New Trophy - Thanksgiving Turkey + Announcement!

By Goodguyperson

Hey guys,

Hopefully you guys are having a great Thanksgiving. To add on to the fun, Gravity is adding an extra trophy for the following week that you can add to your collection - the Thanksgiving Turkey. You can earn this trophy by commenting 10 times on any post or page! So go out and get that Turkey!

Also, taking this, I'd like to thank everyone for sticking with Gravity Tales through the past year. Together we have done quite a few things including having over 5,000 chapters translated this year alone, eliminating all ad redirects and switching from wordpress completely (the automation of chapter links + Table of Contents has really made our lives much easier). Despite all of that, we still have quite a few things that we are working on including eliminating latency from ads and also adding extra functionality to the site. So yeah, thanks a bunch for the support!



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