We're Hiring (Full Time) !!!

By Goodguyperson

With the growth that has happened to Gravity Tales in the past couple of months, we’ve finally reached the point that we're at the capacity to hire another full-time employee to be joining our current team of three. 

Gravity Tales is a specialty publishing company focusing on the translation, development and publication of Chinese and Korean literature. Gravity Tales’ mission is to connect various cultures around the world through our translations that bring vivid cultural novels to new geographies. We are primarily composed of translators and editors working in small teams to bring high quality Chinese and Korean translations that convey the essence of the original novel while maintaining smooth flow in English.

The Chinese Manager position is meant to handle the daily responsibilities and growth in the Chinese novel translations section of Gravity Tales. The main emphasis of the role will be to ensure quality and growth of current and future Chinese translators of Gravity Tales. This position has a quite high degree of freedom where the manager will have the ability and support to plan, develop and execute other projects too.


  • Finding web novels with potential on the Chinese websites and recommending web novels to translators
  • Grading Chinese translators who apply to join Gravity Tales
  • Quality checking translations completed by Chinese translators
  • Managing Chinese translator contracts
  • Liaising with Chinese translators and answering questions
  • Working on various other translation/marketing/everything else projects


  • Excellent grasp of Chinese
  • Full-time availability
  • Availability to work at the Gravity Tales office in Maryland, USA

Preferred Qualifications (Not required)

  • Bachelors or higher degree
  • Previous professional translation experience
  • Experience in creating and managing projects 
  • Experience in working independently with little direction

What we can offer

  • Competitive salary package
  • Participating in high-level meetings with publishers in China
  • Traveling from US to other countries including China and the UK
  • Enjoyable working environment

How to Apply

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