Explanation of Gravity Tales!

By Goodguyperson

Hey guys,

It really pains to have to write another post about the moves but I think that with the recent moves, you guys deserved some answers. This isn’t the be all, end all announcement because even to this point, I don’t know the full story about what happened but this is my side of things -

Authorizations. I’ve been talking to the respective Chinese publishers for the novels on Gravity Tales and it’s really been taking a long time. Other sites, like Wuxiaworld, who have gotten authorizations have also taken a very long time in getting authorizations and I don’t think that I fought any weaker than others for the licenses of novels on Gravity Tales, even if that includes sleeping late or making sacrifices. However, it does seem that the amount of time it is taking is by far, much more than precedents. For quite a few translators, authorizations have been a large portion of their decision.

Rumors. There seems to have taken a very solid shape and form in the past few days. Much more than I anticipated. Among them, there seems to be some personal attacks to me as a person. I’ve always kept the best interest of Gravity Tales and everyone in it and regardless of what’s been said, I still will.

The domino effect. As Gravity Tales loses more novels, the position of Gravity Tales weakens. As the position of Gravity Tales weakens, more people see less of a future in Gravity Tales. Thus, this might not be the end of the exodus of Gravity Tales but if anything, I’ll still be here and I really hope that by that time, you guys are also here to support me. To those who believe that Gravity Tales will no longer be a large force, I will work hard to prove you wrong.

I know that some of this stuff is still a little vague but I think that we need to move beyond the past besides take lesson from it, and focus on the future of Gravity Tales. 

Thank you,



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