Introducing The New World, Written by Monsoon!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

Here's our first new addition to our original tales for a while, The New World!
Written by Monsoon, five chapters (~15,000 words) are released each week.

This is its synopsis:

Daniel Hillside lived in his average town with an average life. Some days were worse than others, but one thing every day had was boredom. No thrill, no excitement, no fear, each day just coasted by. That is until the Schema initialized. Status screens turned life into a game. Hordes of monsters turned it into a nightmare.
Most everyone goes through a tutorial to show them the changes. Most everyone besides Daniel. He was spelunking with his friend Michael. Now he's trapped in the BloodHollow Caves where bats crunch through stone like burnt paper. A fresh new hell had started. Instead of hiding from it, Daniel embraced his new life. 
In his eyes, you fear the monster or become what the monster fears.

There are 98 chapters already released, and you can start reading from here!

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