Way of Choices/Ze Tian Ji Chapters 1-191 Retranslation Complete!

By Jaspaaar

Since picking up Way of Choices at Chapter 192, we've wanted to retranslate those first 191 chapters in order to have them here for new readers to enjoy, with unified terminology and style of translation. And so this is what Hypersheep has been doing since August 2017, retranslating those previous chapters whilst also releasing new ones.

Now, just over six months later, that process is complete!

Those of you who already read Way of Choices may want to reread in order to refresh your memory and re-experience those chapters, and for those of you who don't already read it, you've now got an uninterrupted 775 chapters to dive into!

In addition, Hypersheep will henceforth post two new chapters each day.

Here's the link to the prologue, enjoy!

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