IP Issue! - Do read!

By Goodguyperson

Hey guys,

It's been a long week and we need your help! So, we're currently getting blacklisted on quite a few advertising companies due to what they cite as bot/invalid traffic. To give you guys a bit of background info, if an advertising company deems x traffic as invalid due to bot like tendencies, they can choose to not pay us for serving their ads. 

So, the reason why I'm making this post is that we have a list of ips that have been deemed high risk and will be banning them in sequence in 3 days. So, since we have no idea what your ips are and would definitely not want to ban these ips without warning, we've attached a list of ips to be banned. 

The way to find your ip is either google "what's my ip" or come to this site. Then, you'd come to the spreadsheet and hit ctrl f to check if your ip is on the sheet. If it is, please email us at [email protected] to have us take your ip off of that list! 

Link to spreadsheet

In addition, if you use a script to refresh the site or click on the ads on Gravity Tales, please don't use them. For the scripts to refresh the site, we have custom email updates so you don't get swamped with emails while you get updates asap. As for the click on ads, we love your intention but please disable them, we'd much rather have you as at Gravity Tales as a reader than someone who's ip is banned. 



PS: Note that even after your ip is banned, you will see a post when coming onto Gravity Tales saying for you to email us your ip so that we can unban you. 


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