Gravity Ad Problem Fixed!

By Goodguyperson

Hey guys,

First, for everyone who has kept their ad block off / enabled javascript, a huge round of thanks! I'm super sorry about what you guys had to deal with about the constant redirects and relaoding. However, I'm here with some good news for you guys and everyone else. 

So, since the last few ad annoucements, we at Gravity have been working extremely hard on fixing the ad problems. So we've done a couple of things to make sure that you guys don't get those bad ad problems. In fact, together with the ad companies have acutually bought a professional ad monitoring service that will look through all the ads and notify us of any problems. Beyond that, we've also limited the time in which the ads will run by limiting iframes. In fact, that was what caused the google form for recruitment to break. Our script was so good that it even broke google forms. 

So yeah, feel free to turn your adblock off now and make sure to clear your cache if you keep seeing bad ads. If that doesn't work, make sure to email us @ [email protected] .



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