Blue Phoenix Fanart Contest

By Goodguyperson

Fanart Contest


The 18th of November will be my one year anniversary here at Gravity and to celebrate this event, I am going to host a fanart contest! Artists are free to draw anything that has any relation to either Blue Phoenix or Overthrowing Fate as these are the two series I have been writing while being here on the wonderful Gravitytales website! There is no limit to how many art pieces you want to submit. You can enter as many as you wish.



  • 1st place - $200
  • 2nd place - $100
  • 3rd place - $50


Submissions will open from the 18th of October to the 18th of November. The submissions must be sent to [email protected].


Voting will start the 20th of November and end on the 30th of November.


Winners will be contacted immediately after the contest is over, and the prizes will be paid out at that time. Voting and everything else will be done publicly.


I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read Blue Phoenix and/or Overthrowing Fate. Some of you have been following me from before I joined Gravitytales while some have joined throughout the last year. No matter when you started reading I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been following my story, even if was just for a short while. Had it not been for the awesome support I have received, I would not have been able to continue to write for over a year. All of this is thanks to my wonderful readers. Thank You!! For the artists out there submit something for everyone to see and win a prize! Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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