Martial World Fanart Contest!

By Jaspaaar

To celebrate the increase of Martial World's release frequency to 12 regular chapters per week (plus sponsored), we're holding a fanart contest!

You can draw, paint, design anything you like related to Martial World. All entrants will receive a special fanart contest entrant trophy on the site, and the winner will receive a specific fanart contest winner trophy, as well as money!

Here are the prizes:

1st place – $100, fanart contest winner site trophy
2nd place – $50, fanart contest entrant trophy
3rd place – $50, fanart contest entrant trophy

The top three will also be given the opportunity to write a message introducing themselves and linking to their Deviantart page or whatever other kind of advertising they want to do.

Unless you ask us not to for your entry, all artworks will be forever posted on a Martial World fanart page linked to from the table of contents!

The deadline for submissions is the 5th of February!

Please post your entry in this forum thread.
Or link to your entry in a chapter discussion post in /r/noveltranslations and we'll see it.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing what you create.


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