We're Looking for Editors!

By Jaspaaar

Hi guys,

With all the new novels we've been translating recently (and in preparation for ones soon to come), we need more editors!

Our editors go through chapters, correcting spelling/grammar errors, improving the overall flow of the translation and notifying translators of continuity or logic issues. They also interact with readers – answering questions about their novel on our Discord server for example – and aid translators in making decisions.

In return, editors are paid a flat amount of money per chapter they edit (which can increase over time, dependent on each individual's skill). In addition, each month editors will be paid a portion of the advertising revenue generated by the novel they work on. If editors perform well, editing skillfully and growing/maintaining their novel's readership, both streams of income will increase.

We're looking for people with not just a native level of proficiency in English, but who also understand grammar rules and have a sharp eye for detail. If you don't know the difference between "its" and "it's" or where the possessive apostrophe should go in a word that ends with "s", you probably shouldn't apply.

If you're interested, you can apply through our recruitment page here!

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