Dimensional Sovereign is Fully Translated!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

In case you didn't already notice from the flood of chapters, Dimensional Sovereign is now complete!

It has become Gravity's second fully translated novel – the first being Dungeon Hunter – and they have both been translated by the amazingly fast Rainbow Turtle. 


Here is Rainbow Turtle's closing message:

"Dimensional Sovereign is finished! Yay! 

"Thanks for going on this ride with me and sticking with it to the end.

"A huge thank you to my main editors Jaspaaar and LD for helping me make it more pleasurable to read for everyone. I also wanted to thank TheNoraShinki who helped me out with getting the chapters edited for the mass release. Finally, I wanted to thank the readers and everyone who kept on voting for DS. We fell down at the end but that is probably a good thing since there is no point in getting a sponsored chapter for a completed series. But I really appreciated seeing the results of all your efforts.

"For those who are wondering what I’m doing next, I will naturally be continuing Breakers. I will also be picking up two new series. Yes, two! One will be a novel that has already been dropped while the other is a completely new one. I've already decided, so no suggestions please."


Rainbow Turtle will begin posting her next two novels within the next couple of weeks!
If you haven't read Dimensional Sovereign yet, you can start here.

Hopefully this is the second of many more still to come.



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