New eBook Release, “The Trembling World: Book 1 - Blood Rain and Iron Fists”!!

By MindLitUp

Hello again, Gravity Fans!


I come to you today with a new ebook release for the novel series “The Trembling World”! This is a virtual reality, post-apocalyptic, zombie horror novel, so come prepared for some guts and gore… I mean glory… both… I mean both!


Anyway, you can get your copy at

If you are unfamiliar with the story, here is quick synopsis from the editor:

“The Trembling World”, by Ao Bi Ye, is a twist on both zombie survival horror and the death game genre, wherein the main character and thousands of other innocents are physically brought inside the world represented by the game, finding themselves in a new reality with undead horrors all around… and yet the possibility of becoming superhumanly powerful at the same time.

This is especially true of the main character, who was a quadruple amputee. For some reason, when brought into the game, his artificial limbs are read wrongly, and when he materializes there, not only does he have his arms and legs back, but they have all the hardness of his artificial ones!

“The Trembling World” is about his efforts to survive in a world that, for all its horror, is actually better for him then returning to Earth. Alien involvement, super-science gone bad, full-immersion gaming, genetic engineering, military conspiracies, superhuman evolution, zombie apocalypse, and the greed, cruelty and inhumanity of people in desperate situations are just some of the themes running through The Trembling World. Overhanging it all is the question - can they actually return home? And if they do, do they get to keep the power that they earn in The Trembling World?


Definitely give this fun new subgenre in the ebook program a try!

Happy Reading,


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