Martial Void King is Finished! Final Ebook Published

By Jaspaaar

At 200 chapters, Martial Void King is now finished!

The final ebook, arc six, as well as a compliation ebook of all six arcs, are now on Amazon.

Here's a message from its author, BeginnersXianxia:

"In celebration of Gravity Tales' anniversary, I have decided to finish Martial Void King. That is correct readers, MVK is over! Six books in total with 629 pages in Word. It was a momentous task that has taken me almost 2 years to complete. Thank you, dear readers, for following me this long and supporting me over years, may you live long and prosper. All those that donated and supported my novel by buying my books, I just wanted to thank you. Gravity Tales has been a huge support over the years in allowing me to spread the word of my book. ArtyTheKid and RED have been a huge help for editing MVK and Jaspaaar as well for doing all the technical mumbo-jumbo. For old supporters, MVK Arc 6 has come out on Amazon for 0.99$ as always. To those that have never bought, here's you chance! There is now a compilation of all six books for 4.99$ called Martial Void King: Complete! Please consider supporting your favorite author! Thank you all for following, supporting, encouraging, and critiquing my novel. This is BeginnersXianxia, signing off for last time."


If you're a new reader considering getting into the series now that it's finished, this is its synopsis:

Cultivation is a journey. A journey to the peak! Can someone born destined to be left behind surpass all others? A young artificer is offered the chance to become someone at that peak. He journeys to new lands filled with wondrous things. Saints! Ruffians! Spaceships! Swords! Just what can all these things have in common? A young boy's journey will reveal it all…

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