Book 3 of The Divine Elements Published on Amazon and Hardcopies!

By Goodguyperson

Hi guys,

A few of you might already be aware, but the Third Book of The Divine Elements has been published on Amazon!

So go ahead and get yourselves a copy, and remember to leave a review on the amazon page as it really helps.

Another big piece of news is that paperback copies of all three books are also available on the store! After many requests from the readers, you can now finally own a hardcopy of the TDE books. As a special promotion, the first 1000 paperback books will have a personalized message from the author and his signature, so get a copy before the number is up.

Links for the hard copies below:

The Blood Legacy (Book 1)

The Desolate Mountains (Book 2)

Scion of Raizel (Book 3)

If you’re a new reader to the The Divine Elements series, start with the first book and join the family. Thanks for all the support and love as always!


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