KOG 5 & RSSG 6 Now Available on Amazon!!!

By MindLitUp

Happy Double Whammy Day!!!

That’s right, friends, we have two of our biggest ebook titles releasing new ebooks today, and you are the ones who reap the benefits! First, we have “King of Gods: Book 5”, and second we are releasing “Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God: Book 6 - Quality Over Quantity”!!

Get your copies below:

KOG5 - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F2RZF85

RSSG6 - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F2QZDJJ

From the KOG Editor:

After taking a mission to search for traces of factions from other countries, Zhao Feng finds himself back in his hometown. He visits his old family and helps them deal with a little predicament, then meets with the Broken Moon Clan disciple who reported the mission. He makes a shocking discovery, and along the way, he finally manages to acquire a technique that can allow him to make proper use of his rare talent in mental energy.

Zhao Feng soon returns to his clan in order to head to the Three-Clan Party – a sparring session between the three Moon Clans: the Broken Moon Clan, the Silver Moon Clan, and the Lin Moon Clan. There, he meets with Zhao Yufei once more, as well as one of the Thirteen Clans’ Four Stars, Ao Yuetian, and he realizes he needs to become stronger if he wants to perform well at the upcoming Thirteen Clans Alliance Banquet. After the Three-Clan Party ends, Zhao Feng heads into the wilderness in search of intense battle, and maybe some fortune.

Finally, Zhao Feng and some other Core disciples of the Broken Moon Clan head to the Thirteen Clans Alliance Banquet, a tournament between the clans that determines not only their resource allocation but their glory. He learns that the individual reward for first place is a Shedding Spiritual Pill, a supreme pill that could help him reach the True Spirit Realm. Zhao Feng decides to do whatever it takes to win first place, but he’s up against the best prodigies of the Thirteen Clans, including the powerful Four Stars. Will he succeed in his quest?!

And a quick synopsis of RSSG 6:

In this sixth installment of “Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God,” Shi Feng attends the Jin Hai City Fellowship Party, defeating Zhang Luowei in a match, and inadvertently displays his prowess to all in attendance. Suddenly everyone wants to join the Zero Wing Workshop, which allows Shi Feng to recruit the Five Demon Generals.Afterward, Zero Wing is finally recognized as one of the top six Guilds of White River City. Shi Feng then leads a team to complete the “Demon’s Heart” quest in the Demon Castle. However, the Demon Castle is just the beginning of their difficult and thrilling journey through God’s Domain! Find out where Shi Feng and company will find themselves this time, and why the Seven Luminaries ring is so important…

Also, visit their Patreons at:

KOG - https://www.patreon.com/thunder_god

RSSG - https://www.patreon.com/rssg

Happy reading!

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