Golden Time is Now Finished!

By Jaspaaar

At 155 chapters and ending with a release of 16 chapters today, Golden Time is now fully translated!

Please congratulate its translator, Charlie, and editor LionStrong. Of course the novel's author, JungYong, must be thanked, as well as Korean publisher Munpia for working with us to allow this translation to happen!

Charlie says that "I also enjoyed translating it, and that the readers' passionate response over the past several months became a driving force for my work. Thanks a million to you, readers!"

Charlie will be moving on to translate another novel from Munpia which we'll be announcing in the coming weeks.


If you haven't been following Golden Time, now is the perfect time to jump in! Here's its synopsis:

A story about a doctor who’s sent back in time to his teenage self who lost all his memories due to a severe accident and was trapped in a coma.
Now, retaining only his medical knowledge and reawakened with a new mindset, follow him on his journey as he uses his medical knowledge to save lives and lead him onto the path of becoming the greatest doctor of his time!

As you can tell, it's quite a departure from the kind of novels we usually translate in terms of genre, setting, and length. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Start reading from here.

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