I Am Supreme

Chapter 349

Chapter 349 - A Preposterous Blunder!

Although Bai Yixue’s cultivation base had increased tremendously and was fairly better than Venerable Lord Saber, it was still far from the capabilities of Venerable Lord Sword, who was the strongest among the four Venerable Lords.

Against all odds, his spirited attack had still slowed Venerable Lord Sword’s hot pursuit. It was an honor, despite his defeat, for Bai Yixue to fight head to head with Venerable Lord Sword when he was giving chase. What was more, he had only sustained a certain degree of injuries before blending himself into the snow. Not only did he complete his attacks, he managed to extricate himself from the situation.

Venerable Lord Sword only grew more infuriated with the obstacle course of the battle. As he was about to continue the chase, he suddenly felt a strange buzz of mystical Qi in front of him. With a focused gaze, there seemed to be a snowball the size of a palm floating in the snowstorm and drifting towards him…

"What the hell?"

Venerable Lord Sword looked over doubtfully and sent a gust of sword energy flying in response.

"Meow…" A soft meow came in return.

"A kitten?" Venerable Lord Sword instinctively felt that something was wrong – how could a kitten be floating in the snow-filled air?

Just as he was pondering upon this oddity, the little dot of white that had been mewling in the snow suddenly expanded a hundred-fold. A gigantic, bloody mouth opened up with a roar.

"Eclipse Panther!"

Venerable Lord Sword reeled in horror. After all, there were too many unexpected episodes in this battle. It was unfortunate that he was a heartbeat too slow in reacting. When he realized that the kitten before him was actually an Eclipse Panther, a golden beam had already shot out of the Eclipse Panther’s mouth.

The speed of the golden beam was indescribably and unimaginably fast.


Venerable Lord Sword cried out loud, reflexively maneuvering his sword into a blocking position, and barely managed to defend himself against the golden beam in time. However, the collision resulted in the golden beam being dispersed as scattered daggers all over the sky, making the situation worse! Venerable Lord Sword had nowhere else to hide, grunting and manipulating his mystical Qi to protect his upper body.

Venerable Lord Sword was renowned for his swordsmanship, securing the first position in attacking prowess among the five Venerable Lords. There was no doubt about it, but it was also because he focused so much on his damaging power that his defensive skills were relatively lacking. The change of events that urged him to protect himself with mystical Qi to block the wind daggers was truly the worst countermeasure he could have executed.

Deciding to protect all his fatal points, Venerable Lord Sword concentrated most of his mystical Qi on his nose, eyes, and ears. After all, compared to the lower half, the upper half of the body had more vital points, and the other party would focus more on them too.

Swoosh, swoosh…

After the billowing daggers swooped about, tiny strokes of blood appeared on Venerable Lord Sword. His long hair alongside his eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard were all shaven clean! Despite the disappearance of his hair, the thick sword energy guarding him only allowed external damage to be done; he was not severely hurt.

Just as he felt that he was incredibly fortunate, he sensed the movement in the wind in front. It was a small shadow approaching. Venerable Lord Sword closed his eyes and bellowed, concentrating his sword energy again. He had roughly estimated the damage the Eclipse Panther was capable of. Despite it being a ninth level mystical beast and the one attacking was a super level beast, it was only a cub and would not be able to actually break through the protective energy he had thrown up. As long as Venerable Lord Sword guarded his three upper vital points well, he could ensure his survival. When he could retaliate, he could easily turn the situation over and kill that little cub…

Venerable Lord Saber had planned well; however, when the sword energy was cast again to guard his upper three vital points, he felt a shooting pain in the lower half of his body!


He howled in pain, the sheer volume shattering the falling snowflakes. The howl was filled with despair and agony.

The tiny paws had landed, not on any of his three upper vital points, but right on his crotch! It had even taken something off with it in that single swipe.

Blood gushed out like a fountain.

It was like a thief that had sneaked into someone’s farm and made a mindless grab in the dark to steal something before running off hastily. Venerable Lord Sword quivered, almost fainting from the pain. As he cast his gaze over blearily, he could see two tiny silhouettes turning into two white trails and escaping far away.

Venerable Lord Sword finally understood that it was not just one Eclipse Panther – there were f*cking two of them!

Once the attacking beam of the first panther had been deflected by his sword skill, the panther had still charged over to attract his attention, despite its inability to break the protective barrier. The second attack was initiated by another Eclipse Panther; not only was it a sharp ambush, it had even targeted his lower vital point that he had paid less attention to – scoring it in a single swipe!

What trickery!

How could Venerable Lord Sword have expected that there were two of the rare Eclipse Panther cubs? He had long shifted all of his attention to guard against the one attacking him directly and did not realize nor expect that there would be another Eclipse Panther approaching him soundlessly and executing such a vicious attack.

It was such a simple decoy but it had worked, even against an experienced practitioner like him… Who would have expected an Eclipse Panther to be this cunning? This was obviously a feint!

Venerable Lord Sword shouted in rage, no longer caring if he could still chase after his enemy. He landed with a thump, trembling and covering the part where it was bleeding between his crotch, feeling his whole body shaking. The pain exceeded any form of torture in this world – it was the extreme agony for a man, unable to be described in words!

He looked defeated for a moment, hunching his back and persevering for a while before he staggered and fell to the ground, no longer able to hold out. He knew that this was not exactly fatal; as long as he rested well, his cultivation base would not even be affected. In spite of this, he just felt hopeless. That certain something which was so forcefully torn and left behind; he did not even know if it could be used effectively, or even be used at all!

This was the question Venerable Lord Sword was the most concerned about.

Any other parts damaged could be reborn in reconstruction as long as his mystical Qi cultivation base reached its peak, but it was this part and the head that was the exception! It was the truth that the two heads were the most important. Venerable Lord Sword had thought it was two heads as well but he only understood today that it should be four heads.

Venerable Lord Frost rushed over speedily. Initially, he had already overtaken Venerable Lord Sword from the other side, but the sudden circumstances that the latter faced shocked him enough to forego pursuing Yun Yang. He returned immediately to check on his eldest brother.

"Big brother, how are you?"

"I… I…" Venerable Lord Sword looked utterly bitter. "My bottom… one of it is gone!"

His words were not clear at all, but as long as one was a man, one could easily understand his explanation. Venerable Lord Frost was stunned for a moment before inexplicably feeling a chill on his crotch too. He sucked in a cold breath. "This… This – this – uh… Let me see."

Venerable Lord Sword was already having a spasm, his gaze growing unfocused as he began to lose his senses. His injury was nothing light, but it was also far from being fatal. The most significant feeling was still the inexplicable fear that came from the bottom of his heart!

Venerable Lord Frost couldn't care less about taboos and decorum; they were both men and brothers. There was simply nothing to shy away from. He undid Venerable Lord Sword’s pants at once to look…

"F*ck!" Venerable Lord Frost cried out in empathic fear. "This… really, one is missing… the blood… what’s going on? I… sh*t… it’s poisoned!"

Venerable Lord Sword growled lowly, "Oh, the rage!"

He then fainted away.

Venerable Lord Snow was also ambushed in his pursuit.

The culprits responsible were none other than Lao Mei and Fang Mofei. Despite their considerable improvement and devoted attacks, they were nothing more than an itch to Venerable Lord Snow. With two palm strikes, the two old men were sent flying.

Just as Venerable Lord Snow was about to kill both Fang Mofei and Lao Mei in one fatal strike, two balls of light came in unannounced, causing Venerable Lord Snow’s fatal attack to miss its intended target.

There was no doubt that it was another two Eclipse Panthers that were assisting in the battle. Their bodies blinked in the snow with absolute agility.

Although Venerable Lord Snow was used to fighting in the snow as well and was nimble and light – his cultivation base could totally squash the two tiny creatures’ power - it was still unfeasible to deal heavy damage to the two Eclipse Panthers in such a short amount of time.

The two targets were too tiny and their speed was overly agile. Because of these factors, it would definitely drag the battle out.

"Where did these many Eclipse Panthers come from?" Venerable Lord Snow was bewildered.

He was battling here, naturally oblivious to what had happened to Venerable Lord Sword, and was only focusing on tackling these two creatures. Venerable Lord Snow’s mystical Qi cultivation base was already at the level of invincibility, but the teeth and sharp claws of the Eclipse Panthers were no ordinary weapons. Any claw could cause severe damage!

Venerable Lord Sword was living proof of that. No matter how high and mighty their cultivation bases were, the physical flesh of a person could barely sustain the attack from a claw of a high-level mystical beast!

Of course, the two Eclipse Panthers fighting Venerable Lord Snow were in extreme danger themselves, roaming the delicate area between life and death. Even if they wanted to escape, Venerable Lord Snow’s mystical Qi was widespread, almost merging with the snow – there was simply no way they could flee.

Fang Mofei and Lao Mei didn't hesitate, fleeing in two different directions as fast as they could and were no longer traceable. Obviously, their mission was only to hinder the speed of their pursuer. They did not long for the battle, leaving right away once they had launched their attacks.

Venerable Lord Snow was fuming as he fought. The two Eclipse Panthers were nothing to him; if they were struck with one solid strike, one palm of his could already make two meat pies out of them. However, they better than to fight him head-on, and remained stealthy and ungraspable. Venerable Lord Snow could not deal a fatal blow. A sustained battle was one that gave him the most headache.

Seeing that Yun Yang had already vanished, and only Venerable Lord Ice alone from their side had managed to give chase, it was evident that the battle might not end well.