Introducing Grandmaster Strategist and Tannhauser!

By Goodguyperson

Hey guys, 

I'm happy to announce another member joining our Gravity Tales family: Tannhauser who will be translating Grandmaster Strategist!

As you can probably guess from the title, "Grandmaster Strategist" isn't a normal hack and slash. Rather, it's all about the strategy which is right up the alley for a bunch of you guys. Please do give it a chance and be entrapped within the story!

Here's a quick couple of words from Tannhauser himself!

I’m happy to have the opportunity to join the GravityTales family! I will be translating the Grandmaster Strategist (一代军师). I hope that will join me on this journey, enjoying this work as much as I enjoy translating, especially the beautiful imagery of the poems, the intricacies of the political maneuverings and schemes, and the war to unify China and to seize the imperial throne.

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