I Am Supreme

Chapter 350

Chapter 350 - Escape!

Although Lei Dongtian had been severely wounded by the eldest, the extent of his injury was unknown. If he was left with some combat ability – even a little - there was a possibility of escape. If he had managed to flee, a formidable foe like him would mean endless trouble in the future…

Venerable Lord Snow was unprecedentedly vexed. He was about to maneuver his mystical Qi and risk expending his basic energy to unleash Snow Fief in order to annihilate these two wicked Eclipse Panthers. However, Venerable Lord Frost’s cry broke his concentration. "Big brother… eldest… this… it’s poisoned!"

The voice was filled with utter panic.

Venerable Lord Snow's focus faltered, but suddenly, there were sounds of wind coming from both sides. The volume of the wind’s speed was thunderous.

"What is it?"

With a start, Venerable Lord Snow gathered his mystical Qi to protect himself; at the same time, he made a quick spin as Snowflake Edge twirled in the air, surrounding him. He cried aloud, "Ta!"

Both his palms were stretched to the sides in a fierce attack. Two black holes emerged, a striking contrast in the world of snow. Almost at the same time as the black holes appeared, two golden beams flew in from the left and right, coruscating straight into the black holes.

There was a moment of silence before the very air exploded with an ear-shattering boom.

The golden beams collided forcefully with the palm strikes of Venerable Lord Snow. For a moment, the earth quaked and the mountains shook; the massive collision caused the shattered Residence of Yun to bounce up from the ground again, dust and rubble filling the air. It was smoky as far as the eye could see; even the heavily falling snow was concealed by the dust.

Two weak mewls could be heard in the bedlam. Two tiny, white silhouettes that had been attacking from the left and right flew up like broken kites, while in front, another two tiny creatures that were initially stuck used the window to escape and fled without hesitation. It could be clearly seen that the two tiny things that escaped Venerable Lord Snow’s mystical Qi seal caught up with the two tiny ones that had been flung away and grabbed them by their napes before disappearing in a swoosh.

"Four of them?"

"There were four Eclipse Panthers?"

Venerable Lord Snow felt chills running down his spine.

Where did so many Eclipse Panthers come from? Why were there four Eclipse Panthers? According to his knowledge, could there even be four Eclipse Panthers in this world? Was this the Residence of Yun… or a panther’s nest?

He had no time to ponder upon these mysteries as he rushed over to where Venerable Lord Sword lay, dying to know what had happened there.

Venerable Lord Sword’s pained cry and Venerable Lord Frost’s wail of despair had long distracted Venerable Lord Snow. After all, there had been too many accidents tonight. Everything that could have gone wrong had gone wrong.

When Venerable Lord Snow rushed over to have a look, his scalp felt numb as he stood dumbfounded; at a loss as to what to do next. Venerable Lord Sword’s lower half was stained with blood; the exposed lower half was absolutely bloody, and there was no way of saying what had gotten injured. Disturbingly, the blood that oozed out was green in color, and it was slowly coagulating into a thick glue.

The coagulation was not a normal phenomenon. It was a condensation that was akin to the freezing process. Venerable Lord Snow, Frost, and Ice were adept in the ways of ice, and they immediately knew what was happening when they saw it.

"What has happened?" Venerable Lord Snow’s heart lurched in his throat as he asked, anticipating the worst, "How is the eldest? Is it bad?"

"The eldest... he…" Venerable Lord Frost felt helpless. "His lower half has been severely injured… the testicles… one of it got clawed off by the Eclipse Panther and what’s worse is that the claw of the Eclipse Panther was coated with blood coagulation poison…"

Blood coagulation poison!

Venerable Lord Snow felt his mind buzz as a wave of vertigo washed over him. It was such a severe injury! What a vicious tactic!

"The eldest is unconscious now, and his mystical Qi is too scattered to be refocused. Obviously, his physical and mental states are both damaged and it’s difficult for him to recover by himself." Venerable Lord Frost was dismayed. "What should we do?"

For Venerable Lord Snow, there was nothing to consider. The crotch was a man’s bloodline – there was a reason they called it their lifeline. Anything minor involved a man’s pride, while anything major included the completion of the future.

Venerable Lord Sword had always been the more peculiar one, emphasizing this aspect more than ordinary people. To make matters worse, he had maintained his virginity in order to cultivate his swordsmanship.

"Once my swordsmanship is complete and I have soared to the status of divinity, I shall seek a confidant and leave behind my bloodline. There are plenty of ways to be unfilial but to leave no descendants behind is the most severe. Not even a cultivator should forget this!"

Therefore, Venerable Lord Sword was actually a very traditional man to the core. He had also always taken this as his goal to resiliently and arduously work towards. He was only a step away from his breakthrough to the realm of Dao; as long as he entered the realm of Dao, he could obtain the Saber God’s recognition and receive it's complete legacy, before becoming the next generation of the Saber God.

Yet, when he was only a step away from such a crucial moment, he had met such an earth-shattering accident!

It was no wonder even Venerable Lord Sword, with such high cultivation, could not take this blow and was dispirited enough to die. Putting himself in his shoes, Venerable Lord Snow thought he might not be able to sustain such a blow as well. He would probably have handled it worse than Venerable Lord Sword!

"Watch him!" Venerable Lord Snow immediately took action. "I’ll go look for Yun Yang for the antidote!"

Without waiting for Venerable Lord Frost’s reply, Venerable Lord Snow spun in the snow and vanished without a trace.

Venerable Lord Frost picked Venerable Lord Sword up carefully. Upon checking his surroundings, he realized that there was nobody else other than himself. It was silence all around; the soundless atmosphere contributed to Frost's increasing despair.

The Residence of Yun still had a few rooms that had not been destroyed, despite being terribly unsafe. At the very least, they could still block the snow and wind. Other than the antidote, the current Venerable Lord Sword needed a relatively safe shelter and those remaining rooms were the best options available.

Venerable Lord Frost moved into the room, cautiously carrying Venerable Lord Sword and felt a whirlwind of emotions surging through him.

The five Venerable Lord of Four Seasons Tower had dominated the world and had been triumphant for years. Never had they suffered from the loss of a member nor had they sustained any serious injuries; what was more, being wounded all at once!

Now, fifth youngest brother had died without reason in Lei Dongtian’s hands, while the eldest Venerable Lord Sword had been struck with catastrophe and might very well be handicapped for the rest of his life. In addition, the handicap would be an unspeakable one.

The defeat Venerable Lord Frost felt right now threatened to bring him to his knees.

Several moments before everything had turned awry – when Lei Dongtian had fallen after being struck by Mr. Nian - Yun Yang had bolted over to him right away and ran, carrying him off. He moved faster than he had ever moved before, far surpassing his normal speed.

Although Yun Yang hoped with all his might that this fellow dies right off the bat and wished that he had been the one that had released the fatal strike, Lei Dongtian could not die just yet! If he were to die just like that, how was his plan going to go on? Thus, even when Yun Yang knew it was a risk to his own life, he had still charged out to retrieve the stricken man.

Yun Yang saw clearly that Old Mu had been sent crashing down in the same strike by Mr. Nian as well, and his state was much worse than Lei Dongtian’s. The chances of the old man living were next to none. Lei Dongtian had the protection of his treasured garb; even when he had sustained a fair amount of damage and was severely injured, his life was not threatened and Mr. Nian, the greatest threat, had already left.

Yun Yang took action at once. However, it was only when he actually picked up Lei Dongtian that he knew how serious the injuries were. His front ribs were almost all broken, while his internal organs would stop functioning at any time. Not only was he spitting blood, he was sinking in and out of consciousness; he was in an extremely weak state. He could barely even withstand the momentum generated from Yun Yang's desperate grab before speeding off.

To imagine, he was wearing his treasured garb! Mr. Nian’s raw power was unquestionable.

Still, Yun Yang could no longer care about all these petty aspects. Short of revealing his wind manifestation skill, he ran as fast as he could, like an uncoiled spring. If Lei Dongtian managed to survive, that would be his luck and that of Yun Yang. If he could not hold out and died, then it was Yun Yang’s bad luck to have exerted so much effort only to have found a short-lived ghost.

Not only would he have to take on Four Seasons Tower alone, he would also have to face the Lei Family’s revenge…

Venerable Lord Sword gave chase without having Bai Yixue hinder him with his sword while Yun Yang continued running. On the other side, Venerable Lord Snow had been ambushed by both Fang Mofei and Lao Mei in addition to the two Whitey’s opportune attacks.

Yun Yang had no other worries - he only had to flee.

The series of tricks that plagued Venerable Lord Sword was, of course, designed by Yun Yang. His thought was that if it was successful, it would hinder Venerable Lord Sword and make it hard for him to resume the pursuit. Yun Yang did not stay on to watch though, so he had no idea of the two Whiteys’ amazing results. He would never have thought that the collaboration between the two Whiteys was so effective and would deal such severe damage to Venerable Lord Sword – they had basically turned him into a eunuch!

Furthermore, Venerable Lord Frost was forced to stay behind as well, due to this. Now, there was only Venerable Lord Ice who was tailing him! Despite having just one person preying on him, the pressure for Yun Yang to flee was still massive.

Who was Venerable Lord Ice? He was still one of the Four Seasons Tower’s five Venerable Lords and a top-notch expert who had long entered the heaven realm. Disregarding the fact that Yun Yang was weighed down with the huge burden of Lei Dongtian and was moving much slower because of the dead weight, it would still be difficult for him to escape, even if Yun Yang had been alone!

Of course, if Yun Yang used Supreme Wind’s wind manifestation skill to escape with an unreserved speed, he could long be rid of Venerable Lord Ice. After all, Venerable Lord Ice was not well known for his swiftness.

Unfortunately, he could not do so. Lei Dongtian, who was being carried, seemed to be in an unconscious state but he was actually not. His gaze at Yun Yang was brimming with gratitude and intimacy, as well as an indignation that seemed like shame.

Lei Dongtian honestly felt f*cked – he had only managed to be valiant for a minute before he was rendered into a dead piece of meat in a single strike!

"That… who… hit me?" Lei Dongtian asked, almost inaudibly.

Yun Yang made no move to answer and only continued to sprint forward – an ice dagger was already flying their way!