General Updates + Bugs! - Update 1

By Goodguyperson

Hey everyone,

GGP here! Sorry about the lack of responses that you've been hearing, even you people who emailed me, the mailbox literally got flooded. So this mega post should address everyone's problem and also explain the new site that got dropped on you guys.

First, let's talk about the features of this new site (note, you need to be logged in in order to enjoy most of these features) -

  1. Dark mode - Been reading at night? Well, time to make life easier on your eyes. Make sure to check out the cool looking Dark Mode (you have to make a user account in order to enjoy this feature).
  2. Text resizer - Having trouble reading due to the text being too small or too large? Resize the text and make your life much easier! (No login required).
  3. Bookmarks - If you’re anything like me with fat fingers, you’ll find that you’re losing track of where you were in certain series when you come back to them after binging some other series. Introducing bookmarks! Never lose track of where you are again! (Requires user account since the bookmarks are tied to your account)
  4. Trophies - One of the BEST changes with this new site change! Have you been wondering why some of the site’s users have been showing up with color trophies? Well, that’s because they have either been reading up on chapters, commenting or donating! There are a total of ten levels and once you reach far enough along the ladder, you will be invited to one of the Halls of Fame! In fact, we have our first Hall of Famer - Aeeson!
  5. Messages - Ever wanted to find replies to your comments? Messages is where you would go! It has every single comment reply to your comments with quick “Go To” links for quick replying.
  6. Simple navigation - One of the biggest things that this new site was built around was the ease of navigation. So, you should be able to get to that newest release quicker! In addition, check out the Novels links on the sidebar and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  7. Discovery - Want to read a new series? Check out our weekly featured novel and try a couple of chapters! Who knows, you might be set for another few hundred chapters!
  8. RSS feed - I’ll just direct your attention to this post for all your RSS problems

Now that we've got the nice and fluffy stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the problems that we’re experiencing -

  1. Ad problems. So, because of our sudden site change, a lot of things were not ready or fully tested out. One of these things was the ads system. Unfortunately, it crumbled and some of you guys are the 1% that the bad ads latched onto - Read this if you’re confused about what I’m talking about. We’re working hard with the ad provider right now to ensure that this problem doesn’t plague us and we hope to get a solution for everyone out by the end of the week. There’s already a temporary band aid in place but it might not work for everyone. Thank you for your patience and once something concrete comes out, I’ll update you guys again.
  2. Email / user accounts - So, everything should be good on this front. We patched all bugs that were reported to us and added some extra features. If you have trouble logging in or you’re not getting any emails from us, check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, either flag one of the tech guys down on our Discord (a link to it is on the sidebar) or send an email to [email protected] .

Future Plans (back to positive stuff) -

  1. So first and foremost, we’re looking to add in individual novel subscription for emails. So now, instead of being spammed by us whenever a new chapter comes out, you’ll only get emails when your favorite series comes out. We do recommend you to keep checking out the other novels on the site though.
  2. Second, we’re looking to build on of our current dark mode to have different reading modes with different colored backgrounds that you can choose. Just a quality of life change.
  3. More trophies, we’re looking to maybe do seasonal trophies (Halloween is coming up so expect to hear about this soon). 
  4. Finally, we’re hoping to get your input. Being a new site, we have a lot of potential and room to test things out! Let us know what you would like to see implemented!




Update 1:

  • Notification Updates: Creating a user does not automatically subscribe you. You'll have to enable subscriptions.
  • Password Resets: If you hit the request for a password reset and don't get one immediately you might have to wait a little while. If after 2~3 hours you still don't have one (it should be instant), you most likely don't have a registered account. Subscribing for email notifications won't create a user account. If you want verification of whether or not you have an account send us an email and we can verify.

- Broosk

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