Zhan Long

Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 – First Love
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“Who cares, we won’t return then…” The corners of Wan Er’s mouth rose as she said a solution that couldn’t have been counted as a solution.

Dong Cheng Yue frowned. “Whatever, I don’t really care either. Xiao Yao, you’re responsible for whatever happens later…”

Still overjoyed with my new sword, I gave no response.

“Li Xiao Yao, what are you thinking?” Wan Er glared at me.

I woke from my dreamy state of happiness and smiled. “No… Nothing, hahaha. So, are we going to eat now?”

“Mhm, you’re treating…”

“No problem! Let’s go!”


Wan Er tightened her lapel behind me as we stood in front of the school gate.

I moved closer to the guard post and asked “Can you open the door please, sir?”

The guard raised his head and looked at me. “What are you guys going out this late for?”

“To eat!”

“Go back to your dorms and make some instant ramen or something. The school rules clearly state that the gate is not to be opened after 1 AM, no matter who it is!”

He looked behind me, noticing Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, and smiled. “Oh you’re quite good, taking on two beautiful women at the same time. Can you really handle them?”

Wan Er’s face turned bright red but she said nothing. However, Dong Cheng Yue rolled up her sleeves and replied angrily. “What did you say? I dare you! Say it again!”

The guard didn’t respond and I tug on Dong Cheng Yue’s sleeves. “Alright. don’t be mad, Dong Cheng Yue. We’ll find another way out.”


As we walked along the school path, Dong Cheng Yue asked “There’s another way out?”

I extended my arm and pointed to my right. “We’ll climb over the wall…”


Wan Er’s eyes widened as she looked at the smooth surface of the wall. “You probably can, but how would I or Dong Cheng Yue… Don’t forget that we’re women…. The height of this wall….”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled. “Then Xiao Yao, you stand against the wall. We’ll step on your shoulders to get up. Then you can climb over to catch us on the other side…”

I frowned. “Why make it so complicated? I could just jump over while carrying you two…”

“Damn, are you really that strong?” Dong Cheng Yue’s eyes were full of suspicion.

I could not help but laugh and flexed. “Don’t underestimate me…”

“Fine. Why don’t we try it then?” Wan Er pursed her red lips and smiled. “ Dong Cheng Yue goes first…”

Dong Cheng Yue trembled. “Why do I have to be the lab rat…”

“Are we going to get a midnight snack or not? I’m also hungry. If we wait any longer, I won’t have enough strength to jump over the wall!” I said.

Cheng Yue gave in. “Alright. I’ll go first then…”

I extended my hand toward her. “Hold on tight and don’t fall, Dong Cheng Yue. If you do, it’d be very ugly…”

She nodded, walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. It was a bit close and Wan Er protested a bit from the side but I did not catch what she said.

I wrapped my own arms around Dong Cheng Yue’s slender waist. Tensing myself up, I stepped on the fire hydrant sticking out from the ground and pushed off, soaring to the top of the wall, while slightly unbalanced. I looked outside, away from the school for a second and saw nothing but darkness. But there was just enough light to see that the ground below was not a sewer or something.

I landed softly and tried to put Dong Cheng Yue down. She resisted, whispering in a low voice. “Hug me for a bit longer…”

I glared at her. “Dong Cheng Yue, please don’t. Wan Er’s still on the other side…”



Taking a few steps back, I jumped back over. Dong Cheng Yue’s small mouth widened. “This… Doesn’t this exceed the Olympic record? This is really insane…”

Lin Wan Er stood with a charming pose on the other side of the wall. She stared at me, and her eyes were filled with mischief.

I extended my arm, and smiled, “Wan Er, it’s your turn”.


The beautiful Miss was especially soft. She approached me and hugged me around the neck. I wrapped my arms around her waist and gently tightened my grip. Almost instantly, I felt her soft, tender 34Ds press against my chest. My face reddened in response to this heavenly feeling and I stood there dazed.

Lin Wan Er raised her head to look at me. Her face was red as well. “Don’t think of anything dirty. Just jump already..”

For a second, I thought she was reading my mind, which had scrambled my thoughts even more. I tensed up and jumped without a thought.


I heard Dong Cheng Yue shriek on the other side of the wall and I looked down. Dammit! Why was she standing so close? We were going to crash into her!

With no other options, I twisted myself midair while I maintained my grip on Wan Er, and fell with my back toward the ground, hoping it would take the brunt of the impact. There was not much that could have broken our fall; it was a brick floor that I couldn’t avoid.


As the dust dispersed, I clenched my teeth and cried out in pain. My lower spine had landed on a loose brick. Fortunately, my body was toughened by years of training. Otherwise my injuries would have been far more severe.

I whimpered.

Wan Er was even more shocked than I was and tightened her embrace. I could feel her 34Ds pressed against my chest. Under the bright moonlight, I had a clear view of her cleavage in front of me. It was a compensation for my troubles. She blushed and hurriedly stood up, brushing herself off. “ Are you ok!?”

“I’m fine…” I said, clenching my teeth in pain, “I’m fine, Wan Er. Let’s go and eat…”


I stood up, and still felt a bit of pain in my back. It was not like I was made of gold or anything, so of course it would hurt.

With Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue supporting me on either side, we staggered slowly toward the nearest food stall. Taking a seat, I brushed the dust off my clothes and ordered our food. The man working the stall began to cook, handling his spatula like a pro. Soon enough, the first dish arrived with a side of huge steamed buns. My luck must have been incredible, to have been able to eat peacefully on a night like this with a bright moon and two beautiful women at my side.


Two students who seemed to be about 23 years old sat behind us, chatting as they hurriedly ate——

“Songsong, did you see what happened yesterday? Just as I was about to log off, I noticed that someone got a Purple Tier sword in Ba Huang City. It was the Frost Rain Sword. Isn’t that awesome!? To think that someone has a Lv 48 Purple Tier sword that’s even better than Jian Feng Han’s Heavenly Plan Sword already… Who do you think it was?”

His friend took a gulp of her beer and smiled. “It was probably Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, General Li Mu, or [Wrath of the Heroes]. Those types of people. There are only a handful in Ba Huang City who have the strength to kill a Purple Tier boss. Without a lot of power, no one would even think of challenging a Purple Tier boss.”

Songsong sighed. “I don’t even know when we’ll find a Purple Tier sword. If we can just get our hands on one, think about all the players we can convince to join our studio, Blood Contract. Even though we only started our studio 4 days ago, we haven’t even gotten one new recruit. We can’t continue on like this; we need to figure out a way to increase our manpower.”

“Mmm, let’s brainstorm… Why don’t I bring a poster for Blood Contract with me the next time I go to the girls’ dorm at Liu Hua University to advertise makeup and stuff? If they like the makeup, then they might like our guild. If we can get these students to join, we can pull in their fans, which makes up a large portion of Liu Hua University. With that many people, Blood Contract could basically dominate Ba Huang City…”

“I’m starting to drool just thinking about it. Damn, I’m going to go sell some makeup tomorrow. Don’t forget to post some of those advertisements in the nearby hotels, we can’t let go of those couples that are going there to open a room, those people buy one get one free!”

“Mm, let’s do that!”


The 3 of us silently listened as the two finished their meal and left. Lin Wan Er lowered her head and choked with laughter, while I had tried to sit up straight and hold my composure.

Before long, we were finished with our meal, and it was time to leave!

Unfortunately, we were denied entry from the front gate. Getting back in was going to be a lot more difficult that getting out. The three of us stared at the wall blankly——

“What should we do? Even if we get in, the dorm supervisor will probably catch us…”

“Yeah, I remember there was a senior student that tried to enter the dorm at 1:10 am, but she was caught by the supervisor…it was publicly announced to the whole school and they called her parents 3 days later. It was so cruel…”

Wan Er silently stared at me.

I pursed my mouth, “Then let them call your parents, if your dad Lin Tian Nan came, the principle will come out and welcome him…”

“I don’t want that…”

Dong Cheng Yue spun around and looked at the far away lights, “How about…We stay at a hotel? We’ll return tomorrow morning, I don’t want to have my parents called either…”

“What do you say Wan Er?”

Lin Wan Er closed her eyes and said, “Fine…”


After that, I brought the two beauties on a new adventure. At the first express hotel we stopped at, it was found to be completely full. The next 3 hotels, they were all full!

Dong Cheng Yue yawned, “So tired, I forgot today is Friday, all the seniors come out for a room…”

I looked at the time and it was already 3 am. Wan Er held my arms and was almost completely lying on me. She tried to keep her eyes open and her long eyebrows were like brushes blinking twice, almost unable to keep them open anymore.

I frowned, “To the west here there’s a 4 star hotel, let’s go there and take a look!”



We stumbled to the 4th hotel and finally, the receptionist said, “There’s only one room left…”

Only…One room!!

What a melodramatic scene, but I couldn’t find any excited emotions in my heart. I took out some money, and said, “One room then, we’ll take it, hurry up…”

Dong Cheng Yue’s leaned on the desk, and with a bang her forehead hit a notebook. She raised her head and looked at me, “Xiao Yao, 3 people for this room?”

“Mm, or you could sleep on the road…”

Dong Cheng Yue immediately shook her head, “No, then 3 people in this room then…”


Entering the room, it was pretty spacious. Wan Er recovered a bit, and while barely opening her eyes she said, “This…3 people in this room, how do we sleep?”

I took the initiative, “I’ll sleep on the sofa, you and Dong Cheng Yue sleep on the bed…”

Wan Er nodded, “I need to take a shower, could you go away for a moment?”

I looked around the room, “The room is only so big, where should I go?”

“That’s fine, don’t peek…”

“Mm” I went the sofa and sleepiness surged on to me.


Dong Cheng Yue and Wan Er both went to take a shower and sweet laughter floated from the shower room——

“Waa, Wan Er your body is so good…So jealous…”

“Dong Cheng Yue, no touching!”

“Wan Er, when can mine be as big as yours…”

“I said don’t touch it, d*mn girl…”

“Say, after showering, do you think that Li Xiao Yao will be a beast?”

“I don’t know…”


After half an hour, the two beauties walked out in towels, but they saw me sleeping on the couch, with thunder-like snoring.

“Damn! This…guy…”

The corners of Wan Er’s mouth curved and she didn’t even know whether to be angry or disappointed.

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