Reign of the Hunters added to the family!

By Goodguyperson

Hey everyone,

I'm super excited to a new novel to the Gravity Tales family. But before I start, let me start with the translator that will be translating this novel - Jimmi. 

The second anniversary of Gravity Tales is actually coming up very soon (it's on the 25th). However, if we were to go all the way back, the actual anniversary of Gravity Tales is actually today! So, Jimmi started translating this novel at the start of the month and now has over thirty chapters completed making that almost two chapters per day in order to make it in time! Let's all give Jimmi a big round of applause!

So now more about Reign of the Hunters. It's actually a novel with a game setting and with the three chapters released and plenty more to come, I think that you guys can be the judges to how great it is! If nothing else, you have an extremely dedicated and quick translator behind the series!

So without further ado, here's the new series - Reign of the Hunters


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