I Am Supreme

Chapter 176

Yun Yang thought to himself, "No grudge against me? Speaking of this hurts my teeth."

"The animosity between us is immense!"

" I would love to take all you old things to the underworld! Anticipating a tour of Tiantang City are you? This young lord will take ‘great’ care of you all!"

It was a quick job to filter out those who were entering the palace among the five empires; each empire had fifty slots while the rest would stay outside of the city.

Han Sanhe’s party included the three generals Zhan Ge, Gao Han, and Mu Wuyun, which was no surprise. What did surprise Yun Yang was the inclusion of an unknown young man.

This young man was dark-skinned and short, reaching only to Yun Yang’s chin even if he stood up straight. He was skinny and wore a large black robe, looking like he was floating when he walked; his overall ensemble was odd indeed.

This man’s eyes were deep, like the coldest, darkest pits of water. Yun Yang felt utterly exposed when those eyes fell on him.

This person had been at Han Sanhe’s side all along; he spoke no words, only following the marshal around like a shadow.

What Yun Yang had noticed was that Zhan Ge and gang rarely talked to this person; their occasional exchanges were short and wary.

Yun Yang scratched his head, trying to form an internal assessment – it looked like this fellow was the real deal!

Those who had been selected by the other foreign old marshals were basically the same; they all had their own unique merits. Looking over, Yun Yang could already see a few fellows who were intentionally concealed.

Although these people had disguised themselves well, they could not fool a man with Yun Yang’s identity – and his absolutely astute sight. As long as he paid attention, there were not many in this world who could deceive him.

"It’s best for everyone to first search for an inn and stay together." Yun Yang suggested. "We can then maintain uniformity when we go out on tour. As long as you all go according to my arrangements, there’s nothing to be worried about. You folks have really found the correct person to bring you around. There is nowhere fun in Tiantang City that I, Yun Yang, do not know of or am unfamiliar with."

"If I may suggest, everyone can stay at the largest inn in the city, the Tower To Heaven Inn! It has a strategic location and a great environment; its services and food are among the best of the best. I’ll send someone to chase all the other guests away later…"

Yun Yang looked excited. "This young master has an adequate reason this time, so let’s see who dares not to make way! It’s been so long since I felt so empowered, especially to Tower To Heaven Inn, the top inn in Yutang. I must enjoy this thoroughly…"

The old marshals watched Yun Yang’s demeanor, shocked and speechless.

They then shifted their gaze to Han Sanhe. "Dear Old Han, you have made such efforts only to find such a ridiculous person as our tour guide. What does this mean? Is this alright?"

"Four countries, two thousand generals, and one big group of experts…" Yun Yang beamed happily. "Let us help each other out. I shall book the entire place, no matter where we go, don’t worry! A few famous brothels in Tiantang City had beef with me in the past; let us visit them one by one this time, I can assure all of you that you're bound to have incredible fun…"

Han Sanhe was growing increasingly exasperated.

You’re bringing so many notable generals from various countries to visit brothels and sleep with the ladies?

The two hundred men from four nations concentrated their gazes on Yun Yang in unison, looking at him like they were looking upon an immortal.

What a f*cking talent!

What a great talent!

The old marshals, on the other hand, were furious and incensed enough to begin brawling.

There were also a few dozen generals who were looking at each other. After exchanging glances, they walked over and tapped Yun Yang’s shoulder while wearing a meaningful look – their intentions were all contained in their silent actions.

Obviously, they had felt that they had met friends of similar interests.

A few bearded men came over to ask in a low voice, "Are there any good casinos?"


Yun Yang patted his chest in assurance. "Of course! Great casinos are abundant! As long as no one is a sore loser, our casinos in Tiantang City are guaranteed to have everyone feel at home and allows everyone to take home their winnings!"

The bearded ones beamed like flowers blooming when they heard him, patting Yun Yang’s shoulders and saying repeatedly, "Good brother, great, great!"

Facing such a chaotic scene, even Han Sanhe who was so experienced and stern, felt an oncoming headache.

This bastard had only spoken a few words before he actually pulled a big portion of these great generals down the drain of depravity with him…

"Old Marshal Han is the best at judging people – you have truly found the right person in seeking me to be your tour guide! Who from the military or the civil side would dare to challenge me in this aspect? I am that confident!"

Yun Yang patted his chest again, speaking passionately, "For those who want to listen to music and feel good, our Tiantang City has the best brothels! For those who want to gamble their money and buy excitement, our Tiantang City has the best casinos! Those who want to drink, we have Blood of the Hero! Authenticity is absolute once Blood of the Hero is served; if there is any difference from what you’ve drunk today, you can tarnish my reputation as you wish!"

Hearing the words ‘Blood of the Hero’, the eyes of the generals who had been indifferent began to shine brightly as well.

There was someone who asked doubtfully, "Isn’t this Blood of the Hero an exclusive wine that only belongs to General Tie? Are you able to get hold of it?"

All the foreign generals had wanted to bring more Blood of Hero back if they could; even if they had to spend a fortune to buy it, even if they had to bid for it with a high price tag, they were absolutely willing.

After all, the reputation of ‘wine that only belongs to the world’s militants’ was such a delight to the heart.

Even if the price was higher than the norm, they still wanted to bring a batch of it home.

There were countless soldiers waiting longingly in the military bases under them, all of them thirsting for a taste of the militants’ wine!

Although the amount of the Blood of the Hero Tie Zheng had promised to give each foreign troop to bring home was not a small amount, it was still far from sufficient.

Yet this wine posed no difficulty to Yun Yang at all.

It might not be easy for Tie Zheng to get more of this wine since the price tag that sat there was genuine; even with all his savings, how much could a pauper like Tie Zheng buy? How many militants could get a taste of the wine?

However, for Yun Yang, it was only a matter of words!

"Don’t worry. Although Blood of the Hero is precious, this young brother can still get his hands on as much as he wishes to, whenever he wants to! However, everyone here knows that this is a great wine, it doesn’t come cheap."

Yun Yang then pounded his chest and said, "This young brother of a nobleman is not immensely wealthy but I still have some fortune left for me. This young brother will give everyone a pot when you generals are leaving. Who would have known that I'd take a liking to militants!"

A pot for everyone…

The dozens of generals who had been hankering for the wine drew loud gasps simultaneously. What could a single pot do? How could you think you're being generous when a single pot wouldn't be enough even for ourselves?

If it were ten thousand pots per person, now, that would be something else altogether.

It was just a pot for each person, yet the proclamation seemed to indicate that it was something significant.

"Why are all of you looking at me like that?"

Yun Yang's happy grin slipped as he began to feel rather put out. "A pot of the Blood of the Hero for each one of you means that I have to spend one thousand and five hundred silver taels! Count that yourself, how many people do you have here? That’s a grand total of two hundred men! F*ck it, just look at you! I am certain that you all are thinking that I am a terrible miser. Forget it, since it pleases no one, I’m not giving anything, not even a pot."

"The Blood of the Hero costs one thousand and five hundred silver taels a pot?" A bearded general exclaimed in shock, "Didn’t Tie Zheng say it was thirty taels a pot?"

The rest of the generals looked at Yun Yang with suspicion, thinking of how dishonest this child was to have inflated the price by fifty-fold.

Selling us a pot of wine that costs thirty taels for one thousand and five hundred taels? It was not even inflation anymore, it was pure extortion!

Yun Yang snorted, "Thirty taels? It costs thirty taels a pot just because Tie Zheng said so? You’ve all drunk the wine, twenty catties to a pot. Speak truthfully, does the wine taste like it would cost a silver tael for a catty?"

As generals, there were not many among them who did not like wine. Listening to his words, they shook their heads as understanding dawned upon them.

All of them had been drinking for so many years. Although they were not absolutely familiar with the grades of wine, they still knew well enough about quality. The Blood of the Hero would cost at least forty taels and above for a catty and that was excluding the packaging and marketing; it was a complete joke to think it cost a silver tael a catty!

"The Blood of Hero used to serve everyone has been supplied to the military, disregarding the loss in business by Yutang’s top-tier brewery for this grand event. Now that the occasion is over, you actually want to buy it at thirty silver taels? Has the wine addled your brains? Which brewery would still do so for a normal day? Not to mince words, that brewery has almost gone bankrupt for this event; if they still sell the wine at this price, wouldn't you think that the owner is incredibly stupid?"

Yun Yang gave them a glance and said, "Yutang’s military will definitely have a stricter control over the wine after this occasion today, in addition to purchasing it in bulk. In other words, forget about buying the wine at a normal price; even if you bid a high price, would you even be allowed to purchase it? I’ll also let you all in on this – even if you have raised your price to ten thousand silver taels a catty, you all still wouldn't be able to get your hands on it! Do you foreign generals feel your own greatness surpasses ours? Are you doubting me? Hmph! That is what I term as taking kindness for granted… Pft!"

Yun Yang scoffed and continued angrily, "Forget it, I'm not giving anything. Forget I said anything. Buy the wine yourself if you can, let us see which one of you can be capable enough to buy Blood of the Hero from Yutang’s top brewery. This is a terribly dull conversation. Let me bring you folks to the brothels and casinos… But allow me to be frank, spend your own money. As the saying goes, you can buy someone a meal or a drink but never buy someone a prostitute. You can rape but you can’t force a gamble… In any case, I won’t be treating all of you to these two things."

The foreign generals felt insulted by his statements – this child's words were f*cking painful to the ears.

After talking for so long, he wanted everyone to pay for themselves? What a miser!

Yet why did this child speak like he belonged to the military?

"Young Master Yun, have you served in the military before?" One of the men asked curiously.

"Does it look like I have?" Yun Yang rolled his eyes in irritation.


"Then why are you asking? Are you sick? I guess being put in your place isn't enough for you!"