Introducing Our Next Licensed Korean Novel From Munpia, Ace of Ace.

By Ekdud

Hello guys.

Please give a warm welcome to airfree76 who will be translating Ace of Ace as well as the editor, butterchips.

Ace of Ace is a licensed Munpia novel, one of the many that we've told you would be arriving! There are more to come in the next few weeks!

It is a new type of novel that isn't common in the community, a sports type novel. It involves around the protagonist and his journey through his baseball career with a twist!

Although it is rare, I highly advise you guys give it a try as it is a great novel. Even someone like me who have zero interest or knowledge in sports found it to be interesting.

It'll be releasing at a rate of around 5 chapters per week

We'll be starting off with 10 chapters for the launch. The Prologue (Short) plus 10 actual chapters.

Regular releases will begin tommorow!


Original Synopsis: The story of Gun Choi towards becoming the greatest pitcher of the Major League.


Translator's Synopsis: One more opportunity grasped at the end of his life!

"Now that it's come to this, I'll dominate the Major League!"

Protagonist Gun Choi, who had tried to rescue a child in danger, died due to the mistaken guidance of an angel but came back to life.

As compensation for that mistake he was granted the 'Angel Mission Program', and using this he rapidly succeeded in rehabilitation, however...



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