Zhan Long

Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 – Battling a Thousand Men
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Looking up at the sky, I watched the drizzling rain fall. Making some rustling sounds, silhouettes began to appear on the vines. All of them were from [Wrath of the Heroes]. There were about 10 players and they were all Lv 40+ 2nd promotion players. As the group of players slowly slid down, a voice came through the thick fog: “Is Xiao Yao really in this deep dark abyss? We already lost a lot of men. If he isn’t here…..”

The speaker hadn’t finished talking when suddenly a “bang!” echoed through the abyss. It was an Assassin that took a wrong step and smashed directly into the bottom of the abyss. Striking the ground after free falling several hundred meters completely emptied the Assassin’s health. The dead body shattered into tiny pieces of brilliant dust. The dead body will have to resurrect outside of the abyss. Apparently, the Green Qilin Abyss was classified as a high level zone. In this kind of zone, if a player were to die, they would not resurrect locally. Instead, their body will immediately appear in the outer area of the zone.


One after another, people continuously fell through the abyss and perished!


I raised my Jade City sword, dumbfounded and stared upwards. Despite the drizzle falling on my face, the sight resembled the feeling of watching a meteor shower. The only difference was that each individual meteorite was caused by a player dying and resurrecting.

In the sky, a familiar voice had come through faintly: “Dammit, where are our Wind Elves? We brought so many Wind Elves here. Where are they? They need to fly here and scout!”

Another voice said: “We can’t do that, boss. Inside of the Green Qilin Abyss there is a falcon type monster. If a Wind Elf flies in here, they will be met by an attack. We already lost 20+ Wind Elves like that!”

“Dammit. The first team. Go down there and scout!”



As the players drew near, I could distinguish three players sliding down: a Lv 41 Barbarian Monk, a Lv 40 Human Mage and a Lv 42 Undead Swordsman. The Mage and the Swordsman are probably in charge of the damage and the Monk will be a meat shield to block my attacks. This time, they didn’t send a Healer; Liu Ying was probably aware that I was able to immediately kill the Healers.

My right hand gripped my Jade City Sword, and I took a deep breath. I’ll go and take the initiative since the Pardon Card is still active. If I sit and wait, I will definitely die miserably. Since Liu Ying was so stubborn against me, I was going to have to kill every last one of them. Today, I will show the [Wrath of the Heroes] guild what I can do. Even if I have to risk everything, I will defend the dignity of a solo player.


In the sky, one of the shadows dropped down. It was a Lv 40 Mage. I will start with him!

My Silver Locked Battle Boots trod onto the moist grass as I dashed towards the Mage. Before the Mage even hit the ground, I already had swung my sword. Golden hexagons flickered as I used a Lv 5 [Combo] into the Mage’s [Mana Shield]. The Mage isn’t a top player, and after 3 strikes the shield crumbled. My fourth strike from the {Combo] and another regular strike directly ate into the mage’s health.


The Mage’s body fell down and slowly fragmented into rays of light. His wide eyes stared at me and before he died, he shouted: “Watch out, he ambushed me!”


Another silhouette fell down about ten meters away with a sword in his hand. It was the Undead Swordsman who had a sinister expression. Before he reached the ground, I waved my hand and Baby Bobo dashed over to the Swordsman. Golden hexagons appeared on its stinger as it used a [Combo] + [Sting]. I had to use Baby Bobo to control the DPS of the Swordsman or else this would be a hard fight to win!

The Undead Swordsman cruelly smiled: “Brother, as expected he’s trying to kill me first. When you reach the ground, use [Put Down Your Sword] on him to lower his attack by 10%. Xiao Yao will become a tiger without its fangs. Nothing to fear. I will take care of this bee!”

With a “ding”, the Swordsman’s sword started to blossom hexagons. He was going to use a [Combo] to kill Baby Bobo!

In another direction, another silhouette fell. It was the Barbarian Monk wielding a steel knife. With a large clamor, he yelled: “I am here to kill this Xiao Yao bastard!”



My boots trod onto the moist grass, splashing droplets everywhere as I charged at the Monk. At the same time, I made Baby Bobo retreat. “Shua Shua Shua” Three large MISSes appeared. The Undead Swordsman said with extreme astonishment: “Crap, this pet is very fast!”


Under my feet, a white glow appeared on the ground. Before even approaching the falling Monk, I already activated my skill. By the time the Monk reached the ground, I already had hit him with 3 attacks. With a stab, a sweep and a chop, I landed three continuous attacks on the Monk. Each of my attacks threw the Monk’s body into the air, making him incapable of retaliating. He even lost his balance!


With the fourth strike, I drew on strength from within my body and vigorously rammed forward!


The Monk’s body flung into the air a fourth time and he howled as his health falls by another 400+. The Monk’s complexion was ashen as he looked at me: “Not good brother. My body is thrown off balance. He is going to kill me in the air!”

[Strength of a Thousand Men] took only 1.2 seconds time so before the Monk finished talking, the Jade City Sword carried the forest’s cold wind on its blade as I struck the monk. As if slicing a ball in the air, I used [Wind Blade] on the Monk!


The monk howled as the last of his health disappeared. His body struck the floor and bounced upwards. By the time it fell back onto the floor, his body had already turned into fragments of light and was disintegrating away!

Perfect kill!


Turning around, I used [Heal] on Baby Bobo and raised my sword as I charged at the Undead Swordsman. Next to him was a small demon who was sending out flames. The Swordsman used a health potion and recovered 600 Health which was about 40%. Ok. This meant that his health had an upper bound of about 1500, which isn’t that high!

“Not good!”

After seeing me, the Swordsman trembled and quickly retreated backwards.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I controlled Baby Bobo to block the Swordsman’s retreat with a [Sting]. Filled with anger, he swung at Baby Bobo, but Bobo was too fast in retreating and a large MISS appeared. I moved forward and with a “Bang”, I swept my sword over his chestplate. His eyes were filled with astonishment as he was obviously unable to convince himself that this was really happening.

With one more attack, the Swordsman died!

Seeing the Swordsman burst into rays of light, I calmly bent down to pick up a Bronze armor wrist guard. The three dead players only dropped one item; this could be considered regular. At the same time, my mind made a plan. Lin Wan Er’s 12 types of battlefield control in man-pet tactics was very useful. Trying it in battle, it seemed extremely amazing, I could kill beginners with enough to spare.


After killing three players and still at full health, I continued to watch the abyss. Raising my head, I saw silhouettes streaming down the green vines. Their numbers seemed to have had increased to more than 50 people, all members of [Wrath of the Heroes] who were here to hunt me. For a trivial Tomb Guardian of The Dragon City, Liu Ying really moved an army to kill me. It was a pity that having more people does not give any advantage in the Green Qilin Abyss.

“Gasp! The three scouts are already dead….” A voice in the sky said.

I quietly laughed. Apparently, these people did not understand this area. They were about 50 yards from the bottom but with the rain and the fog, it was hard to see the bottom clearly. However, I could look up and see the speakers perfectly fine. The wind even aids in carrying the speaker’s voice to me. Even if I were to talk, they probably wouldn’t even hear me.

Liu Ying’s voice was furious: “What’s happening? How did he kill three players in a flash? Wasn’t one of the three players a Lv 41 Monk?”

Another voice responded: “Boss. Xiao Yao’s attack is too high. Forums say that his attack is about 1400+, second only to Jian Feng Han who is holding the Heavenly Plan sword. Against this kind of opponent, our Monk who only has 1100 defense is not able to defend. In addition, Xiao Yao has a high grade pet with him!”

Liu Ying angrily yelled: “Tell them to hurry back here after resurrecting!”

“We can’t do that boss. When they died, their resurrection location moved to the outer area of Green Qilin Valley. The distance from there to here is a 30 minute journey filled with high level monsters. Coming here would only be suicide. I propose that they go back to the city….”

Liu Ying’s voice trembled with anger: “Don’t tell me…. Don’t tell me that we should give up? Don’t forget that we have about 60+ members who are professionals in their class. Why are we afraid of a trivial player like Xiao Yao?”

A girl spoke up. The speaker ought to be Ageless Beauty, she said: “Dear, I recommend that all 60+ members go down together to kill our fellow student Xiao Yao. Hehe. Let’s go down there like angels scattering flowers; what do you think?”

Liu Ying laughed: “Ok, what darling said made a lot of sense…. All men listen up! In 10 seconds, we will slowly release our grip on these vines. Follow me down onto the abyss floor to murder that bastard Li Xiao Yao!”

“Yes, boss!”


I looked at the sky and furrowed my brows. At the same time, I started counting down the seconds. 10 seconds? Come! I will kill every last one of you, in addition….

I looked around and saw Flaming Cat Spirits lazily stretching at the Green Qilin Abyss’ center. On top of the spirits were the dangling green vines. I smiled. This is going to be a massacre. I am not even the main force of this army; the Flaming Cat Spirits are. I will only be assisting the spirits in their attack!

I tightened my grip on my Jade City Sword. I would have been able to remain calm if this were reality, but in the game it’s different. I’ve always had a soft spot for games. So, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit nervous. I still remembered that back in elementary school when the blackboards had a motto written on them: “Nervous, Unity, Earnest” To be a little nervous isn’t something bad!


“Shua shua Shua!”

It really was like angels scattering flowers. One after another, the shadows arrived at the bottom. Ten of the members started fighting a Flaming Cat Spirit while 7 or 8 members turned in my direction. Under the spring rain, I made out a beautifully familiar face. It was the girl who had taunted me in the middle of Chinese class and one of the top ten beauties of the school with the in-game name of Ageless Beauty —— Xue Yue

I bent my body slightly and the hand holding the Jade City Sword shuddered a bit. The blade became surrounded by a stream of cold forest air. [Fierce Ice Blade]!



Xue Yue’s cheeks turned deathly white as she pulled out her dagger: “Not good!”

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