Zhan Long

Chapter 120

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Chapter 120 – Ring of Strength
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Fallen Wolf clenched his teeth and a crimson flag was planted in front of me, signaling for a duel. This duel wouldn’t be recorded in the CBN rankings, meaning that even if I beat Fallen Wolf, I wouldn’t get any CBN ranking points.

The Frost Rain Sword glowed with a purple hue and with a wave of my hand, the crimson flag disappeared from the ground. I had rejected the duel. Smiling slightly, I said, “Lets fight for real, why duel?”

Fallen Wolf raised one eyebrow and with a loud voice, he said, “Fine! You sure are arrogant. Xiao Yao! Don’t regret this once I kill you. If any equipment drops, I will never return it to you!”



Within the party chat, Little Wolf said, “Brother Xiao Yao, I found out Fallen Wolf’s equipment details: His axe is the Proud Heaven Axe, Gold Tier with nearly 600 attack. His armor, boots, leggings are level 42 Gold Tier equipment and his helmet is a Lv 45 Silver Tier. There is an enhancement of 70 defense on the helmet and on his necklace, is an enhancement that increases 10% hit chance. It’s hard to avoid his attacks, so please be careful. His overall equipment is not much weaker than yours. I can’t find any information about his pet either…”

I nodded and lowered my voice, “Hmm, Little Wolf can you watch over me? Old K get ready to fight and Fox aim your gun at their Mages in case they get involved. Since Jian Feng Han is not here, Fallen Wolf might not be honorable in a duel. Regardless, everyone should be prepared to die today.”

Old K laughed, “Hmm, its been years since we were all killed together…”

“Pei! Don’t be so negative, I’m going!”

Old K in a singing voice, “Wishing you the best of luck, wishing you a happy birthday…”

(TL: Chinese birthday song parody, usually in a bad meaning)

The corners of my mouth twitched, “You keeping singing, I’m going!”



The Gold Tier boots moved forward among fallen leaves, while Fallen Wolf lifted his axe. A shining hexagram appeared and a black colored “Spirit Snake” came out of it. This was no ordinary pet, he really was going to be hard to deal with!


A Lv 5 [Heavy Strike], he was testing me!

I feinted a step and parried with the Frost Rain Sword. “Keng” sounded out as my sword hit the axe, but I wasn’t able to stop his strike. Fallen Wolf’s strength was really high and the axe cut into my shoulder, causing a pin like pain to blossom on my shoulder.


His attack was really strong, at least 1600. Fallen Wolf was a Barbarian Berserker class, which was the class that had the greatest attack power in < >. In addition, with all of the Gold Tier equipment he had, his overall attack was greater than my Silver, Gold, and Purple Tier equipment. Of course, I was better in other aspects: my defense was higher than his.


Air started to circulate around my feet, blowing away the nearby leaves. I activated my S-rank combo [Strength of a Thousand Men]. My intentions were clear, a blitz attack. I would break Fallen Wolf’s confidence with one blow.


Seeing my [Combo], Fallen Wolf immediately reacted. He smashed the axe into the ground, and with a “Bam”, only 50 cm of the axe was showing above ground. He actually let go of his weapon and dodged with a back flip.

“Keng Keng…”

Sparks flew as the first 3 moves of the [Strength of a Thousand Men] landed on the axe. 3 “MISS”es appeared on Fallen Wolf’s forehead. As expected, to have been someone valued highly by Jian Feng Han, he was no weakling. Just by going with this move, you could tell that Fallen Wolf was a rare expert, paying attention to his equipment and environment.

Even though my first three strikes were dodged, I immediately rammed towards him. Even though I didn’t land the ram, I was right in front of Fallen Wolf and while in mid air, I held up Frost Rain Sword as wind began swirling around it, [Wind Blade]!



Under one strike, Fallen Wolf was forced back and he lost around 50% of his health. So, he had the same amount of health as I did!


After retreating a few steps, Fallen Wolf opened his eyes wide open with disbelief, “One blow and 1000 damage! Even Jian Feng Han doesn’t have this attack power, what kind of monster are you!?”

I didn’t reply, instead I kept pushing forward as I slammed my fist into the ground, [Binding Chains].

Fallen Wolf rapidly went sideways 2 steps, resulting in a MISS for the chains. He picked up the axe in the ground and with a roar, activating [Rage], which caused a 10% increase in attack, followed by another roar, while he activated [Penetration], his next attack would ignore 25% of my defense. This time he was going all out!


Off to the side, Baby Bobo continued to attack his pet. The Spirit Snake cried out and its tail danced madly, trying to attack Baby Bobo. Both pets were about the same in terms of level and rarity, it was hard to tell which one will win.

In his roar, Fallen Wolf came forward, but he was not rushing nor taking his time, and instead advanced at a firm pace. His control and speed were very good and there was no way for me to have dodged his attack. Even if I avoided the first blow, he would’ve gotten me with the next hit. Fallen Wolf truly understood the mechanics of PKing.

I stayed calm as I watched Fallen Wolf coming. He was one of the [Vanguard]’s elders and his ID was quite well known. But this time, Fallen Wolf was full of rage and he wished to kill me more than anything so he was bound to make mistakes!


Frost Rain Sword pierced into the rock below and I crouched down. With the sword as a leaping point, I flew out horizontally with incredible speed.



The [Penetration] strike had missed. Trying to attack me while in mid air, Fallen Wolf cried out, “Humph! Trying to escape!?”

The moments his boots landed, Fallen Wolf sprung outwards, and with a single step, his [Flame Axe] landed on my shoulder. Damn! It burned.


A Berserker that added all of his points into strength was really dangerous.


My shoulder took another axe hit but I used the chance to pull out the Frost Rain Sword, and using my Silver Locked Battle Boots, I kicked away Fallen Wolf’s right leg, which caused him to lose his balance.


4 Golden hexagrams appeared around the Frost Rain Sword and Fallen Wolf’s face changed color and mumbled, “Aah… sh*t.”

Every expert can feel when they are about to be defeated; they understood all the moves and variables, and with one wrong move their whole plan can fall apart!

I attacked with Frost Rain Sword, using a Lv 5 [Combo].






Between the attacks, Fallen Wolf used a Lv 5 potion to restore 750 health, and barely survived. In a panic, he retreated while the [Vanguard] members behind him said, “Quickly! Protect brother Fallen Wolf.”

“No need!”

Rushing forward with my [Haste] buff, I sped past Fallen Wolf!


Frost Rain Sword flashed across Fallen Wolf’s throat and brought out a spring of blood. Finally, the self-proclaimed number one damage dealer of [Vanguard] was defeated. Behind me, the Spirit Snake also cried out, dying alongside its master.


Fallen Wolf’s legs gave out and he kneeled on the ground. With his axe still in his hand, his eyes were filled with anger and confusion, as if he couldn’t understand how he had lost to me.


He died! He dropped quite a few Items: a pile of potions, a few Pardon Cards, and a gold colored ring, it didn’t look like a common item.

While holding Frost Rain Sword, I moved forward. Suddenly a Lv 45 player from [Vanguard] yelled out, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, stop! Don’t even think about picking up brother Fallen Wolf’s dropped items.”

My brows jumped as I laughed. “OK, if you have the guts, come 1v1 me. If my equipment drops, I will definitely let you take all of them.”

Before they could respond, I grabbed all the dropped items, especially the Pardon Cards. For PKing, this item was pretty much a godsend. In addition, the ring also felt quite powerful, and when I took a look at its properties, I smiled –

【Ring of Strength】(Gold Tier)

Strength: +35

Endurance: +20

Extra: Increases 15 attack damage.

Level Requirement: 33


The ring wasn’t bad and was extremely useful for strength based players. It could even compare to the two rings that I already had, the only thing is… one of the rings had 1% life steal, while the other had a strength bonus that wasn’t much lower, so there was no need to change them. The main thing about this Ring of Strength, was that it had decent strength and attack bonus, but a low level requirement of 33.

Looking behind me at Fox and others, I threw the Ring of Strength over.

“Old K, this ring is yours!”

Old K caught the ring and cracked open a smile, “Damn, 35 strength plus 15 attack, good stuff”

The players from [Vanguard] were in a rage and they even unsheathed their weapons! A Lv 46 Swordsman said, “They are going too far. Brothers, lets kill them!”

However, a Lv 46 Mage interjected, “Stop, calm down. Fallen Wolf messaged me and told us to wait for him. Since we, [Vanguard], have requested a 1v1, we can’t start a group fight. We,[Vanguard], are not like [Flying Dragon] and won’t go back on our word and bully others.”

While saying that, the Mage, with a sneer said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you really are strong, truly admirable. Even Fallen Wolf has been defeated by you. So… there is a person that is very interested in dueling you. In 15 minutes, he will be here.”

I already knew who the mysterious person was. Holding the Frost Rain Sword, I smiled and said “Sure, I will wait!”


At this time, with a “Ding”, a message came from the Miss, Cang Tong, “Uh, … I’m here, standing under the north gate of Ba Huang City. Where are you…”

I replied, “I can’t leave at the moment…”

“Where are you?”

“Frost Maple Heights…”



The beautiful miss smiled, “Oh, is that so. Well… I will come to watch the fun…”


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