Introducing our next Korean novel from Munpia, Apocalypse Hunter

By Ekdud

Hey everyone, it's Ekdud.


Please give a warm welcome to mqpark, the translator for Apocalypse Hunter, our next novel from Munpia that is completed at 375 chapters in the raws.


The release rate will be around 10 a week, this may vary depending on the translator.


There are 10 chapters for the launch and updates will begin starting tomorrow!


You can read the prologue, Here


Here is the Original Synopsis:

200 years after the Apocalypse.

The Hunters continue to search for prey.

Here is the Revised Synopsis:

200 years since the world has ended, the laws of society have long been forgotten.

Countless grotesque monsters now run amok on this the earth and slayers who devour and massacre humans follow suit.

In this hopeless world, the Demon Hunters who have caused the demons to have gone extinct roam from place to place.

But in a world without the demons, for what reason do these Hunters continue to roam the earth?

Maybe it is to just survive, the Demon Hunters continue to roam the earth.


In this God Forsaken world, the protagonist Zin meets a little girl named Leona, a girl whose entire life was nothing but pain, and search for the meaning of his life.

The threads of fate slowly come together.

The wheel of destiny continues to spin.


Ekdud's Views

Honestly, this is a really fun story if you are into post-apocalyptic situations. It starts off very serious but slowly integrates a bit of comedy within later on. Of course, the novel as a whole stays very dark but rather than being entirely hopeless, as the Revised Synopsis implies, it's more of a bitter-sweet feeling.

There are a lot of deaths. A lot.

Also, the protagonist isn't some insanely overpowered being that destroys everything with a touch of fingers and is invincible at every moment in the novel. He is strong, yes, but mainly because of the experience he has gained up to this point. P.S the battle scenes are very descriptive, which is something I personally enjoy.

As the story continues, readers will slowly be able to find out as to how the world has come to this point. A tint of mystery shrouded behind the veils for us to find out.

All in all, it's a very interesting novel, I do urge you to give it a try!

Start here!

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- Original Cover Art

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