Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect Last New Ebook of May!!

By MindLitUp

Happy Wednesday, Gravity Fans!


Our final offering in the ebook program this month is an unusual, haunting, and entertaining new novel series that I’m excited to share with you all! You’ll find “Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect: Book 1 - The Prodigy” available on Amazon Kindle here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DDNTQJY!  

Read on for a brief synopsis from the editor:


The world is full of mysteries. Strange, seemingly unexplainable events occur more often than we may realize. A young boy may catch an illness no doctor can explain. An office may catch fire for no apparent reason. And perhaps, someone may die a sudden and unexpected death - their bodies blighted beyond recognition.

Some might believe that these events are merely freak accidents.

However, Ye Shaoyang knows otherwise.

The youngest inner disciple ever in the prestigious Daoist Maoshan Sect. Talented, handsome, and a hillbilly from the mountains who still uses a brick phone in the modern age.

Follow the tale of our quirky, snippy, but honorable hero, after he finally descends the mountains after fifteen years of being out of touch with normal society. Read on as he captures spirits, charms ladies, and finds himself in all sorts of trouble along the way!

Read more chapters at http://gravitytales.com/novel/spirit-hunters-of-maoshan-sect!
Discuss the novel at https://discord.gg/YcK66Sy!



I hope you all enjoy the many new novels we’ve released this month! With so many options available there is no shortage of reading material at your fingertips, so happy reading!



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