Introducing Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable, Translated by omgitsaray!

By Jaspaaar

omgitsaray, who previously translated Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual on Gravity, has now begun translating a new novel here!

Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable is a transmigration novel for which omgitsaray has already translated 58 chapters, available to read now.

Here's its synopsis:
Bringing along a leveling system and hundreds of online novels while transmigrating, he became the Luo family’s trashy young master that took care of horses.
A crippled dantian and cannot cultivate?
This brother has a leveling system. Leveling up is merely killing some beasts, doing some quests, and occasionally killing some people. It’s simply too easy! No martial skills?
This brother has over a hundred online novels. As long as I level up, I will gain the main character’s martial skill. The only thing this brother is difficulty with is deciding which martial skill to pick. The skills in Stellar Transformation or Animal X? This is so bothersome!
Crazy? I will become crazy to the extreme! I, Luo Tian is coming so get ready to kneel down and be conquered by me!

It'll be released at a rate of three chapters per week due to omgitsaray's busy life outside of translating.

Start reading from here!

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