I Am Supreme

Chapter 351

Chapter 351 - Epiphany!

Ice daggers danced in a mad flurry.

Venerable Lord Ice continued to give chase behind them, yearning to grip the both of them and swallow them whole, to vent the grudge he held in his heart.

The palpable pressure made it clear to Yun Yang that the enemy was fast approaching, while the dancing ice daggers all around him signaled the possibility of a melee attack.

Yun Yang’s movements grew swifter as he unleashed a speed that exceeded his current limits. At the same time, he discreetly cultivated the art of wind to increase his current acceleration. It was a state where he need not turn into wind, but only borrowed the wind’s momentum to move forward.

From the standpoint of agility, variation, speed, peculiarity and many other aspects, his skill was exceptionally rare in the world. In spite of this, the basic requirement to sustain a long-distance pursuit was the foundation of one’s cultivation base.

Despite Yun Yang’s recent accumulation of a hundred years cultivation base, Venerable Lord Ice was still much better at this. Besides, Yun Yang was carrying a dead weight. Even if he expended all his effort, the distance between both parties would still decrease.

It had been some time since Yun Yang had pushed about a dozen pills into Lei Dongtian’s mouth. It was Yun Yang’s only hope, that Lei Dongtian could stand again with renewed energy. That would solve a lot of his problems.

The situation was as Yun Yang had hoped. Lei Dongtian’s unusual heaving slowly stabilized and he was now looking at Yun Yang and speaking with great difficulty, "Brother… Yun, you – you… must… sav – save me… I… I can – cannot die… I don’t want to die…"

Hearing this, Yun Yang came close to hurling the bastard onto a rock to turn him into a meat pie.

You don’t want to die? Excuse me, who wants to die?

Why was he speaking like this? If you claim that I’m your brother, you should have said something righteous, like "Give up on me, brother," or "Escaping alone will give you a bigger chance at survival," at such a critical moment! Are you willing to risk my life to save your own?

Am I not doing just that? I’m already doing my best! I’ve run with all my might, but I can’t shake our opponent!

Here I thought you’d have some other arcane skills to suppress your injuries and counterattack the enemy, putting an end to this hunting game, but the moment you open your mouth, you ask for a savior?

How can I still have the mood to act out our devoted brotherhood after hearing such inappropriate, tasteless, words? Does your family know that you’re so shameless? How can they be worry-free in allowing someone like you to roam the martial world?

However, no matter how Yun Yang condemned him inwardly, he could never speak these words aloud.

"I know, I'm trying my best." Yun Yang continued to catapult forward. "At most, we brothers will die together!"

Lei Dongtian was touched as he mumbled, "Thank you, Brother Yun, for being so kind to this elder brother. Actually… there’s another way, although it grieves me to say this… you can hide me in… a more secluded place… you go out alone… to distract the enemy… without me as your burden, I believe the enemy can’t do much to you!"

Yun Yang almost cursed out loud.

Do you really take me as an idiot? Do you think speaking flowery words can f*cking cover the fact that you want me to be your scapegoat? You are thinking only of yourself, why don’t you just die? What do you even mean by putting hope on me, this small insignificant ant?

Behind Yun Yang, the expected short-ranged attacks finally lived up to their name. Hundreds of ice daggers caught up to them, surrounding them from every angle, some spinning, flying, picking, hacking, surrounding, flying forward before returning with vehemence.

Venerable Lord Ice’s voice was cold. "Still fleeing? I am curious to see how far you could make it."

Yun Yang’s body tilted forward, his advancing motion bending him to an odd degree; his legs continued to charge forward but his waist had shifted to the left, looking as if his upper and lower body were separated. It was eerie. What was strange was that his head was tilted in the opposite direction.

For an instant, Yun Yang gave the illusion of a broken corpse, barely connected as he sprinted forward. His speed was tremendous though; the hundreds of ice daggers that seemingly had no room for error skimmed right past him – not wounding him at all!

"What a great skill you have there!" Venerable Lord Ice was genuinely impressed. "It's too bad that even with that, you can’t compensate for a true lack of ability!"

The voice indicated that the pursuer had closed another thirty feet of distance.

No matter how remarkable Yun Yang had been in avoiding the ice daggers in addition to maintaining his rapid speed, it was only time before his overall performance would be affected and cause the distance between both parties to diminish again.

Even then, Venerable Lord Ice was slightly surprised at the scene that was unfolding before him. The puny ant lacked much of his cultivation base and was bogged down by carrying an injured person. He had given chase for so long but had yet to catch up. He had executed an unusually dense ice dagger attack but somehow, he could not hinder Yun Yang’s escape… What sort of latent skill did this child possess?

Not only was it remarkable, it was singularly unique in the world!

If it had only been this strange oddity, Venerable Lord Ice would not have been in disbelief, despite his awe. What truly baffled him was the fact that Yun Yang’s mystical Qi had yet to be expended through the chase!

Yun Yang, at most, possessed the cultivation base of the first tier of heaven realm and was even carrying a severely injured man on the brink of death. There was no way he could have maintained his exertions until now.

Still, their distance had shrunken to a hundred feet by now. No matter how adept the other was, he was not destined to escape.

A flash of malice glinted in Yun Yang’s eyes as he suddenly bolted a hundred and seventy feet forward as he doubled his speed, putting another 50 feet of distance between them.


Venerable Lord Ice exclaimed in surprise, assuming that Yun Yang was increasing his speed through life induction and was anticipating to continue this game of predator and prey.

Unexpectedly, Yun Yang halted abruptly and tossed Lei Dongtianonto the snowy ground, sliding him away to safety. He turned around and an ethereal saber light flashed in Venerable Lord Ice's eyes.

"What courage!"

Venerable Lord Ice flicked his wrist and twelve separate ice blades immediately took form.

Yun Yang’s decision to attack instead of continuing to run surprised Venerable Lord Ice, but it only made him happier. How befitting of my mood! Here is one who is lacking cultivation base wishing to fight with me head-on!

The twelve ice blades he brandished were distinctly different from the previous ones. The previous ice blades looked like ordinary flying daggers, but this time, they were twelve large glaives! Each glaive was twelve feet long and formed a glowing screen in the air as they caught Yun Yang’s attacking saber one after another!

Obviously, this was an attempt to end Yun Yang with no room for quarter.

Venerable Lord Ice was confident that these twelve glaives were enough to inflict serious damage on Yun Yang and even kill him! However, he could acutely feel an unprecedentedly dangerous aura in the air. Experience and instinct immediately told him that his life was being threatened!

Venerable Lord Ice had always been one to believe his instincts; he retreated as fast as he could without hesitation to avoid whatever was coming his way.


He was shocked to see the piece of cloth fluttering in front of him. HIs expression twisted in fear while cold sweat drenched his back. That – that was his robe! It had been slit off so neatly that he even felt some chills on his lower abdomen.

The power of the other party’s saber had actually smashed through the twelve glaives without a sound. He did not even see the form and stance before it was right in front of him. The strike was stealthy and shockingly powerful, close to hacking him in half.

With Venerable Lord Ice’s cultivation base, he had been certain that even if he stood stationary, someone as insignificant as Yun Yang would not have been able to hurt him even if he had a divine weapon! He knew now that he was wrong – Yun Yang’s saber actually had the power to turn him into mincemeat.

Containing his shock, Venerable Lord Ice drifted back as a ray of saber light illuminated his hand and an oddly-shaped saber materialized in it.

It was an oddly-shaped saber that had a serrated edge on one side with a full blade on another; it appeared to be transparent. As the saber materialized, a chilling sense of iciness spread in the air.

The moment Venerable Lord Ice held the saber in his hand, three silhouettes appeared and held the same saber in their own shadowy grasps.

He had never taken Yun Yang seriously, but after encountering the strike earlier, his attitude was clearly saying that he was now treating this puny ant as a worthy opponent. Even if the other party’s cultivation base was far from his, the former possessed the ability to kill him.

It was worthy of regard and warranted the need to give his all to finish him off.

The surging murderous aura and pressure engulfed Yun Yang.

Frozen, Yun Yang’s mind was suddenly filled with images of the underworld. It was a sign of how he was being pressured to his limits. However, it was also at this moment that Yun Yang’s eyes were suddenly reddened with blood.

The strength of deific consciousness from his consecutive breakthroughs these past few days connected with Emmie’s space. Meanwhile, the energy of the treasured resources and gems Yun Zuiyue had fed him, dormant in his meridians, was suddenly stimulated as if meeting a harsh challenge!

Yun Yang felt slightly dazed as he entered a mythically mystical realm!

The extreme pressure had finally ignited his potential.

Yun Yang did not understand nor know the state he was currently in. At this point, however, it barely mattered to him. All he knew was that every flick of his blade carried with it a magical might, mysterious and undecipherable!