘Whoosh’ A white light flashed and Fan Shu City’s prettiest girl vanished from Ba Huang City.


Looking at Lin Wan Er’s afterimage, a sense of loss overcame me. Confused at the feelings I’m having, I held Frost Rain Sword as I grumbled: Am I becoming too sensitive?

General Li Mu patted my shoulder with a laugh, “You can stop gawking, she already left. Now let’s be completely honest here, have you done it yet?”

I glared at him, “I’ve done your sister!”

“Well, I actually have a sister and she doesn’t look half bad. She is single, so if you’re interested I can give you her number.”

“Get out! No sister of yours could possibly be good looking!”

“Hey! You don’t have to start personally attacking me.”


Exiting through the gate, I saw 4 level 40+ players standing in wait, each with the emblem of [Valiant Bravery] on their arm. This was the true sign of an established guild, and for now, the only established guild in Ba Huang City.

“Guild Master!” The 4 players nodded together out of respect.

Sword in hand, Li Mu laughed, “Let’s go see if Xiao Yao can do something to that stupid rock.”

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