I Am Supreme

Chapter 348

Chapter 348 - The Earth-Shattering Mr. Nian!

With the Four Seasons Tower’s grand entourage and ambition for full victory, the thought that they would falter had never crossed the Four Venerable Lords' minds. To make matters worse, they were being crushed and were moving towards a dangerous line that would see their annihilation the moment they crossed it.

The Four Venerable Lords felt like bawling but had no tears to spare.

The Four Seasons Tower had deployed over a hundred experts, but these four men had been impatient in leaving the team behind to rush forth and attack, without thinking of the consequences.

What greeted them, in the end, was a harsh wake-up call.

Despite Old Mu and Lei Dongtian’s cultivation base being above them, the lords would still have an advantage in terms of combined combat power due to their numbers. If they had unleashed their fiefs once they came and used their all in combat, they would not have landed themselves in such a state, even if they could not secure a victory.

That being said, who would play the ace right away in a game?

The Four Venerable Lords’ fiefs would be considered straight flushes, if not aces. If the straight flushes were to be played, it could still change the tide of warfare significantly!

It was too bad that there were no ifs. Lei Dongtian had used his extreme tactics and cast Seven Emotions Praxis wisely, leading the situation towards their benefit. This was as if he had set fire to the table when the Four Venerable Lords were still playing with each other once the cards were dealt.

They had been dealt a blow which bewildered their senses!

It was only a sliver of difference in the thinking process that had caused this current state.

The more Lei Dongtian and Old My fought, the more confident they grew and the harsher they were. In spite of this, the rage within them did not diminish in the slightest but was burning brighter instead.


Venerable Lord Sword flew back, a big footprint added to his chest. He was spitting blood but he was also still gasping in laughter. "Hahaha… Careful... hahahaha…"


Venerable Lord Snow was flung away too, following in the footsteps of Venerable Lord Sword. He was not kicked, instead, he was punched thrice. Each punch hit a weak spot and as he spluttered blood, he was hopelessly preparing to die.

"Oh no, oh no, we really can’t fight them. They have endless tricks up their sleeves, and the tens of billions of fiancées…"


Pow! Pow! Pow!

Lei Dongtian felt like he was punching a sandbag, his attack speed incredibly fast while he exuded triumph all over. "Are these the pinnacle experts of the Four Seasons Tower? Your physiques are truly great; pinnacle human sandbags!"

An awesome punch landed on Venerable Lord Ice, who was sent flying with desperation in his eyes.

His kick landed – Venerable Lord Frost flew out laughing, managing to insert a pained cry between his chortles.

Lei Dongtian was unstoppable; in that moment, he was unrivaled. Chortling heartily, he reveled in the feelings of superiority.

It was at this time that the snow in the sky shook inexplicably, like the soft ripples that folded when the ocean was calm like a mirror.

A beam of golden light flashed in the sky.

A large hand appeared out of the blue like it was an image amidst the snow and wind. A man enveloped in a black robe emerged in front of Lei Dongtian. He carried the aura of a ghost; his face was blurry but his eyes were gleaming with a cold, sharp, color.

Too fast for the eye to see, a palm swung upward in a devastating attack.

Lei Dongtian was relishing the beating up of his enemy and the thrill of dictating the situation; his guard was down and he was unable to avoid the sudden provocation. He had just caught a glimpse of the apparition before he felt the thump on his chest, a sinking feeling of a mountain being thrown onto him. Only then did he feel the pain.

His vision went pitch black for a moment, dots swimming in it before he could feel himself being flung away bodily.

The palm strike of the person that had appeared abruptly had long landed on his chest. Lei Dongtian did not even see how his opponent had broken through his defenses.

It was only some distance away did Lei Dongtian feel his internal organs disintegrating and his body split in two. He was also aware that blood was leaking from the corners of his mouth.

"This is the end of my life." Lei Dongtian felt a sense of hopelessness wash over him, followed by a numbing shock – who was that person?

He had his treasured garb to thank for deflecting away more than a sixth of the attacker’s power, or else the strike would have cost him his life!

The black-robed silhouette took a step in the air, and in that single step, crossed a hundred and seventy feet of distance, like the falling arc of a meteor. His palm came down with the force of a gigantic mountain ax, hacking towards Old Mu.

As his hand swung through the air, the space around him developed into a vacuum. Whoever was located within the area felt a sense of suffocation.

Seeing Lei Dongtian being flung away with a palm strike, Old Mu was petrified. How could he not know that the newcomer was extremely formidable, certainly stronger than himself? However, the man in black was already approaching him and a strike was impending. No matter how hopeless he was about the situation, the other party had secured him as his target and sealed all escape routes. Old Mu could only muster all his strength and deliver a lifetime's worth of cultivation base with a quick cry, stabilizing himself to take the strike bodily.



A low grunt and Old Mu tumbled across the ground. He rolled off, spitting out blood and pieces of his internal organs. He had been flung a hundred feet away in the snow, the color draining from his face.

It was only the force of the single strike, but it could cripple an expert of Old Mu 's level and rid him of any countering strength! The meeting had barely started.

With a soft thud, Old Mu dropped onto the ground. He twitched before losing consciousness. Blood oozed from his mouth continuously. After several spasms, there was no longer any movement; his state of life and death was unknown.

The moment the man in black had appeared, he had defeated Lei Dongtian before dealing a mighty blow to Old Mu with a strike against each of them. The strength of his capability was unimaginable. However, it was his next move that was the most terrifying of all.

With a twirl of his hands, the man in black held four balls of white light and hollered, "Endless Heaven and Earth, be one with the myriad! Go!"

The four balls of light arced away like strikes of lightning, glowing dazzlingly as they flew across the sky, only to land on the Four Venerable Lords’ fatal forehead points.

However, the balls of light landing on the lethal points were not to kill, but to revive!

As the mythical balls of light touched their bodies, a refined spiritual energy gushed into the mind of the four Venerable Lords. At once, it was like ice-cold water being poured upon them. They shuddered before recovering right minds.

Upon recovery, they felt like they had woken up from a long dream and regained new lives as they opened their eyes. "What’s… what’s going on?"

The man in black who was still hovering in the air scoffed coldly, "Arrogant and embarrassing! Quickly clean this place up!"

Before his words finished echoing, he spun about and soared into the sky, pulling a ray of golden light with him before vanishing without a trace. It was as if his step had taken him into the void and across it.

Since the man in black had appeared, Yun Yang could only feel like his blood was frozen solid; he could not move.

Mr. Nian! It had to be Mr. Nian!

This was the biggest culprit behind the tragedy of the Nine Supremes and the mastermind of the Four Seasons Tower – Mr. Nian! Only this legendary Four Seasons Tower’s boss could form such an earth-shattering force the moment he struck!

Lei Dongtian and Old Mu were not weaklings. Even when they had faced the four Venerable Lords, they secured the upper hand. Such prowess meant they could be listed within the top ten or even top five of the Tianxuan Continent’s peak powers! Yet, they were blown away like so much chaff in the wind when facing this stealthy Mr. Nian – a single strike was all it took!

He had then left without any preamble.

No wonder Mr. Nian had left in such a carefree manner. Other than Lei Dongtian and Old Mu, the rest of them, including Yun Yang, were only tiny ants. There was no need for someone of Mr. Nian’s level to intervene; the four Venerable Lords could easily finish the game.

The Four Venerable Lords who regained their clarity growled in anger simultaneously. They were peak forces, long renowned in Tianxuan Continent and even had the advantage of outnumbering their opponent in this battle. That being said, they had fallen into the enemy’s trick unknowingly and had come close to defeat – one of death without clarity. It was a great humiliation that they could not erase in this lifetime.

"Bathe the Residence of Yun in blood! Leave nothing alive!"

The wind blew.

When the four Venerable Lords looked down, Yun Yang was long gone from where he had originally stood. In the snow, far away, a purple-clothed silhouette was fleeing in a frenzy, carrying someone in his arms.

Venerable Lord Sword snorted. A jerk of his sword emanated a bellow like a dragon’s cry as he gave chase.

"Yun Yang, where are you going?"

Venerable Lord Frost stayed put. With a stretch of his palms, everything within the Residence of Heavenly Clouds instantly collapsed into ruins with a loud cloud of dust billowing out to mingle with the snow.

A chilling ray then flashed out.

Severely injured and unconscious, with one last breath left in him, Old Mu, who laid on the ground could not even cry out before his head was separated from his body. A vaunted and mighty warrior of his time, he died horribly, without reason, in the snow. He did not even know who had murdered him while he stood on the brink of death.

"Venerable Lord Sword, go through me first if you want to claim further lives!"

A silhouette charged into the sky diagonally like a firework released; the sword light flashed threateningly and blocked the way of Venerable Lord Sword.

It was Bai Yixue.

Bai Yixue was clad in unsophisticated black clothes and wore a revolting face. How could Venerable Lord Sword recognize him? Assuming that he was only an expert without a name, Sword bellowed, "How dare a mantis try to stop a chariot! You must be seeking a swift death!"

Clang, clang, clang!

Two swords collided hundreds of thousands of times in the blink of an eye.

With a crisp sound of bones breaking, Bai Yixue grunted softly as blood shot out from him in several spots, and he fell downwards.