We've Got a New Forum!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

In order to give you another place to ask our staff questions and talk about our translated and original novels, we've launched a forum!

If you want answers about something that happened in a novel or want to know what will happen yet, our translators are the best people to ask. We'll also be looking for community members to help moderate the forum.

A major section of this new forum is the Community Tales area. Here you can freely post your own translations or original stories, and if it looks good, we might invite you to join us on our main site!

We're looking to help nurture new translators and translation teams, which is why we've made our translated stories subforum. If you post here, we will keep an eye on your progress and potentially ask you if you would like to join us on our site if we like your translation.

One of our requirements to accept original stories is that they must be gaining over 10,000 views per chapter, however this will not apply to stories posted in our original stories subforum. We look for authors who are dedicated and consistent, so if you demonstrate your commitment on the forum and your story gets popular, we might send you an offer. You do not have to post solely on our forum, feel free to even if you're posting on another site.

Later today a contest will be announced that will be hosted on the forum, and there'll be more in the future.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests!


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