Welcoming Versatile Mage!

By Goodguyperson

Hey Guys!

Guess today is the announcement day! It's time for part two of the new novels!

This time it's Versatile Mage, formerly called Quan Zhi Fa Shi. Previously, we've received quite a few requests from readers to pick up this novel due to the popularity of the Anime that it has!

The translator for this novel is no other than Tofu! You might remember him from Peerless Battle Spirit, which will actually be upping its release to 7 chapters a week! As for the release rate of VM, Tofu actually told me to keep the release rate a secret. He'll be talking about that in his first post!

From the chapters that I've read of Versatile Mage, VM is about a student who finds himself transported from the world to a world of magic but despite everything, his social standing is at the lower end of the spectrum. 

Check it out here!



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