I Am Supreme

Chapter 178

Those who qualified to become notable generals of his country were not of common stock.

Yun Yang thought to himself; the oldest men around him were already wearing snow-white beards, yet their thoughts were much more astute and far-sighted than cunning, thousand-year-old foxes.

"The hour is late. Everyone has come a long way and have had many drinks; I suppose all of you must be exhausted. We shall rest for the night. If you all wish to eat, the Tower To Heaven Inn offers a great selection. They can prepare whatever it is that you’d like to have. As long as you have silver taels and can pay for the meal, there isn't anything this place can't cook up for you."

Bringing so many people to lodge at the Tower To Heaven Inn meant that Yun Yang was prepared to flee. "I still need to deal with the wine reservation; it’s so famous now, I’ll have to quickly place my order. Of course, I won't forget about the brothels and gambling dens – I’ll have to make a reservation too in case the owners aren’t willing to take you all in… I'm fated to work throughout the day! I shall take my leave now."

Yun Yang smiled warmly as he slipped away, ignoring the generals’ pleas for him to stay.

if I were to stay, I would be obliged to buy your dinner and wine. Do I look like a fathead to all of you?

The day that I will treat everyone here is the day I get to poison all the dishes.

Yun Yang surreptitiously slipped out the door.

Without having to receive further instructions, several representatives from each country vanished, disappearing without a trace, like ghosts.

A short while later, these people reappeared in the crowd once again.

Han Sanhe looked at the man beside him who had returned without giving anything away, his gaze full of questions.

The person shook his head with a peculiar expression on his face.

Han Sanhe frowned as a voice spoke softly in his ear, "That child disappeared around the corner. There were so many of us and so many pairs of eyes but no one realized how he disappeared, and no one knows where he went to either."

"There wasn’t even the slightest hint of his breath in the air. This is extremely peculiar."

The expert who had given chase was utterly bewildered by Yun Yang’s disappearance.

He was a Tenth Perfection expert, a grandmaster if he wished to be called so; it was an easy feat to stalk a fifth peak vermin yet he had managed to lose him.

It was amazingly embarrassing to return with such news.

The other generals from other countries had received the same replies; some of them hissed in anger while the others wore grim looks.

"Tiantang City is filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers." Han Sanhe sighed softly and said, "Forget it, we still have time. He still has to bring us around for another ten days of so… we’re not in a hurry. The time will come when we can manage to figure this fellow out."

How had Yun Yang disappeared the moment he stepped out of the door and around the corner?

It was simple. Yun Yang had turned into a breeze of air, executing his wind cultivation skill, making it seem as if he had vanished.

Do you wish to follow me?

Brothers, surely you jest?

"How many pots did you say you wanted?" Young Master Ma’s heart was about to burst out of his chest.

"Two hundred thousand pots." Yun Yang crossed his legs casually.

"So many?" Young Master Ma’s eyes were wide. "We’ve just completed Marshal Tie’s order by working extra hours and installing additional operations. Excluding the workers, just the supervisors were already worn out enough. Two hundred thousand pots may not be a big sum but we might not be able to deliver the goods within such a short amount of time."

"Understood. As long as you can send the first batch within three months, it will be alright."

Yun Yang continued reservedly, "Also, you won’t suffer any losses from the order this time; just give me a reasonable price, let me know how much a pot would cost me."

Young Master Ma hesitated upon hearing his words. The previous promotion of two hundred silver taels for a pot of wine had ended. Even so, he and his father had been generous and had added forty thousand pots to the total.

The transaction had cost them a loss of ten million silver taels, a great wound indeed.

"Brother Yun, why don't you give me a number and I’ll consider it? If the price is good, I won’t argue." Young Master Ma had learned his lesson as well; if he were to give a low price and have Yun Yang press the price down further, he would not be able to afford it.

"I said I won’t allow you to suffer loss, and it shall be so." Yun Yang said, "What about five hundred silver taels a pot this time?"

"Five hundred taels a pot?" Young Master Ma almost jumped with joy.

He had thought that he was going to have to toil without a return again this time; that, or he would have to dump another lump of fortune in. However, five hundred silver taels for a pot of wine meant that there would be about a hundred and fifty silver taels of net profit for each pot. Even when the transportation fee to the countries was deducted, even if he took another fifty silver taels off each pot, one pot could still make him no less than a hundred silver taels of profit.

For an order of two hundred thousand pots of wine, there would be a total profit of twenty million silver taels. This order would allow him to regain the ten million taels he had previously lost, and then some. If everything went smoothly and unnecessary costs were cut, it would not be impossible to make a sweep of twenty million taels!

"Are you sure?" Young Master Ma’s breath quickened, hardly able to believe his own ears.

"Why would I lie?"

Yun Yang rolled his eyes. "I told you before that I would make you another profitable deal. Now that your chance at a windfall is here, don’t doubt it. Two hundred thousand pots of wine are only the first batch. When the Blood of the Hero’s reputation as the militant’s wine is well established, what is two hundred thousand pots? Young Ma, you have to be far-sighted. I said that your brewery is the top brewery in Yutang, did you think I was making light of it?"

"Thank you, Brother Yun!" Young Master Ma bowed respectfully. "Only now do I know that Young Master Yun is awarding us a windfall… I can see why my father made such a decision then."

"What decision?" Yun Yang asked curiously.

"Father says that as long as the reputation of this militant’s wine is well established, a tenth from any sales after this will be given to Brother Yun as a bonus." Young Master Ma’s face was glowing.

"I beg your pardon?" Yun Yang was really surprised this time round.

Did he have a talent for business? He was already making a huge profit from being a racketeer on one side, he actually got to enjoy a bonus from this side as well?

That would mean that he was earning from both sides without any cost to himself.

This deal was worth it indeed; he had come empty-handed but had left with a jackpot.

"This won’t be right…" Yun Yang chuckled and rubbed his hands. "I wonder when I will be able to enjoy my earnings."

Young Master Ma had wondered how abashed this guy would be and was ready to persuade him into accepting the bonus. Who knew that Yun Yang was not the slightest bit embarrassed and had only spoken words of courtesy before asking for the money.

This person was truly forward.

Such an unusual person!

He did not even bother to put up a token show of resistance to the idea.

Both men conversed happily, calculating how much they could ultimately earn from this deal.

Young Master Ma thought, "I am so happy! Too happy, really. My previous losses will all be covered. I think we can earn another twenty million taels too… Earning two hundred million silver taels in half a year – how gratifying! This was like pennies falling from heaven… And it’s only the first order, the rest will come continuously. Our objective is to earn the reputation for Yutang’s top brewery! We’re getting rich! Rich!"

Yun Yang was also thinking, "I’m so happy! Too happy, really. I was still worrying that I have no money and this bonanza has sent itself to me. I’ll be earning a thousand silver taels from a pot of wine; two hundred thousand pots means I can earn… two hundred million? Oh my god… in addition to Ma Family’s bonus!"

"Without investing even a single copper coin, a deal that calls for no cost – I’ve gained two hundred million taels just like that? Not only is this gaining thousands without cost, it’s gaining millions! I’m rich! Rich!"

"Actually, I’m not that greedy either. Things like this doesn’t have to happen often, three to five times each year would be good [email protected]"

Young Master Ma left with a good disposition, he had wanted to buy Yun Yang a drink from the absolute delight but Yun Yang had refused promptly.

What a joke, the old brother is now making millions in minutes. Drinking with a popinjay like you? Not only will it lower my status, it’ll hold up my chances of making money!

The Towering Wind Pavilion.

Yun Yang who was under the disguise of the Towering Wind Pavilion Master stood with his arms behind his back.

Shui Wuyin, shouldn't you appear right about now?

I’ve been looking all over for you and I know that you’ve similarly been looking for me!

I can’t find you but you won’t be able to find me either.

I’ve brought myself to stand right under your nose now.

Are you coming or not?

Yun Yang, as the Towering Wind Pavilion Master, stood before the doors for a while, as if he was enjoying the view. Then, with a wave of his arm, a mystical blew the closed doors open, and he proceeded to enter.

He had not met anyone along his way; his steps echoed through the empty space. Yun Yang came all the way to the top floor. There was a chair there – it was where the Towering Wind Pavilion Master usually rested.

He had checked numerous times over the years. The Towering Wind Pavilion Master would sit here and look at the landscape whenever he had time to spare.

Yun Yang sat there and allowed his gaze to wander accordingly. It was then that he realized that there was an unusual gap in this building; following the gap, what greeted his eyes was where the Residence of Nine Supremes lay.

Yun Yang sat still then, staring at the faraway Residence of Nine Supremes. He felt a surge of emotions run wild within him.

His gaze lingered as he waited.

He did not plan to wait for long; he had only given himself until the clock struck one.

The time given to Shui Wuyin was at one am in the night.

If Shui Wuyin was still not here by then, Yun Yang would leave without hesitation and would not appear in the Towering Wind Pavilion anymore.

This was a test – a test that Yun Yang had given Shui Wuyin.

He believed that Shui Wuyin had now confirmed that he was not eighth brother, Supreme Wind, meaning that he was not the real Towering Wind Pavilion Master.

In other words, he was in disguise, an impersonator posing as the real Towering Wind Pavilion Master.

If Shui Wuyin were to come, he would face a grave danger.

Yet it would mean that this person was loyal to Yun Yang’s eighth brother. Since eighth brother had trusted this man so much, he could trust him as well.

If Shui Wuyin did not come, it would mean that he did not dare to.

No matter how loyal he had been, Yun Yang did not need someone who was afraid of death.

If he appeared, it meant that he would qualify to be one of his men; a no-show would signal the end of their encounter.

I will not care about nor trust you from then on; the Towering Wind Pavilion will never return to its former glory!