Ancient Strengthening Technique Glossary

Qing Clan [Qing Village]

Qing Luo: Clan Master of the Qing Clan, Grand father to the MC of the story. Cultivate stage at the peak of Hou Tian, able to manifest up to 3 lotuses when using the Blue Lotus Art. He have a total of 4 sons and 1 daughter.

Qing Yi: Mother of the MC, able to manifest up to 2 lotuses when using the Blue Lotus Art. Daughter to Qing Luo.

Qing He: The only son of Qing Luo whose cultivation realm reached Martial Commander, 9th Grade!

Qing Shui: MC of the story, originated from a different world, have a frail and delicate body, currently practicing the [Ancient Strengthening Technique] and [Blue Lotus Art]

Qing Hu: Best friend of Qing Shui, robustly built.

Qing Bei: Sister of Qing Hu

Qing Zi: One of the strongest amongst the 3rd generation disciples, he reached the realm of Martial Warrior, 7th Grade at the age of 21. Seemingly Honest, with a tiger back and dragon posture. Big Sized Man

Qing You: The most talented genius to appear in the Qing Clan. He had broken through to the realm of Martial Warrior, 6th Grade at the age of 13.

Qing Hai, 4th son of Qing Luo, Father of Qing Hu

Song Yan: Wife of Qing Hai. Long flowing hair tied up in a bun, with a lovely oval egg-shaped face, fair skinned with polished features and a slender waist with gigantic twin peaks and a well rounded bottom. Looks younger than her age.

Lan Clan [Qing Village]

Lan Yan`Er: Qing Hu’s love interest, genius of the Lan Clan. Cultivation currently at Martial Warrior, 7th Grade. Rumoured to be married off as a concubine to young master of Heavenly River City.

Shi Clan [Hundred Miles City]

Shi Qing Zhuang – she was a ravishing beauty, and her sexy little mouth, now containing hints of a pout, actually made Qing Shui’s normally calm heart tremble as he gazed at this vision of loveliness.

Situ Clan [Hundred Miles City]

Situ Nan Tian – a sly old fox that appears kindly and amiable on the outside. Grandpa of Situ Bu Fan

Situ Bu Fan – fiancée of Shi Qing Zhuang. Haughty and Arrogant, bears a grudge against MC.


Skills and Techniques

[Ancient Strengthening Technique] – Technique originated from MC’s previous world, can be divided into 9 layers to represent the 9 heavens. The first 3 layers are called the initial tier, 4-6 layer called the mid tier, 7-9 layer called the final tier. It is a foundation building technique with supportive function, needs a catalyst before one can activate it.

[Blue Lotus Art] – Can be divided into 10 stage. 1st lotus manifestation to the 10th lotus manifestation stage. One had to be at minimally the level of Martial Commander, 7th Grade to produce 1 protective lotus. Can be used for defensive or attacking purposes.

[Solitary Rapid Fist] – Unlocked when MC broke through to the 2nd layered heavens of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Essence is to multiply 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8, all the way to infinity. Targets acupoints and weaknesses of meridians

[Ghostly Steps] – Unlocked when MC broke into the 3rd layered heavens of Ancient Strengthening Technique. Derived from the 9 Directional and 8 Trigram Calculations and from the Mystical Gates of the Hidden Jia.

Cultivation Realms

Martial Student – anyone who practices martial arts

Martial Warrior – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Martial General – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Martial Commander  – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Xian Tian  – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Martial King – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Martial Saint – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Martial Emperor – Grade 1 to Grade 10

False God – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Divine – Grade 1 to Grade 10

Herbs and Alchemy

Small Revitalizing Pellets, Golden Fragrant Jade Pills, Golden Sore Ointment, Beauty Temptress Pills, Dragon Martial Pills, Glowing Buddha Seeds, 9 Souls Reincarnation Pellets

<Continental Medical Annal> <10,000 Herbology Encyclopedia> <Herbal Combination Formula> – common elementary medical knowledge that is the foundation of all alchemists. Extremely widespread and popular.

Herbs Classification:
→ 0-999 years = Common Grade
→ 1000-2999 years = Precious Grade
→ 3000-4999 years = Jade Grade
→ 5000-6999 years = King Grade
→ 7000-7999 years = Royal Grade
→ 8000-8999 years = Emperor Grade
→ 9000-9999 years = Saint Grade
→ 10,000 years and more = Divine Grade

Alchemist Ranks:
Common: Grade 1 – 10
Precious: Grade 1 – 10
Jade: Grade 1 – 10
King: Grade 1 – 10
Royal: Grade 1 – 10
Emperor: Grade 1 – 10
Saint: Grade 1 – 10
Divine: Grade 1 – 10

Alchemist – Pill concoction, view above heading for more information.
Beast Tamer – more fearsome than cultivators, used tamed demonic beasts in fights.

YinYang Pendant – effect so far when activated à unleash waves of cooling energy to supplement Qing Shui’s strength. Appears to activate after he completely exhaust his strength.

Demonic Beast – Beast who cultivated 500 years and above, forming a demonic core.

Martial Techniques – can be split into 4 level, Huang < Mystic < Earth < Heaven

Emberlion Horse – horses with the bloodline of a lion