RSSG Book 7 Available Now!!

By MindLitUp

Happy Saturday, GT Fans!

“Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God: Book 7 - Hunted” is now available on Amazon Kindle here!  

A brief summary follows below:

The seventh installment of “Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God” sees Shi Feng’s core members ambushed by Dark Star, but Shi Feng is able to save his allies through the aid of the Seven Luminaries Ring. In this book, Shi Feng will meet both new and old enemies alike, both causing him and his core members undeniable trouble.

Through an unusual turn of events, a Mutant is awakened, raining havoc down on anyone who crosses its’ path. Shi Feng leads the Mutant back to White River City for an insane battle where thousands come together in an attempt to defeat this seemingly undefeatable monster. Will Shi Feng and the others manage to quell this Mutant?! Grab a copy to find out!

What should you do after reading this book?

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Happy reading!


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