King of Gods Book III eBook Release!

By MindLitUp

For those of you following the adventures of Zhao Feng via eBook, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a new installment of King of Gods available now! “King of Gods Book III” has officially released on Amazon, so you can get your copy here:

For those unfamiliar with Zhao Feng, you can begin reading with “King of Gods Book I”, in which Zhao Feng is initially disregarded, but fate hands him an unusual step up in the form of a “god’s eye.” The story continues in “King of Gods Book II”, as well.

In Book III, Zhao Feng will face his most significant challenge yet as he is sent out of the clan with a team that has been told to kill him during their mission! Unfortunately for all concerned, this mission is far more dangerous than any of them suspected, and Zhao Feng is still being underestimated by friends and enemies alike…


Be sure to check it out!

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