Dual Hosting of Qidian International and Gravity Tales Novels

By Goodguyperson


Following on from our recent announcement of a licensing deal with Qidian, here is the first round of new books coming to Gravity Tales.

As well as securing the rights to translate various Qidian novels, we have arranged for the best novels already on the QI site to be hosted on Gravity Tales. The first of these will be:

  1. Library of Heaven's Path
  2. Castle of Black Iron
  3. MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
  4. War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens
  5. I Am Supreme
  6. Immortal Mortal
  7. The Avalon of Five Elements
  8. Strongest Abandoned Son
  9. Epoch of Twilight

The full back catalogs from Chapter 1 of each will be available on Gravity Tales, with the newest chapters released on the same day as they are on QI, but with a slight delay. You can start reading these fantastic novels on Gravity Tales from today.

There is no dispute with these novels and the hard-working authors and translators will be appropriately compensated for their work.

This is just the beginning and more novels will be available soon.

We will also be allowing some of our translations to appear on the QI site. So far those novels are Demon’s Diary and Ze Tian Ji. They will both continue to be available on Gravity Tales for you to read and, reciprocal to the deal above, they will post here first and on QI after a delay.

The translators for both these novels have agreed to this and will be paid accordingly. They will also continue to be paid their regular rates for posting on Gravity Tales, nothing changes there. This is a way for them to earn additional income.

The idea here is to give authors and translators the maximum exposure and a chance to earn more than they would on any individual site. But it is completely up to the translators if they want to take up the deal.

Our only aim is to keep the best novels available to all for free, so the more works of good quality fiction we can host, the better for everyone involved. More novels will be announced in the coming weeks.



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