Introducing Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect, Translated by Blender_Gaming and co!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

Today we've got a new novel for you to read, and to mark Gravity Tales' third birthday, it's kicking off with 40 chapters!
Please welcome Blender_Gaming, who will be translating Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect along with his team.
The normal release rate will be 45 chapters per month.

Here's its synopsis:

“O' mighty Heaven and Earth, with the power of Yin Yang, destroy!”
Evil lurks within unbeknownst locations, as they secretly garner power to plunge the mortal world into chaos. Ye Shaoyang is a young university student. He seems like any other ordinary young man: going to classes, hanging out with friends, going to the internet cafe, and chasing after hot chicks. But he has another identity—an inner disciple of the Maoshan Sect. Born with an exceptional body; he trains in the arts of Daoism. This powerful sorcerer will hunt down spirits, demons, specters, and the undead while conquering the hearts of beauties along the way!

Start reading from here!

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