Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Compulsory Mission

Although it turned out to be a blessing in disguise in the end, but there were also countless dangers involved. If not for his large copper bell, lightning spell and 5 element pure essence, with just any of these factors missing, only death would await Little Fatty. Even though Little Fatty survived, but the feeling of being trapped underwater by the Blood Ravens was also very unpleasant. Especially since he knew that all of this was because he was being sold out by this brat. That made Little Fatty even more frustrated.

“Boss, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand?” The salesman trembled as he quibbled.

“Nonsense! You of all people know it clearly in your heart!” Little Fatty scolded in frustration.

Their arguments very quickly alerted the surrounding passer-bys. The moment they saw the commotion, they immediately surrounded them. The boss of the shop also quickly noticed the situation outside and hurriedly rushed out. He first sent the salesman away, then personally paid his respects to Little Fatty and said, “Haha, so it is this taoist bro. May I know what is wrong? Did the salesman offend you?”

“Not only did he offend me, he made me very miserable!” Little Fatty gnashed his teeth and said.

“Wo~” The boss knew that something was wrong right away. Although he did not know what happened exactly, but he could guess that was nothing good for sure. For such matters, it could obviously not be discussed in public. If anything goes wrong, the reputation of their shop would end up getting tarnished.

As such, the boss hurriedly said in a polite tone, “This taoist brother, this is not a place to talk. Why not we talk in the inner courtyard?”

“Alright, let us have a good talk. I do not expect anything, I only want an explanation!” Saying that, Little Fatty followed the boss into the inner courtyard. Seeing that there was no longer anything to see, the crowd slowly dispersed.

In the inner courtyard, they both seated down in the respective host and guest seats. The boss then brewed a pot of tea and smiled apologetically and said, “Taoist brother, first drink some tea and cool down. If we are wrong in any way, I will definitely give you a proper explanation!”

“Good, boss you are a straightforward person. Let us reason things!” Little Fatty did not drink any tea but he interrogated, “Can I ask, the fact that I bought medicine at your shop, is that considered a private affair?”


“Of course it is! According to the rules, we have an absolute need to protect your privacy!” The boss straightforwardly replied.

“Ha!” After Little Fatty heard that, he gave a cold grin and said, “You said it so easily, but you don’t seem to have any intention to follow it?”

“Eh?” Hearing this, the boss quickly maintained his composure and said, “What do you mean, taoist brother?”


“What I mean is~” Little Fatty laughed coldly and said, “Your shop publicised what I bought, how much I spent.”

“How is this possible?” The boss’s face instantly changed and hurriedly said, “Taoist brother, please don’t maglin us. We would definitely not do such a thing. Offending a big customer such as you does us no good at all. Plus, by publicising such a thing, isn’t that as good as besmirching our own reputation? Who would dare to buy anything from us in future?”

One has to know, a cultivator places great importance in the elixirs required for cultivation and would not easily allow others to know what one eats during cultivation. One was due to the worry for revealing secrets of one’s cultivation secret. Another, was being afraid that the elixir he ate was too pathetic, and get laughed at by others. Thus, if one knows that this shop could not keep any secrets, it would definitely affect the business of the shop greatly.

   As the saying goes: ‘Good things don’t leave the house, but bad things spread over a thousand miles’. As long as Little Fatty proclaimed to the outside that he was a victim, rumours would definitely spread through Firmament City very quickly. The days of the shop would definitely reach its end very quickly. As such, the boss was naturally very worried.

“Hmph, you still have the cheek to say!” Little Fatty roared, “Go and ask your salesman. The moment I stepped out of your shop previously, he received a bribe and sold me out immediately! Do you know how big of a trouble that caused me? I was almost taken out by someone! Is this how you treat your ‘big customer’?”


The boss’s face turned green from Little Fatty’s scolding. He immediately answered, “Taoist brother, first drink a cup of tea to cool down, I’ll be back here in an instant!” After finishing, he went to question the salesman.

After a short while, there was a shriek which sounded like pigs being slaughtered as well as a cry of “Mercy!” After a moment later, the boss returned with cold sweat on his face. He first bowed to Little Fatty then said in guilt, “I did not discipline my subordinates properly, I really have nothing to say! I’m guilty, really very guilty!”

“So you think that it’ll be enough to feel guilty?” Little Fatty coldly said.

“Of course not, don’t worry. I’ve already crippled all his cultivation and chased him away. He will be a mortal from now on and will be completely rid of his celestial affinity. It can also be considered to have taught him a lesson on your behalf!” The boss hurriedly said.

“Hmph!” Little Fatty coldly grunted and stopped talking, obviously showing his displeasure. After causing him so much trouble, just crippling a salesman to chase him off? Not a chance!

The boss also saw through what Little Fatty thought and also knew that he would be on the losing end. But if he does not satisfy Little Fatty this time, he would definitely ruin his reputation with him not being able to do anything. Helplessly, he could only try his best to satisfy Little Fatty. This, he cupped his fists and apologetically said, “Taoist brother, what do you think about this, in future when you purchase elixirs from our shop in future I will give you an 20% discount.”

“Ha!” Little Fatty laughed for a moment and did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Boss, what kind of a time is this, you’re still thinking of profiting?”


“Heh heh, I hope you can be magnanimous as I also have no other suggestions.” The boss smiled apologetically and said, “I am also a victim as well. This was all caused by that darned salesman. I’m also part of this helpless disaster, you have to show some understanding for me, no?”

“En, that’s true!” Little Fatty also thought that he made sense so he nodded and said, “Alright then, 20% discount was it? Alright, we’ll do with that!”

“Thank you, thank you!” Hearing that Little Fatty agreed, the boss immediately thanked him fervently.

 However, Little Fatty waved his hands effortlessly and said, “Enough, enough, stop thanking me. I still have matters to settle, help me prepare all the elixirs I want! This is the list!” Saying that, Little Fatty handed him a densely filled list.

“No problem!” The boss slapped his chest and promised. He then took the list over and gave a cursory glance at it. His face immediately turned glum and said, “Are you serious? Taoist brother, why do you need so many elixirs? This is worth over hundreds of thousand of spiritual stones!”

Every day when he cultivated, he ate over a dozen of elixirs which added up to over a hundred spiritual stones. In the past, Little Fatty would purchase two to three months worth of elixirs, which tantamounts to over 10,000 spiritual stones. Now he was going to go for three years, of course he needed to prepare for it. Thus, the large amount. With such a large amount, if he gave a 20% discount, Little Fatty would make a great profit. Thus, Little Fatty accepted the boss’s proposal so easily.

Of course, even with a 20% discount, the boss would not make a loss. He would only make a lot less, thus displaying such an attitude.

“Heh heh, this is due to your generosity. Since there is a 20% discount, of course I would have to buy a little more!” Little Fatty laughed and said, “Boss, don’t tell me you are planning to renege on your promise?”

“Haha, surely you jest!” The boss gave a helpless laugh and then said, “Since taoist brother is so stubborn about taking care of my business, then I shall go and make preparations.” Saying that, he turned around and went in. He was afraid that if he was any slower, he would throw out this darn fatty who was acting innocent.