Martial Void King Arc 5 Released on Amazon!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

BeginnersXianxia, author of Martial Void King, has released his fifth ebook of the series on Amazon!
It's priced at a low $1.33, so if you'd like to read offline on your Kindle/through your Kindle app, and would like to thank BeginnersXianxia for his work, please consider supporting him.

Here's a message from BeginnersXianxia:

"The time has come once more! Three months later and another book out for sale on Amazon. Luckily I finally got the computer problems fixed, so don't worry about editing lines interrupting your reading this time. A big shout out to ArtyTheKid for being the editor for me on GT, he was a big help with bringing MVK to a higher standard. Another shout out to Jaspaaar who is always helping behind the scenes. Yet another shout out goes to Radyox, Mech151, and Mattmangold22 who have sponsored chapters for this book. Finally, the last shout out goes to all you readers who are still sticking to it after all this time. I also managed to mess with the cover art this time, tell me what you think in the comments below! Hope you all enjoy the books as always!  

Here's a link to Arc 5: Desolate World
For those thinking about picking it up for the first time, here is a link to my Author Page where you can find all 5 books.

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