New eBook Series Release: Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God!!

By MindLitUp

Hello to all our loyal fans!

If you’ve been following our rankings page, then you’ve probably seen “Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God” in the top 5 ranked. Well, it has now joined the ranks of our eBook program as our newest series! You can find it here: It’s a fantastic, MMORPG style light novel that follows Shi Feng, a man who’s been given a second chance to become more than he managed in his first life.

In a world where the game impacts real life, Shi Feng will not be controlled by others this time. In his previous incarnation, he became the Level 200 Sword King, but he will rise to a higher peak in this new life. Reincarnation provides Shi Feng unimaginable knowledge, and the ability to one day become so much more than he ever thought possible: the strongest Sword God...

If you’re interested in picking up this novel or are a loyal fan who just wants to show your support, grabbing a copy of the eBook is a great way to do so. Also, the convenience of taking it with you wherever you go to read on any Kindle app or device (ad free) is a nice bonus. *winks*

Thank you to all of our readers! Without you we wouldn’t have a reason to produce these books or translate these novels at all, so definitely know how much we appreciate your continued support and readership!


General eBook and Editorial Manager

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